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Submitted by xtheownerzx 1075d ago | opinion piece

PS4 Is It Really Worth It?

GamerFitNation's intern Fidan Mustafayeva writes about the newest Sony video game console the PlayStation 4. In this article she discusses the hardware and ultimately tries to make a decision if it is truly worth getting? "The PS4 has officially been announced this past week as Sony’s next generation console. From the announcement the system looks like it is full of new and exciting features such as 8GB of unified memory (the PS3 only had about half a GB split between its video and system ram) and x86 architecture which makes the PS4 very much like a PC. The system’s graphics look better than ever; they are all finely detailed and textured." (PS3, PS4, Tech)

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GalacticEmpire  +   1075d ago
Attempting to make a decision based on an initial unveiling is very premature, especially with no price and (probably) most of the launch titles not revealed. Why try and decide when not all of the information is present?

The PS4 reveal left me (and most of the gaming community) intrigued but until I have all the info there's no point in making a decision just yet, unless you were really impressed by the five or so games they showed and money is not an issue.
asmith2306  +   1075d ago | Well said
Screw that, day one buy for me. Out of all the gaming companies, Sony is the one I would put my trust in.
jujubee88  +   1075d ago
Though, I think people like him/her just want to see more games. In which case, that person has to wait until E3 to feel validated about what he/she is getting into.

Which seems like a painfully long wait, bc we all want to know about next gen games we are about to spend out money on.

. . . And some of what Sony showed off at the PS4 unveiling was cool as well, so I know why people are already on board day one.

(I am already going store to store asking if I could put my $ down on a preorder for the Ps4. Haha.)
TemplarDante  +   1075d ago
double post.
But still my opinion stays.

DAY 1 buy!
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user3915800  +   1075d ago
@Galactic I think you are right its not only premature but incoherent, PS4 has not shown anything for me to buy on day 1 at all, just higher spec dont mean anything to me.

We will see once they fully unveiled at E3, innovation has never been about more powerfull console, its about moving the tech to deliver different experience and THE PS4 does not deliver on that at all. Same remote more power = upgrade not innovation, The only thing that will make me buy the ps4 its games nothing else so far.

WIIU its just first party console, it can not be compare to either PS4 OR MS. We will see what MS has to offer soon enough, but from the leaks of Superdae, that console will be the only one innovated enough to give you treu innovation this gen, with VR Glasses, 3D and Illumiroom.

I want something new, not the same functions from last gen, better quality picture its only an upgrade.
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Ritsujun  +   1075d ago
GFN is it really worth it?
Spoon_  +   1075d ago
Ps3 is so outdated to me now my body is ready for Sony ps4
Smeagol2033  +   1075d ago
Out of all the companies microsoft is the one I will put my trust in. Day 1 buy for me
amiga-man  +   1075d ago

any company prepared to hold your internet to ransom deserves no ones trust.
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Diver  +   1075d ago
Another lame article
Hydrolex  +   1075d ago
Lol we dont even know what the price is and these idiots are asking if its worth it.... bahaha, retardation
Ares84HU  +   1074d ago
Day one buy for me too. From now on any website that writes a negative article about ANY console and shits on it because of their stupid bias, I will just vote down and strongly urge everyone to do the same. It's time to clear up n4g from all this garbage "journalists".
badz149  +   1074d ago
garbage article
You can't talk about if it's worth it or not when you don't know the price and then worth or not compared to what? Pc? Wii U? The unknown 720? It's still too early to talk about the worth of PS4.
R6ex  +   1074d ago
Day 1 for me!

My $2000 gaming rig's Crysis 3 at max settings isn't even as beautiful as PS4's Killzone.

$600 vs $2000 for better graphics ...

Its a no-brainer!
FACTUAL evidence  +   1074d ago
Wow, the system didn't even hit production yet and they're already making "is it worth it" articles.
WildArmed  +   1075d ago
Exactly, worth is determined by price. Is it worth it at a $5000 price point? Probably not.

Is it worth it at a $300 price point? Obviously.
GalacticEmpire  +   1075d ago
While I didn't press disagree because I kind of get what you're trying to say, I think you may have it backwards or at least it comes across like that.

I believe the price is determined by worth. Worth being the quality of the thing you are buying. Unless of course demand is particularly high in which case prices may be inflated in response.

Again I understand your point and did not disagree, I just think it could be misinterpreted easily.
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WildArmed  +   1075d ago

Yeah that's what i meant. And I dont mind the disagrees.

