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Submitted by Cam977 1076d ago | article

Is The Wii: U On The Brink Of Collapse?

Can Nintendo's home console sustain the blows next-gen consoles will inevitably fire upon it? (Next-Gen, Nintendo, Wii U)

Bumpmapping  +   1076d ago
Wow how about we wait and see PS4/720 are not even out yet E3 right around the corner.I'll be picking one up my self for Zelda,Monoliths JPRG,other Nintendo first party offerings.
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SOD_Delta  +   1076d ago
It's a perfectly reasonable question. Third party publishers/developers are dropping support. I don't see the Wii-U being nearly as successful as the Wii. There's always next gen Nintendo...or not.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1076d ago
Perfectly reasonable when aimed at nintendo, ask the same of the Vita which is currently doing worse and prepare to be lynched
Edit: @DarkHero. The Vita needed a price cut in Japan to change its fortunes for now and last I checked the Wii U is selling at a faster pace than the Vita did.
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DarkHeroZX  +   1076d ago
Actually that price cut in Japan has seemed to help boost vita sales. And last time I checked Vita was still above the wii U in total sales Jamal. Both are doing bad but recent events are beginning to help spring new life in the Vita.
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GamersRulz  +   1076d ago
Nintendo really dropped the ball with WiiU. They were the company with most cash this gen, they just didn't care enough to build a really next gen system.

would it have hurt them to introduce a powerful next gen console?

maybe not, because imagine the WiiU w/ specs compared to PS4! it would've been a big threat to Sony/MS, it would still make devs happy and it would make Nintendo relevant. but they chose to increase their profit margin by introducing a 2006 console w/ a gimmick that didn't work.

and what about the stupid name? people still mix wiiU with wii, they should have called it something else, hell even Wii2 would have worked better for them.

Nintendo brought all that to themselves, they had the opportunity to dominate next gen. I even doubt that they did a proper market research before releasing the WiiU.
a_bro  +   1076d ago
They don't really need to have the most powerful next gen system, it could of been between Sony and Microsoft's systems in terms of power, but rather doing that, they released a system that is considered as "current gen", and that really turns 3rd party companies off.

And it's also stupid considering that they pretty much had the upper hand considering all the money they made with the wii. Right now, the 3ds is holding them together

But I don't think the system is dead in the water. It's happens to all systems that launch.
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riverstars86  +   1076d ago
I agree, I own the Wii U but I am only playing Wii games on it. I view the Wii U as a failure on the hardware, software, and marketing front. Nintendo should honestly try to bring out a true next generation system for the 2015 holiday season.
cyhm3112  +   1076d ago
It is understandable though. Imagine yourself in Iwata's shoes. Wii have been a phenomenal success. They want to repeat that success with a low powered console with innovation or gimmick whatever you call it. They are not 100% sure it will succeed. But they ask themselves why release a powerful console when you can sell a cheaper one with some innovations like Wii. They want to take a bet and they fail this time. You know what? If they choose to produce a powerful machine like PS4 and they fail, that will be a disaster for them. They might think why change our strategy if it works?
madjedi  +   1076d ago
@cyhm3112 I don't think anyone expected it to be as high end as sony's is, but we were lead to believe it was going to be targeted at the core/hardcore gamer.

And have at least respectable hardware(near 7 yr old hardware isn't respectable), an online service and operating system designed for a 2012 generation console not a 2006 one.

And for nintendo to have done it's homework and be ready for making hd games before the console launched not after.

" They might think why change our strategy if it works?" It didn't work and now you have a almost worst case scenario.

The casuals don't want it and the guys wanting a next gen console, don't see a reason to buy another current gen console with a expensive controller. When for $50 more they can buy a console that is truly next gen.
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herbs  +   1075d ago
Time for your daily Nintendoom Sony fanboy circle jerk.
OmegaSlayer  +   1076d ago
E3 will be Nintendo's swansong.
The moment Assassin's Creed IV and WatchDogs will have PS4-WiiU graphic will be over.
Gamers who can afford the PS4/NextBox will buy the games for the new platforms and who has PS3/360 won't buy a WiiU to play the game.
WiiU is going to appeal only to Nintendo fans that in the very best case scenario (counting all the people who purchased Super Mario on Wii) are around 27 millions according to sales
jay2  +   1076d ago
Yes Nintendo have f**Ked up, they excaped in the none HD wii but now they havent
Benjaminkno  +   1076d ago
You better hope so.

