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Gioteck discuss what Nintendo need to do to up their game and become successful again.

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GreenRanger1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

"become successful again"?!
Uh...aren't they successful now?
People are always in a hurry to write off a company the second they hit a bump in the road.
Foolish mortals.

HammadTheBeast1814d ago

Didn't you say the exact opposite on Vita articles?

gamer421814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Fanboys are fanboys what do you expect.

fatstarr1814d ago

"They have had to announce a loss for the first time and continually revise down both hardware and software sales."

only the first time? wave the white flag. smh I have a question, if company A sells a product to every human being in the world and then the quarter after their sales fall to 0 that means what? they have 8 billion of their products out on the market what more can they do sell the same thing twice?

on topic...

sony is selling assets, releasing a non profitable system again and all that jazz. they are up to their neck in debt, rating dropped to junk status.

meanwhile Nintendo sells 3 million units in under 50 days... and the 3DS is killing it and no heavy hitting games have released yet for the wiiu.

yea I dont know which one looks like doom. yea its nintendo man they are doomed and they have to fix it now.

smh please, Retro studios is about to take names. E3 will talk for nintendo.

InsaneChronos1814d ago

>> E3 will talk for nintendo <<
Of course not.

linkofrs1814d ago

I agree with all of these reasons except one. While it would be amazing if Nintendo lowered the price of the Wii U i for one don't think it would be a good idea since they are already losing money on each console sold. But Nintendo need to advertise heavily and get more 1st party games out. The latter of which will probably not happen til e3.

MasterCornholio1814d ago

But even if Nintendo announces several first party games at E3 do you think it would be enough to combat the launch of 2 next generation systems?

This is a very intriguing question and we wont know the answer to it until the end of this year.

But the most similar case to this was the Dreamcast and that didnt end well for Sega.

TongkatAli1814d ago

Nintendo is no where near the financial situation Sega had when it launched the Dreamcast. Nintendo ain't going anywhere.

linkofrs1814d ago

I'm not denying that Nintendo will have competition, if anything having competition is better because then we'll get n64 caliber games from Nintendo which I think is awesome. From what I've seen from Nintendo I personally think they work best under pressure.

However, 3rd parties aren't interested in the Wii U because its selling slowly, in order to make it seem more attractive it has to sell faster. The only way Nintendo themselves can make it sell better is by advertising and making good games for the system. You don't recover 3rd party support overnight.

Also, Sega did not go under because of the
Dreamcast alone, they were losing money from numerous previous failures like the sega saturn, sega CD, and the Sega 32x. The Dreamcast was a last ditch effort by a dying company.

This differs greatly from Nintendo seeing as they made a whole lot of money off of the Wii.

Finally we don't know if the consoles released will fair much better then the Wii U. We'll have to wait til e3 to see what kind of support the other consoles get. It would be pretty bad if they don't get a lot of support but its very unlikely they won't get support. However, I still believe that the companies will do much better as the competition increases.

Ck1x1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Listen if you have any knowledge of gaming at all the DreamCast was an amazing system... The parent company is the reason that system didn't survive not the system itself. I put Nintendo in the same boat as Sony was with the PS3(As both companies were coming off of very successful previous hardware). Nintendo has to prove through 1st party software why the WiiU is a viable system just like Sony has done with the PS3(The PS3 is an amazing system because of Sony's efforts, not 3rd party publishers!) The WiiU can turn around but it will take great efforts on Nintendo's part to do such. Bottom line is that Nintendo has money and Sega didn't to make the necessary adjustments in business decisions.

Stroke6661814d ago

nintendo definitely isn't sega.wii managed to to outsell more powerful opponents, and besides its four months into the market way too early to tell much of anything. i believe marketing is the prob here the wii u is a great system people just don't know it, once they get the word out their sales will pick up,no price cut needed, especially when their comp releases at 100 or so bucks more than them and not much more to show for the extra cash. graphics aren't as important as they used to be but havng games definitely is the deciding factor. nintendo definitely has to pick it up in that dept

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objdadon1814d ago

I just bought one yesterday and I like it. A break away from the traditional gaming onmy ps3 and xbox . Hell, I did what I thought my vita was gonna let me do when I got it, I played real black ops 2 upstairs in my bed on the wii u gamepad!

mcstorm1814d ago

I, really impressed the way bo2 plays on the Wiiu and so have my friends who have it on the 360 and ps3. Mariou and zombie are also 2 must have games for the Wiiu. I also own sonic all star racing Tekken tag 2 and Nintendo land and they all offer something different on the console.

For me I think people who are into gaming and have the cash should go out and get a Wiiu they will be surprised at how good it is. Yes there is a new Xbox and PlayStation later this year but the Wiiu will keep you going until then and may even change some peoples minds on what it can offer. I can't wait to get my hands on nfsmw, pickmin 3 and Lego city over the next few months.

MNGamer-N1814d ago

It's a fun machine. I think the advertising and marketing will come when they release some new games. Why market it when the available games are low? It would be a waste.

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