Ubisoft Says Wii U Is A Great Console, But It Has To Sell More Units

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemo thinks that the Wii U is a great console for gamers, but he admits that the system needs to sell more units. However, Guillemo says that the company is fully committed to producing games for the format. The company recently announced that Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4 will be coming to the console later this year.

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TheLyonKing1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

God this guy is good at pointing out obvious things. I am surprised he never said that losing money is bad.

Its a good console not great in my opinion but I am (Like most people) will be waiting for the same releases that Nintendo always does. Mario kart, zelda, 3d mario

GraveLord1909d ago

If I was a Nintendo fan, I'd wait for them to take some risks and create a new core IP. Create the next Zelda or the next Mario. Enough is enough.

Llaucian1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

...Don't Xenoblade and "X" count since they're first party? Nintendo's problem isn't strictly about creating new IPs. They have a few new ones...the problem is that they don't advertise them as much as they should. Which is ironic cause I feel like a new Zelda or Mario game would practically handle advertising itself whereas The Last Story and the like need it so that gamers actually know about them.

guitarded771908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I bought a Wii U day one, and I've had fun with Mario Bros U, Zombie U and Nintendo Land. I agree with Ubi that it's a great console. Even though the PS4 and 720 will be beyond the Wii U technically, Nintendo could make the Wii U a great alternative to sit next to the other consoles if they do a few things.

1. Trophies/Achievements - Nintendo needs a trophy/achievement system. Many gamers like the added challenge that they add to games, and the overall gaming diary that they represent. Seriously, even if you don't care for them, the idea of getting platinum/100% in a Zelda or Metroid game has to be enticing.

2. Pro-Controller - More support for the pro-controller. Just about every game should support this input device. As cool as the gamepad is, gamers like the pro-controller design as it has a design which has become a standard in the industry.

3. Social Features - Miiverse is awesome... I love it... wish there was something similar on PS3 and 360. But Nintendo needs to implement social features beyond Miiverse. Players should be able to share screenshots, achievements and other stuffs to Facebook, Twitter and possibly YouTube.

4. Virtual Console - I and many others are glad that Nintendo have brought/bringing VC directly to the Wii U home interface. But Nintendo should add some new features to the classics like trophies, online leaderboards and even online co-op. Give us some incentive to rebuy and replay the classics. Online co-op on a game like Contra would be awesome. Unlocking trophies in a game like Super Metroid would be great. Posting a high score in Donkey Kong to an online leaderboard would be great.

5. HURRY UP - Nintendo seems to be taking their sweet time with everything Wii U related. One could argue that they are making sure to put out a quality product, but releasing ONE Virtual Console game a month it too damn slow. They can go faster than that... even if they implemented the features I listed above they can go faster than that.

Those are just a few things off the top of my head, but Nintendo needs more than just first party exclusives to make the console appealing to gamers as a whole. We know it's not gonna be able to push games like Battlefield 4, but Nintendo can offer other FUN experiences, and features which have become standard in the industry.

SilentNegotiator1908d ago

"...Don't Xenoblade and "X" count since they're first party?"

fine, taking risks AND bringing them to the West in a timely fashion. lol

PopRocks3591909d ago

The problem with this guy is a console needs games to sell. These guys just delayed a Wii U game (a completed one at that) and it has suffered a two month long drought as a result.

yeahokchief1908d ago

Seems like it is a development standoff where every developer/publisher is waiting for every other developer/publisher to make a hit for the console so that it has a large enough install base to warrant the development costs of making more games for it.

Nintendo really needs to put out some big must buy 1st party stuff other than the 1 mario game.... I'm talking metroid, donkey kong country, zelda, super smash bros etc. Something old nintendo fans are itching for.

The longer they wait is cool with me. I'm definitely not spending 300 on tech that old now. I'd spend maybe 200 for it with a game.

Jakens1907d ago

Nintendo and I broke up. I want to see other consoles.

N0S3LFESTEEM1909d ago

Biggest problem with the WII U is that a lot of people still don't know it's out yet or they don't know that it's a standalone console. I've seen kids asking their parents to buy them the "Wii controller" pointing at the Wii U's controller so it's obviously a flaw in marketing and console design if people can't differentiate.

linkenski1909d ago

Yes this, but also the fact that many long-time gamers can sort of see through the Wii U being basically a Wii 2. Even though many bought the Wii, i think alot of those who bought it were still very dissapointed by the fact that it was so far behind techniacally.

People who already own a PS3 or an Xbox 360 simply don't feel like buying a Wii U, but of course they will if it has the games that make it a better deal.