You want to see what collapse looks like?
I'd like to direct you to 'Vita' for further thoughts on your "analysis".

Just so you know, if Sony depended on video game sales alone, there would be no Ps4.

just sayin
RyuCloudStrife  +   1076d ago
but if they depended on video games only they wouldn't have sold the PS3 at a loss and would have sold their soul to the casuals long ago, just like Nintendo did.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1076d ago
Okay, now say that again but this time in English please. . .
riverstars86  +   1076d ago
bullymangLer  +   1076d ago
yes they aren't
LastXeno  +   1076d ago
Am I getting sick of seeing these articles?
SilentNegotiator  +   1076d ago
"Yeah, I'm SilentNegotiator with the Daily Sh**ty Article. Can you tell me if you're sick of seeing these articles? I'm writing an article on it."
mcstorm  +   1075d ago
I agree. The Wiiu is selling better than the ps4 and next Xbox so im sure they are not doomed. Joking a side it seems every new console that comes out now is doomed. It was sais about the 360 then the Wii then the ps3 after that it was the 3ds and then the psv but now its the wiiu's turn.

Why do people really have to talk doom and gloom the Wiiu next Xbox and ps4 will all sell fine in there full life time sales and they will also all give us some of the best games we have ever played just like they have all done the gens before.

People need to stop saying mine is the best and support the industry all together because without the current 3 console makers we would not of just had one of the best gens in terms of quality games.
AO1JMM  +   1076d ago
No it is not.
SDF Repellent  +   1076d ago
Is the (Insert Console) blah blah blah (dead, Doomed, on its last legs, brink of annihilation)???

Can we be more original.
Theyellowflash30  +   1076d ago
These doom articles are coming like crazy. The Vita got it though, so it's time for Nintendo to take their lumps.
Summons75  +   1076d ago
Yupp, ps4 is gonna have it's run too especially if they start like last gen (too expensive and no games plus system failures left and right, while they pretend it doesn't actually exist.) Xbox will get doom and gloom too. It sucks but people love being negative.
PopRocks359  +   1076d ago
Are you serious? Why do you feel ANY doom/gloom articles are necessary? Besides, the Wii U has been getting this sort of flack since before launch.

EDIT: Matter of fact, look at this article; it's the same doom and gloom drivel from the early part of February and yet it's already got a sizable amount of buzz while the positive articles have been completely bypassed. That's not typical at all.
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Theyellowflash30  +   1075d ago
PopRocks, I don't agree with it. I didn't give them what they want. A click on their stupid article.

I'm just saying this is how N4G works. The Wii U is going to be getting doom articles till it sells better and has more games.

The Wii U will be fine, and these dumb ass doom articles will disappear but for now its just the norm.
PopRocks359  +   1075d ago
I appreciate the response. Didn't read that context in your original post at all. My apologies for putting you on the spot.
SilentNegotiator  +   1076d ago
WTF is "Wii: U"? You mean "Wii U"? lol, oh game journalism.
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stephmhishot  +   1076d ago
How does a site like this even get approved? This looks like a 12 year old's first blog.
badkolo  +   1076d ago
why even bring up the vita, its a handheld and not a cosnole, 2 different arenas completly, and yes the vita isnt selling well but i think there was a plan with vita, l=it launched at the last year of the ps3 cycle so form wht we are hearing it looks like it was designed with the ps4 in mind and it will be cheaper by the time the ps4 arrives, to me its more of a trojan horse for the ps3 but as a portable console it hasd no decent games at the moment
plmkoh  +   1076d ago
The Vita doesn't even compare since it's a handheld console, they can sell much less and yet still be profitable.

