A letter to Microsoft: 'Get back in the game!'

8Bit Envy's Seth Rich takes a look at Microsoft's current situation in the industry and the possible problems and solutions.

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Moonman1994d ago

I have never been impressed by Microsoft as a gaming company. And never understood the big whoop about Xbox Live. Bunch of hype, little to no substance!

JustinNico1994d ago

Well you have to remember that when Xbox Live came out (talking about for the original Xbox) it was pretty stellar to be able to play people on your console. Sure PS2 and Dreamcast had the capability but I think Xbox Live really made things mainstream.

theBAWSE1994d ago

just don't trust ms as a gaming company if I'm honest..fact of the matter is they abandoned the original Xbox in favour for the 360 and for the last couple years they have done the same to the 360 firstparty wise as it seems all its efforts are now being focused on the nextbox

once fool me... twice not gonna happen ms

MikeMyers1994d ago

When Xbox Live came out with games like Mechassualt console gamers had a huge wake-up call. Talking to people, sending out invites, all in a very easy fashion. It really changed the way we viewed online gaming. However as years went by others took notice, mainly Sony. So here we are today with Microsoft being the exception of still being the only ones who charge just to play online.

If Sony continues the free to play model this will put even greater pressure on Microsoft to offer something of some better substance or drop the entry fee. The PS4 also seems to abolish the headache developers have had with past consoles so the next Xbox will not have that luxury of being an easy to develop console as an advantage. Sony was also very smart not to announce a price for the PS4 but come out swinging with impressive specs.

So either Microsoft shapes up and gets involved with making worthwhile titles again or they go the route of trying something different like they did with Kinect. They won't be able to go toe to toe any more with Sony since they won't have a year headstart or hardware developers prefer. That means charging less for the hardware or upping their game with decent exclusives. Unless of course they change gaming with some new innovations.

They are the wild card right now and gamers have grown tired of their E3 presentations the last few years.

BitbyDeath1994d ago

MS is getting free money, they won't drop the live fees while a lot of people continue to pay for it.

antiriad1994d ago

You are right.
They cared shit about gamers before xbox.They abandoned the xbox within months(the same with their Kin -Mobile systems)
but I trusted Peter Moore-he did a great job and xboy live was a huge step but massivly overpriced.
Sadly many xboy fanboys call this Rip off:"service and experience" instead keeping up pressure to make MS cut down xbox live to 20 dollar or make it ps plus like.
I knew after Moore left that the good times are over.Exclusives almost dissappeared or were destroyed like fable or crackdown.

But I think people don"t have to worry for the xbox3 release.
MS will do a good job as they know that they need a core user base that is willing to pay lots of money for xbox3.They will buy some exclusives,they will buy some ratings(average rating of the first 3 MS 1st party games-94%-MS already has paid the reviews)and a huge marketing campaign at around 1billion dollar to make you believe how great kinect2 is and that you don"t need to use used games)
After the xbox3 gets cheaper they will use the same trick they did with the 360-massive investment in casual crap and tv,ignoring the core gamer:"Here some Halo and gears sequels,a forza and shut up"

Gildarts1994d ago

So you think Microsoft bribes reviewers because their games were too good?

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AngelicIceDiamond1994d ago

Xbox Live is great but not perfect, it definitely needs some serious uplift.


1.)Apps and MP free right out of the box.
2.)PSN+ type subscriptions along with possible free games, DLC, TV shows, Movies, Music.

As I said Xbox Live is good but I MS does need to do some major work on it.

MS doesn't have a real "Problem" right now. MS knows with each new console you have to come hard with the games and you have to impress the core. Because the core will look at the line up games first and price second (Sometimes).

This is what next gen will come down to.

1.) Price
2.) Games
3.) service & User ability.

Campy da Camper1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

What they need is let you play for free. I totally understand if they want to offer other services and charge for them. Fine. But I buy a game to play it, not use it to go on facebook .

I would seriously consider getting one if online playing was free. I own a console for one reason and one reason only: to GAME. I watch all my movies on solar movie on my PC and never use twitter etc and could not care less about social integration. I am 40 years old and my spare time is women and gaming.

I just refuse to spend money on a game to then pay for internet to THEN pay MS money to access online coop and mp.

slampunk1994d ago

Very narrow minded comment from an obvious fanboy..... i used to be you and then i got both consoles and a PC !!!
You then realise that each platform has it's strengths.... Xbox live has been the premier online service since introduction and sony has had to throw everything like PS+ (which is good) at it to try and having cross game chat with PS4 will really help as it's been the main advantage for live....

AngelicIceDiamond1994d ago

Please explain how am I a fanboy?

Y_51501994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

OMG you read my mind! Never was an Xbox owner. They have never impressed me enough. The only way they can is if they bring out more amazing first party titles like Kameo and Alan Wake.

Gildarts1994d ago

"Never was an Xbox owner"...."bring out more amazing first party titles like Kameo and Alan Wake. "

These are good games indeed. That statement is supported by reviewers. But hoe can you say that for yourself when you never had an Xbox? (Assuming you have no friends of course)

SDF Repellent1994d ago

Whatever, most of you that are posting here already have your system of choice (Playstation) in front, so no matter what Microsoft do, it won't matter. I have all the systems but I like my experience with the Xbox 360 because I think Live is better structure than both Sony and Nintendo and is worth $3 a month for it for me. Now, my favorite system is the PS2 from last generation so I can definitely go back to Sony if the PS4 proves to be better. But as of right now, everything is up in the air because Microsoft hasn't shown its cards yet.

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GalacticEmpire1994d ago

If they don't do or say SOMETHING to counter PS3's momentum and PS4's hype they are going to regret it.

camel_toad1994d ago

Yeh I think as far as core gamers are concerned MS concentrated way too much on Kinect - granted its sold like crazy and fills their pockets but they've neglected us!

Gamer-401994d ago

I like Forza and Fable series. Good games.

antiriad1994d ago

Forza is on a high level but Fable?
Fable was casualed down(no skill,boring)-pretty boring.Fable 3 ruined the IP,Fable kinect destroyed it.

Gamer-401994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

True, Fable easy game. But i like Fable 1-3 world atmospheric.

Gildarts1994d ago

I'm a fable fan. At first i was upset about them going kinect-only with FABLE:THE JOURNEY but when you try it its actually really cool and the story is awesome. Can't. wAit for fable 4

from the beach1994d ago

Hurry up with the big reveal.. and make sure it's big..

abzdine1994d ago

Sony is here for that.
Cant wait to see Kinect 2 (joke inside) :D

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