I just think it's too early to be evaluating your product when you (1) don't have all the features (2) the price.
Ares84HU  +   1074d ago
I think it worth $5000 to some people and with worth less than $100 to others. It depends on what you're looking for or even if you are looking for it. I remember when the PS3 came out as stupid as I was I waited in line for it and the first guy in line was actually being paid $2000 for getting the PS3 for someone day 1. So to his "boss" the PS3 was worth $2600.
MYSTERIO360  +   1075d ago
Oh yeah
WarThunder  +   1075d ago
I don't know, i need to see the plastic Ps4 box first. lol :P
MYSTERIO360  +   1074d ago
For me regardless if i see the box or not i will be definitely buying the PS4.
morkendo23  +   1075d ago
if the ps4 only have digital games and no ps3,ps2,ps1 backward capabilities then it is not worth buying imo.
if we only see destiny,call of duty, uncharted,imfamous 3 type games fk no its not worth need to cover ALL!!! ps gamers not only the hard core. just bought a NEW!! ps3 40gb today instead of ps4. dont give a-rat-ass what ps4 price will be if only multiplayer games is developed. GT6,NFS,RATCHET AN CLANK non violent games is offer. stick with my ps3-ps2 anyday against ps4
disagrees is non-factor to me.
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xursz  +   1075d ago
I can't imagine anyone buying a PS4 and wanting to sit down and play PSone games like Grandia or FF7 on it or even PS2 games. Who's going to replay Gta3 or SWBf2 on the PS4?

If you plan to then I think you're in the extreme minority. Ps3 bc would be Great but screw paying $100 for a tacked on cell.
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brave27heart  +   1074d ago
I didnt disagree for the point you raised, just the punctuation.

If you're interested in backwards compatability might be worth holding off until we learn more about what Gaikai offers. Or pick up an original PS3 with b/c like you have done.
jewsh46  +   1072d ago
blizzard already said that diablo 3 will come out for the 4 and 3 so computer games coming to console
chaos-lockheart  +   1074d ago
It's Sony PlayStation, what can go wrong, haven't gone wrong these years and wont anytime soon. We don't need to see more games to impress us, we already know it will have better graphics and a different way of playing. We just need it to come out. Sick and tired of seeing and waiting. What's the point in seeing when we can't get our hands on it. It's like a homeless hungry little kid in front of a glass of a bakeshop. I'm hungry and want to eat, I don't want to look at it. Give up article, we don't need stuff like this.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   1074d ago
These articles about things that's not even out yet, are they really worth reading? That should be the title instead!!!
breakdancefight  +   1074d ago
I agree, but I don't know if I am just that tired of current generation consoles or am truly as excited as I am about the PS4?
Mounce  +   1074d ago
To make a premature decision is one thing.....but you can also hilariously make a grounded and confident decision that if you buy Sony Hardware, you know Sony will inevitably get a good round of games that you'll have interest in. To those that bought a 60GB PS3 at launch and everyone around Sony and all pessimistic and all Anti-Sony fanboys were bashing it for 2+ years and it had barely any games. Then Sony picked up the pace and now look at PS3 and the games it has. Would Launch-buyers regret buying a PS3? I highly doubt it....

Same will happen for PS4 as it did with PSP and as I have easy enough hope and confidence that Sony will get great support for the Vita and there will be games that I will 'WANT' without a doubt that is only on the Vita.

Simply though to the title of this article? Opposite then is true for the negativity. You can prematurely have hope and confidence because Sony doesn't really 'try' to let you down like Microsoft does. Negative premature assumptions just lead to ridicule as we see here, from those that know better that it's too early or that it's naive of most things they would say.
Benjaminkno  +   1075d ago
Like any system... not till there's a price drop
asmith2306  +   1075d ago
Short on coffers are we? Or just cheap? Funny how most people will buy phones and tablets for over 500 yet they won't do the same for consoles even if they are into gaming.
BrianC6234  +   1075d ago
That is crazy, isn't it. People throw away hundreds of dollars on Apple stuff like it doesn't matter. Time to buy a gaming console and they get cheap.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1075d ago
a man agrees. Also a phone will be outdated in a year while a game console will be focus of the company and get all the latest stuff and be the most advanced in its line for SEVEN years! A console holds its value like no other electronic device (iphone 4 already free on contract when you paid $200 for it just 2 years ago).
kayoss  +   1075d ago
The crazy thing is that most of these people drop 500 on a tablet and they use it to play games. O_o most of the time the tablet is there to keep their kids quiet and occupy.
Benjaminkno  +   1074d ago
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Benjaminkno  +   1074d ago
I'm mostly talking about the tendency for the first shipments of consoles that seem to crap out after a year or so. My 360, Ps3, all broke shortly after I bought them. Maybe you guys didn't hear about all those problems. Even my Wii's disk drive went out after a few years.

