1UP has Reached Its End

Today, Ziff-Davis announced that as part of a restructuring of its new property IGN Entertainment, three of IGN's smaller secondary sites -- namely,,, and -- would be "winding down." As is often the case with such reorganizations, some of 1UP's staff was laid off while others will be moving over to work as contributors at No timeline was given for 1UP's closure or if its servers would continue to run indefinitely.

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Moonman1240d ago

awwwwwwww...NOT! Goodbye!

camel_toad1240d ago

I used to actually like 1up until I found N4G. I was so ignorant.

Diver1240d ago

Goodbye good riddance. You people did more to ruin gaming than you ever helped. These guys thought their opinions were more important than the public or the games. When journos think they're rock stars and what they want is best then its time for them to play a new game called "Tale of the Unemployment Line" I can't wait for the first DLC called "The Writer No One Missed"

blackbeld1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

1UP who gonna miss you Trollers.

Now start again with a new site and name it 1Down. Like it should be.

Jeremy Parish I hope you stop do gaming journalism soon cause you s#ck.

BinaryMind1240d ago

@camel_toad: Wow, you sure got smarter. Now you frequent a site focused entirely on click-bait articles. Enjoy your "journalism".

HammadTheBeast1240d ago

I'll miss them.

-Said nobody ever.

Campy da Camper1239d ago

Na na na na, hey hey hey GOODBYE!

ApolloTheBoss1240d ago

Look at all the f**ks I give! Seriously they're just falling outta the sky! :D

ThanatosDMC1240d ago

Wish it was Kotaku... oh well.

Merrill1240d ago

Soon enough, hopefully. They're the worst.

TheOneEyedHound1240d ago

They are next, that's why they are on a trolling spree.

To: Kotaku and 1up

Sites that troll do not get remember, good riddance.

Rhezin1240d ago

naw I wish it was DESTRUCTIOD. That sh!t needs to go

cyguration1240d ago

I'm sorry but Jim Sterling actually writes stuff in favor of consumers and the game community.

Not many big sites out there actually care about gamers. Whether you like Destructoid or not at least Sterling and crew are pro-consumer...a rarity in today's gaming media climate.

ApolloTheBoss1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

No way, man. Destructoid is part of Rev3 Games. And Adam Sessler, the best damn gaming journalist who ever lived, works at Rev3.

Axecution1240d ago

Lol the comments here. "I hate every major gaming site ever"

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The story is too old to be commented.