Naruto Storm 3: 10 Minute Install (PS3), Tournament Mode

During that time, a bit of Naruto history was shown in text format, in case players may not be up to speed.

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Snookies121909d ago

Can't wait for this game, hopefully they've improved the netcode a bit for online play. Generations was alright with it, but it did lag quite a few times. D:

Regardless, I'm happy there's a midnight release at my GameStop. :]

SOD_Delta1909d ago

Yes, Lets hope the netcode is improved. It was annoying when it lagged during tournament matches on Generations.

Y_51501909d ago

The series always had a long install, I've grown used to it!

trenso11909d ago

I just read the manual hope this one comes with one one as well

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1909d ago

At least the music is comforting.

KuroiTori1909d ago

It's so close I can taste it. Kinda disappointing with the absent characters that were in the ninja war, but can't wait to pick this one up for my Xbox.

1909d ago