Haze: Have your questions answered by the developers

"The developers of Haze have kindly offered to give you, yes you, the opportunity to have some of your questions answered in an interview that we have scheduled with them for later in the week."

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damnwrx3339d ago

Sorry, too busy playin' Lost Planet:EC.... since it was postponed over and over and over......

Grassroots3339d ago

wow, that game is well, not so good. I'd be more excited to talk to Free Radical myself.

Soren the Cat3339d ago

Sorry, I accidentally disagreed with you, that was supposed to be an agree.

resistance1003339d ago

I've got my questions down. Im just hoping it will be playable at Live, since Free Radical are based in england. Also i've had this game on pre-order since september and can't wait for it ^_^

Thepro3183339d ago

sorry damnwrx but Lost Planet is boring LOL boring stupid crosshairs and kinda easy to play

whoelse3339d ago

I cant wait to play this multiplayer.

Truly the PS3s Halo.

Skerj3339d ago

I believe that's reserved for Resistance.

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3339d ago

I'd give U 10 agrees if I could.

JBaby3433339d ago

Resistance is the Gears killer. KZ2 is the Halo killer.

whoelse3338d ago

The reason why i said that was because it will be a simular multiplayer experience.

And yes, Halo is so overrated.

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BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3339d ago

Is it getting delayed again? LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.