The average break even sales for PSP was 5000 copies. Sony has already mentioned that the Vita's cost of development is very close to the PSP, which is why Ubisoft has expressed satisfaction with Assassins Creed: Liberation despite only selling under 500k copies. Then there's the fact that Vita has a very high software attachment rate per console, hence an indie game like Retro City Rampage sold more than the PS3 counterpart.

It's delusional to think that a flailing handheld even remotely compares with a home flagship console.
PopRocks359  +   1076d ago
"The Vita doesn't even compare since it's a handheld console, they can sell much less and yet still be profitable."

What's your excuse when the 3DS is selling on par with or even more so than the 360 and PS3?
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plmkoh  +   1076d ago
"What's your excuse when the 3DS is selling on par with or even more so than the 360 and PS3?"

What are you on about, what 'excuse'? You have stocks in Nintendo or something? We're not even talking about the same thing.

If the 3DS is selling more than a home console, than it's likely it'll be more profitable than an equivalent home console game.

Therefore, to gain the same amount a portable can sell much less.
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Game3s  +   1075d ago
I thought handhelds sold more than home consoles.
Nyromith  +   1076d ago
Yes they are. I don't see people buying such an expensive console for games of the quality found on

Mario, Zelda, Mario, Zelda, Mario, Mario, Zelda, Zelda. Luigi.
Theyellowflash30  +   1075d ago
Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Project X Zone, Xenoblade 2, Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land, The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Lego City Undercover,

Nice try troll. I think Microsoft is the company that only releases a few games. Halo, Forza, Fable, Halo, Forza, Fable
Kaiou  +   1076d ago
As much as i don't like how nintendo is always behind in term of specs(intentionally) and services i don't think that it's even possible that the wii u would fail , i mean people just CAN'T ignore a new HD zelda(i know i can't) game and there's super smash among others.
madjedi  +   1076d ago
Brink of collapse no, but i think alot of the more rabid nintendo defenders are in for a rude awakening, when the console continues to not sell well over time.

If nintendo fans hadn't bragged so proudly about the wii's sales last gen, they wouldn't have as much shit thrown back in their face by ps3/360 fans.

I am not sure why nintendo still thinks it's 2006 or prior in regards to lack of software optimization and account management standards.

If either the ps4 or 720 came out that poorly planned and developed, the website servers would break trying to deal with the angry fans and rival console owners rofl about it.

All console makers should be held to a bare minimum standard, and nintendo is no exception even if it was alot of peoples first love of gaming.

But that would first require for gamers and journalists to take off the kids gloves in dealing with nintendo, though i won't hold my breath.

At least nintendo actually tried with the gamecube, which is more than they did with the wii and so far everything about the handing of the wii u indicates.

@kaiou Sure they can, the series might not even appeal to them, and most of the people unimpressed will likely only be buying one as a secondary console.

The hd windwaker isn't a new zelda, so bare minimum 2-3 yrs after that till a proper zelda game is released. Alot of people won't bite until it has likely 2 or 3 core franchise titles available and to me that is a 3d mario, zelda and metroid.
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ZeekQuattro  +   1076d ago
No, but the authors journalistic career might just be. What a poorly written hit piece. lol
perfectCarbonara  +   1076d ago
I hate when Nintendo sympathizers bring up the Vita in every Nintendo thread just to make the Wii U look good. Stick to the topic at hand.
PopRocks359  +   1076d ago
That is NOT the point of the argument. People on this site consistently label the Wii U as a failure but refuse the Vita as such when it has been selling even lower numbers for the better portion of over a year.

