Velvet Assassin New Screenshots

New screenshots from Velvet Assassin.

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solar3547d ago

velvet...sounds soft to the touch...

Skerj3547d ago

They changed the name again? This and Saboteur are the only WW2 games I've ever cared about since 1941 and 1942.

Bazookajoe_833547d ago

The pics looks pretty good thou, but i do hope some new engine comes soon to take ut3engines place.

socomnick3547d ago

Ut 3 engine is great m8. Always updated.

LinuxGuru3546d ago

You mean Unreal Engine 3.

Also, the Unreal Engine has already been seriously outclassed by many 3rd-party engines out there.

it isn't as good as you think it is.

Bazookajoe_833546d ago

But it looks the same all the time..

LinuxGuru3546d ago

There is WAY too much post-processing effects for me to touch this game with even a 10-foot pole.


Ghoul3546d ago

i saw those screens like 2 years ago now, no kidding. The only new to this game in th e last 2 years is the namechange from Sabotage to velvet assasin. come on show us something new. And they really should tone down the bloom and color correction the whole game is one hell of a red bloom effect

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