I just don't see how Nintendo is gonna go all "hardcore" and still manage to compete with Sony and MS. We need games that show what the Wii U does differently, and then we need Zelda and Mario on it, as well as some other returning core franchises.

But i simply feel that one of the reasons the system is getting surrounded by negativity is also because it feels almost "forced innovative" instead of genuinely innovative like the Wii, because Nintendo's motive for making the gamepad was "We NEED to innovate" rather than "I've always wanted to do THIS with a console" like in the case of the Wii.

donman11909d ago

Hmmm so Ubisoft excellent idea to boost sales of the Wii U by delaying a game that is ready for 7 months. Brilliant!!!

stuna11909d ago

Or maybe Ubisoft don't have faith that releasing Rayman Legends would have the power to shift the console!

Having 6 million potential consoles on the market is a lot better than having 3 million actual consoles on the market! It is a strategy that all developers employ. A reason why developers still have projects on older consoles.

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DA_SHREDDER1909d ago

Nintendo isnt teh doomz. The world would be doomed if Nintendo doesn't sell. WE all lose.

mochachino1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

We all win if Nintendo's console efforts fail, then everyone can get Nintendo exclusives...

with better graphics and online too.

Oh man, just thinking of a PS4/PC/720 Metroid and Zelda makes me happy. I used wish Nintendo consoles all the best (although haven't had one since N64) but now I'm thinking FAIL Wii U fail!

linkofrs1909d ago

Part of the reason Nintendo's games are so good is because they make them on their own hardware. which means the game code fits the hardware. if they went multiplat their games wouldn't be as impressive visually or functionally. they know their system inside and out which is why they can push it to it's limits. Ex: Super Mario galaxy. I was amazed by how good that game looked despite being in sd.

RTheRebel1909d ago

when there megaton games come out wii u will sell
keep dreaming about nintendo games on other consoles which is why a majority of fanboys want
till then ill enjoy all my consoles ;)

shackdaddy1909d ago

Just like how it was so much better after Sega got out of consoles, eh? >_>

subtenko1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

@linkofrs wtf....

Nintendo has the most multiplats for this and last gen combined (Dat shovelware) Every console has exclusives think M$ make their Gears of War series on the Wii or something?

Brucis1909d ago

>we all win if Nintendo's console efforts fail

How? How is having a competitor drop out a good thing? I don't want Sony getting lazy thinking 'All we gotta do is be a little better than MS and we'll be good.' I want them to make good games and put care into the system because they have competition and want to distinguish themselves as the company to go for. The same goes for Sony, I don't want their efforts to fail either. I want all the companies to do well and actually try to make good games worth owning their console for. If their's no competition there's little reason to do so. people start slacking, bars get lowered, and there's less effort because there's not much to be worried about. It's not a good thing at all.

admiralvic1909d ago

@ Linkofrs

You have to be kidding. Yes the games run better / look better (like any first party game), but simply being first party doesn't make them good, nor is that why Nintendo does so well. If it was REALLY that simple, Sony would be able to make a kart racing game.

linkofrs1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )


My comment appears to be misjudged. I am not suggesting Nintendo games are good only because they are on their own system, but it is a contributing factor. If they start making games on other systems it will take them longer to get used to the hardware. They will eventually get used to newer hardware but the reason they make hardware is so that they can make games the way they want to.


I was referring to the fact that Nintendo does not make games for other consoles besides their own. That is what I meant by multiplat.

Again sorry for any confusing due to the wording of my comment. =]

THEMIGHTYDOOVDE1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

The industry would go stagnant a whole lot quicker without Nintendo's hardware!

Old McGroin1909d ago

@ mochachino

There's a quicker way of playing Nintendo exclusives, wait a little bit longer until they are released on he Wii U and then buy one because I think hell will freeze over before you get to play Mario Kart on the PS4 or Nextbox.

delboy1908d ago

If you like N games so much, don't be cheap and buy a N console.
Same goes for Sony or Ms exclusive games, you have to buy their console.
If you're waiting for N games to come on other hardware, sorry but that wiil never happen.

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mochachino1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

I don't think Wii U is a great console, I think it lacks games, power, and 3rd party support.

Nor do I think the screen controller adds much to gaming.

I think Wii U is lacking at it's current price and probably worth it at $200.

lilbroRx1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Well of course you think this. You don't like Nintendo.

The console being sold at $300 is being sold at a loss. It worth more than what they are already charging regardless of whether or not you like what its offering. If you think it is lacking while being sold at a loss then I question your ability reason.

How can a controller that has the same button layout as ever other controller, + a mic, + a camera, + an HQ touchscreen, + NFS capability, +panoramic view, +gyroscopic motion control not add much to gaming? I can think of tons of things it can add beyond what has been shown. You probably just don't want it to.

