Buy Hitman Absolution: Professional Edition For Only $10

OOG from STFUandPlay writes, "Alright people this is not a typo, today only for a 24 hour sale you can buy Hitman Absolution: Professional Edition for only $10. Here is the catch, its PC only but, its Steam Activated which is awesome."

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OOG1996d ago

This is the type of stuff that makes me wish I had a gaming pc again.....

OOG1996d ago

yeah sucks if you don't have a pc... but for those who have one its awesome.

Bryan5741996d ago

The Steam box can't come soon enough.

OOG1996d ago

Honestly tho.... I wonder how that will work and how powerful it will be.... just because I wonder how it will play most games, since a lot of games vary in performance standards.

Bryan5741996d ago

Yea I guess time will tell.. BTW love the WZ good to see a fellow canadian on there. THE PRODUCER lol

OOG1995d ago

bahah ... he never listens lol so my production skills fail lol