PS3 Fanboy review: Lost: Via Domus

PS3 Fanboy writes: "When PS3 Fanboy thinks about games based off movies and television shows, we tend to believe that they're going to turn out bad. It's not unusual to think this way because more often than not these games really do turn out to be a disappointment; however, PS3 Fanboy had high hopes for Lost: Via Domus as it was a videogame adaptation of television's most brilliantly engaging show. With Lost TV series writer and producer, Damon Lindelof, guest-supervising the content and themes for the game, we thought Lost: Via Domus was going to be a sure-fired hit. Regrettably, that line of thinking couldn't be any more farther from the truth.

As a game, Lost: Via Domus has nothing unique to offer. It's a below average effort, and feels like a watered-down Uncharted clone with puzzles -- minus all the action. Even so, this game wasn't meant for the hardcore gamers, it was meant for Lost fans; in this regard, it only gets worse as the game fails to perform its duty. At first, it felt exciting to be inside the world of Lost; however, by game's end, PS3 fanboy realized just how much potential was "lost" in translation from television to videogame that we'd recommend fans just stick to their show.

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