Apple's the same way, though I don't have any of their products right now.

There's not much support until after the first year as well, so I think I have a pretty good idea what I'm talking about...

(33 "disagrees"... you guys are a bunch of jokes...)
delboy  +   1074d ago
You can't compare phones or tablets to ps4 or any console.
A console is a toy, phones and tablets are not.

And NO ps4 is not worth day one buy, no real inovation over competition!
I'm fine with my ps3 and wiiu combo till 2015 or till the price drops.
As for graphics,no wow factor for me with ps4, I have a PC :-P
Kornholic  +   1074d ago
Quite the contrary - iPhones and iPads are very expensive, useless toys!
IcarusOne  +   1074d ago

That's how we know you're using them wrong.
brave27heart  +   1074d ago

Funny, my day one 60gb PS3 which averages 12 hours a week use has never skipped a beat (touch wood). Maybe Im in the minority but Sony products have always been solid for me. And a friend who bought his 40gb three months into launch ran into issues and Sony sent out a next day replacement so Id call that good support.
Septic  +   1075d ago
Ah the inevitable question every time a console comes out- is it worth it because its basically a PC/PC's can do more etc.

History has proven that consoles more than hold their own. Many may scoff at the ageing specs of the old consoles now, but even to this day, consoles offer what PC's do not and that is:

* Ease of use- you put in the CD and play- no installs or worrying about hardware requirements

* System parity as far as specs go- you won't be prejudiced because someone has a powerful system than you

* GAMES- the simple fact of the matter is, there are exclusive games that consoles offer and that PCs do not have (and vice versa).

We do not know what the price of the PS4 is but yes, now, consoles will be even more worth it than they were traditionally by virtue of their new features and functions and the manner in which they execute them.

TLDR: Consoles are here to stay and for good reason.
Xof  +   1075d ago
Well, it's going to be a bit different than before, because not only can PCs do more... PS3s can do more, too.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1075d ago
A man would add that consoles give you more specs for less as well. A man could not build a PC with the specs of the PS4 for $400 because Sony buys parts in bulk and gets discounts from manufacturers. They can also make up for a loss in manufacturing by selling games and online services and peripherals on the console.
BLACKBIBLE  +   1075d ago
YES, Yes it is!
Smeagol2033   1075d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
fredolopez  +   1075d ago
it's worth it if you're gonna use it.
theWB27  +   1075d ago
Yes. We game..we are gamers. This lets us game. And it will let us game hard. Why wouldn't it be worth it? I's letting you do what you love to do...but better-er. Not to mention the entertainment aspect of it..movies n such.

Bigger question- was this article worth it?
Felonycarclub8  +   1075d ago
If one is a gamer then one shouldn't ask this question. Day one for me like all my systems can't wait and all the upcoming ps3 titles
GribbleGrunger  +   1075d ago
Worth is transitory and can only be evaluated when an alternative is offered to compare it to. When I see the full specs and the features/software of the 720, then I can make my assessment. We know very little about what Sony are going to offer on release and we know nothing at all about what MS are going to offer ... so until then I can't speak of worth. I can evaluate potential based on past consoles though. At the moment it looks like I'll be sticking with the PS4 but IF Microsoft offer more for my money then I might change my opinion.

Of course I will also evaluate the long term worth based on the philosophy of both companies out of the gate. At the moment Sony are speaking to me loud and clear. It's all about games with services secondary. If Microsoft's philosophy mirrors that of most recent rumours and they offer primarily services/Kinect, and games become their secondary focus, then the choice will be a simple one to make:

#8 (Edited 1075d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
LOGICWINS  +   1075d ago
"Worth is transitory and can only be evaluated when an alternative is offered to compare it to. When I see the full specs and the features/software of the 720, then I can make my assessment"

Smeagol2033  +   1075d ago
GribbleGrunger  +   1075d ago
Depending on what MS show, it could be my choice too. We'll just have to see.
MikeMyers  +   1075d ago
I agree, so far Sony has done everything that I wanted. So unless the system is priced over $500 then pretty much have me once again as a customer. I also gave the Wii U more than fair chance but so far what I thought came true. Which is a lack of games I want to play so far while 3rd party publishers once again take a wait and see approach. The online service doesn't really sound like a next gen outing but that could change over time. Nintendo's mistake wad thinking customers would buy older titles for $60 again because of the Gamepad. What Nintendo needs to do is try and convince publishers to make games for the Wii U like Zombie U. But that's hard to do when they know the risk may not be worth it since there isn't a large install base. A catch-22.

