Guide: How to parry/block in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

As parrying/blocking is not explained really well in the game itself when you’re first introduced to it, Jack at GamingXL will try to explain it here in a few different steps. Once you’re used to the techniques you will realize that it’s actually very simple. So by practicing on it you will be able to do it flawlessly after a while.

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blackstrr4111814d ago

Awesome awesome game. I just don't like the stealth parts. Is there an achievement for being stealthy in the game

Chaos_Raiden1814d ago

There is an achievement/trophy that requires you to kill 30 enemies with Ninja Kill, which is a move that requires you to kill an unaware enemy during non-Alert phases. There is also an achievement/trophy that requires you to clear the final Mission without being detected.

FantasyStar1814d ago

When I first started playing MGR I thought parrying meant I had to push the stick in the direction of the enemy attack so if it looks like they were doing a right-side attack: I pushed the stick to the right and pressed X. Obviously this didn't work that often. I didn't learn about this until after I finished the game. The boss battle with Sam was hellish.

blackstrr4111814d ago

I bought the mgs 4 raiden suit yesterday. 20000bp but I guess with the way I stack up on bps I doubt I can't repay it quickly

Summons751814d ago

Parrying is so easy once you know how. I forget that I had difficulty with it when I playe the demo but now it's second nature. Much better choice than a dodge roll, keeps combat flowing smoothly.

dsdrgyj1814d ago

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