The games are simply in development. We know they are coming. They have been announced. Bayonetta 2, X, Watchdogs, Wonderful 101, etc and so on are all coming and from third parties. Its has plenty of third party support.

The consoles will sale when the games come out. Nothing more to it.

Snookies121909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

"The console is being sold at $300 is being sold at a loss."

Well, I mean, when you consider the controller is half of that cost... Not hating on Wii U, I actually look forward to getting one at some point. Just saying...

TongkatAli1909d ago

If the screen on the gamepad was OLED. I would be the biggest Wii U fanboy, "small" differences like that makes games look really different.

Play Dj Max Technika Tune on the Vita. I think its the best looking thing to ever come out in gaming, visually. No, it doesn't use raw graphics, but the art style in conjunction with the OLED looks better then Uncharted or any PS4 game to me.

HappyWithOneBubble1909d ago

Wii U is worth about $100 if you ask me. It's just a 360 with a big touch screen controller. Nintendo went back in time to the Game Cube era. If Wii U sell less than Game Cube, Nintendo is in deep dodo.

PopRocks3591909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

It sold over 3 million units in two months. When the next holiday season comes along and there are more games for it, what makes you think sales won't pick up when Nintendo's household name is already popular with both fans and families?

Also, don't call it a 360 when it clearly is more powerful.

TongkatAli1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Poprocks got a point. I see Wii U sales exploding after a price drop and Smash Bros : /

Old McGroin1909d ago

@ PopRocks359 and TongkatAli

Whoa, ye really think Wii U sales will pick up when Nintendo release their first party titles? Nostradamus has some serious competition from both of ye!

lilbroRx1909d ago

They certainly didn't help by pushing back Rayman Legends.

Bumpmapping1909d ago

At least there still supporting Wii U....U should be thankful considering how many 3rd party developers are not supporting it.

TongkatAli1909d ago

Ubisoft has supported Nintendo in its last two launches Red Steel and Zombie U. How did those games sell *cricket sounds*.

Ubisoft games sell amazing on the Vita, you will be shocked to see how many downloads for Rayman on the Vita store. I don't see Ubisoft making as many titles on the Wii U compared to the Vita.

silkylove1909d ago

Red Steel was complete trash and ZombiU is just OK. By the way, ZombiU is selling very well.

silkylove1909d ago

Don't know why the disagree. You said that ZombiU wasn't selling. In fact it's sold close to 400k in the few months it's been out. Those are great numbers for a 3rd party game, especially an unproven new IP with average review scores. It will probably pass the million sold mark this year seeing as it's included in a few different bundles. What more can Ubisoft ask for?

lilbroRx1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Last I checked, ZombiU was the best selling third party game on the console. It was made in less than a year so it couldn't have cost that much. Also, it was a release game so it will be selling until the end of the console life cycle 5-6 years from. The thing that people forget is that games on Nintendo's hardware have long shelf lives like Skylanders and Lego Batman.

Red Steel and Red Steel 2 also ultimately made a profit. Wii games only needed around 150-300k to break even.

A game that sold 300k on the Wii was the equivalent of selling a million on the PS3/360 financially unless it was a HUGE undertaking which was rare for anyone outside of Nintendo themselves.

MasterCornholio1909d ago

Instead of being ungrateful Nintendo fans should appreciate all the work that Ubisoft is doing in bringing great games to the Wii U.

So what if they delayed Rayman Legends? Just be happy that Ubisoft is still developing the game for the Wii U and thank them for bringing Watchdogs as well.

linkofrs1909d ago

I was pretty disappointed up until they announced watch dogs coming to the wiiu. I still think it would have gone better for them if they didn't delay the game. However it is good that they are giving Nintendo their support.

Old McGroin1909d ago

Happy and very surprised that Watchdogs will be released on the soon to be humble Wii U but Rayman has now officially completely disappeared from my radar. You ask me to name one game to be released this September and my answer is GTA V.

talocaca1909d ago

well....since 80% of casual players that bought a Wii and never played it probably won't buy a WiiU....I say yes, the future is looking bleak.

Gamer-401909d ago

One question for you.
Why not sales rocket hardcore Ps Vita now? Why?

No many AAA exklusive games, same on WiiU history.
No games, no sales.

Snookies121909d ago

To be fair, the Vita seems to be doing exceptionally well now in Japan after that price cut. So, we'll see how things go on that end. Although yes, I agree. It takes time for a lot of good games to end up on a console, and in turn rack up more sales.

Gamer-401909d ago


I think price cut not enough for one console, many exklusive good games coming WiiU and Vita, doing fine the sales.