Microsoft on the other hand started out strong on the Xbox 360 but finished rather flat for me. However I will also give them a fair chance and see what they have to offer. I am not going to jump to any conclusions but they really need to show me they are serious and I want to see new ip's from them that I want to play. Big titles too, not XBLA games.

So far the PS4 is also in the lead for me.
Myst-Vearn  +   1075d ago
I will buy one when it is $99

hopefully I won't have to wait too long maybe 10-12 yrs
BrianC6234  +   1075d ago
I hope you aren't serious. The PS3 has been out for a long time and isn't that cheap. I doubt either console will get to $99.
Auron  +   1074d ago
ps3 hasnt been out for 10-12 years im sure it will be $99 sometime soon especially when the ps4 is out.
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dcortz2027  +   1075d ago
LOL made me laugh, I really hope you are being sarcastic and not serious haha!!
Menchi  +   1075d ago
As long as it isn't over £400, it'll be a day 1 for me.
cr33ping_death  +   1075d ago
lets see.... it will play games that wont be made for the PS3 hmmm yeah its worth it.
babis1974  +   1075d ago
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1075d ago
*cough* gollum gollum
TemplarDante  +   1075d ago
Day 1 buy!
F any site and anyone that says its not worth it.
nosferatuzodd  +   1075d ago
this is from Brian • 15 minutes ago

Yawn. Anyone crying over no backward compatibility needs to grow up and get over it. I'm sure Sony could have added it if they went with less RAM but having 8GB of RAM is going to be more important in the future than playing old games will be.
thanks Brian didn't need to add anything you said all
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abzdine  +   1075d ago
every Sony machine is a great investment! PS3 had lots of problems in its beginning and it turns out to be the most successful when it comes to exclusives and value. Sony learnt from their mistakes, PS4 will be the one!
Moonman  +   1075d ago
Gamerbeyond  +   1075d ago
i guess its not to early to start the ps4 doom and gloom.
unicron7  +   1075d ago
Fanboys. They just can't appreciate a good thing when they see it.
AdmiralSnake  +   1075d ago
Um...I wouldn't know seeing as to how not everything is revealed for it yet. However, I'm very excited, show me the games and the features at e3 and I'll answer this.
Kingthrash360  +   1075d ago
Day 1 no matter what 4 me. I have the gamer sickness of must buy asap. Ps4 is next gen. Same with 720 must buy for me. I judge a system 3 years after all are released the system used the most wins.
Clarence  +   1075d ago
Already got the money in the bank waiting to be spent.
Inception  +   1075d ago
As long as sony gave us great games than it's worth it.
thecowsaysmoo  +   1075d ago
I think the ps4 will be a great console, but I won't buy it right away. I always like to wait until the bugs are sorted away, more games and a possible price cut (same goes for all consoles). Plus my ps3 isn't going anywhere so I will be entertained for a while.
SpinalRemains138  +   1075d ago
We know little about it, have yet to see the machine, have only seen a few games planned, don't know the price yet......

Seems perfectly logical to theorize as to why we shouldn't buy it.

Doooooomz already? Just stop
R_aVe_N  +   1075d ago
I am sorry worth what? We really don't know tons about it not even a price or how it looks.
eak3  +   1075d ago
Starting to save now. Plan on Day 1 buy getting the 530 dollar version whatever that entails. They release hard drive size yet??
dmonee  +   1075d ago
Hell, I'll pay a grand for it!!!
leogets  +   1075d ago
the article wasnt even worth the read. went straight to comments. pshhhhh
stage88  +   1075d ago

dmonee  +   1075d ago
So sick of these articles. So sick. It'll have been 7 freaking years since the PS3 launched. When we bring this thing home from the store, or see the pkg. waiting for us when we come home from work that day, and we plug the bastard in and fire it up our dog gone minds are going to be blown. There will be no questions asked, no disappointment, only awesomeness!!!!!
Dungus  +   1075d ago
Q: PS4 Is It Really Worth It?

A: Yes. Leave me alone.
Npugz7  +   1075d ago
If there was any console worth buying this is the one!!!
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