The Vita is not selling any better than the Wii U is at present. If you're going to acknowledge one as a failure, you may as well say the same for the other. I personally think neither should be since they've both yet to show their true potential with AAA games.
Game3s  +   1075d ago
They are far too blind to see their hypocrisy.
Xer0_SiN  +   1076d ago
what do you expect? wii u was stillborn right out the gate. sad but true. what is their best seller? nintendo land? please...

aint nobody got time for that.
TheDivine  +   1076d ago
Please. Everyone will eat crow in one year after SMT x Fire Emblem, Xenoblade 2, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2, Wind Waker HD, Monster Hunter, Wonderful 101, DQ 10, Lego City Undercover, SSB, and the unannounced but def on the way Metroid, 3d Mario, new Zelda, and Mario Kart release. Reread that. That is a killer lineup of games. As of now the only two exclusives it has is Mario and Zombie U. Do you expect it to sell 50 million with Two exclusives and all ports (mind you it released 3 yes 3 months ago lol)? It's the 3ds all over. Great system with only one or two games. Once the dozens of huge games start rolling in it will take off and outsell everything else. I don't have one but will def get one when SMT x Fire Emblem releases. This system will have the killer lineup from Nin that they always have plus the fact they're releasing mad new ip's, dusting off old ip's, and it will def have the third party support I want. It might not get Crysis, BF, and fps #57 but it will have SMT games, jrpgs, platinum games titles, and all the Japanese games that prob won't release on the others. Il take that over MOST (not all) mainstream titles.
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AndrewR  +   1076d ago
I responded to the bad press the Wii U is getting in an article one month ago -

In that time, almost daily, N4G has been inundated with fanboy articles that have labelled the Wii U as doomed, a failure etc etc. But here are a few facts to consider. The Wii U has been launched in a vastly different economic situation from the previous generation. In the last generation, I owned a Wii and a PS3, because I wanted to play the exclusives of both consoles. At the moment, I can't even afford a Wii U. When the PS4 launches, I doubt I will be able to afford that either, as will many.

Also, the Wii U has been out for four months, and has sold 3 million units (as of the end of January) What sales figures were people expecting? Probably to match the first year sales of the PS3 or Xbox 360? Well what were they? According to VG Charts - PS3: 5,552,074 sales and X360: 5,656,039 sales. Do the math. The Wii U is well on track to beat first year sales of both these consoles.

But I do agree that there are not many games to play on the Wii U as yet. I have ZombiU sitting waiting to be played. Lego City Stories is a must buy, and there are certain multi-platform titles I do not yet have that I would probably pick up on the Wii U (Sonic Racing for example).

But what I do not understand is the desire for many fanboys to see Nintendo fail. Nintendo have proven themselves to be innovators in the gaming industry. If they were to pack up shop, consoles and console design would be bland. Do you think Kinect or Move would exist if the Wii had not been successful? And how many templates for Nintendo games have been copied, imitated, or paid homage to over the years?

I don't want Nintendo to fail because they make great games and great consoles. I think there is a marketplace for all thee companies, and I just wish fanboys posing as journalists would maybe do five minutes of research or rational thought before posting bile articles such as this.
rapidturtle  +   1075d ago
Nintendo consoles have steadily gotten worse over time. They just hit the casual nail on the head with the wii, but now are back in their cycle, and the Wii U seems destined to fail.
Thepcz  +   1075d ago
as we speak, miyamoto himself is at the wiiu production factory, stood beside the conveyor belt as assembled wiius pass by, his hand on the 'emergency stop' button, his thumb just moments away from pressing the button and halting all production of wiiu.

its also snowing in hell
MegaLagann  +   1075d ago
Get ready for the "Rise of Wii U" articles coming out at the end of the year when 3D Mario and Mario Kart come out. Just like the 3DS, funny how history loves to repeat itself.
josephayal  +   1075d ago
I Think the Wii U is doing well, but
Wii U really needs some games Asap, Games like Mario Galaxy 3, Zelda, F-zero, Dk, Smash Bro, Gears of War, Journey etc
1upgamer99  +   1075d ago
As I wrote in an Email to Nintendo, whoever is in charge of their marketing should be FIRED! The system is great, but the marketing SUCKS!
MasterD919  +   1074d ago
I don't think Nintendo really knows who they are actually gearing their products towards anymore. A lot of excess 3rd party titles that have been around on other consoles aren't going to keep gamers playing. They need to rely on their own titles, and it's amazing that with all of the IP's they have, they can't successfully make that "must-have" game for the Wii U.

The Wii should have been a learning experience rather than some trial and error for the Wii U.
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