The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Will Support PhysX and DX11

DSOGaming writes: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will support Nvidia’s PhysX technology, as well as DX11 features such as tessellation, Global Illumination and MSAA."

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Npugz71879d ago

what is the PS4s answer to DX11??

Irishguy951879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

They let the fanboys come up with one for them

Edit---No really, openGl will probably start getting the support it deserves because of the Ps4/.

classic2001879d ago

No one knows what the PS4 is fully capable of but that deep down game got some sweet effects.

Pandamobile1879d ago

Wat. Pretty much every console in recent history has used OpenGL except for the Xbox and Xbox 360.

JohnnyAkiba1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

PS4 will use OpenGl 4.3, and is better. xD

JsonHenry1879d ago

The PS4 will be native DX11 because the PC part being put in it supports DX11. There is no "answer" to DX11 since it is a DX11 video card.

N0S3LFESTEEM1879d ago

DX11 is an API... an instruction set owned by Microsoft. The GPU may be DX11 "CAPABLE" but the PS4 will not support DX11. OpenGL has supported most of the DX11 features for years... including tessellation everything else can be hard programmed in.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1879d ago

openGL and openCL. Dx11 & Physx is not needed.

But of course what it's up to the devs.. Both consoles are low powered don't get your hopes up for physics simulations to be used heavily...

hazardman1879d ago

Isn't the nextbox rumored to have dx11?

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fossilfern1879d ago

Aww Nvidias physics: / hope you can tweak the Ini to make it run in the CPU

Arai1879d ago

Havok, PhysX by nVidia (as confirmed Sony in their press release).

So no shortcomings so far that I know of...

Gamer-401879d ago

All of the game is taking part at winter:(

aliengmr1879d ago

Ohh come off it already.

A hand full of screens is hardly indicative of the final game.

It ultimately depends on where the story is set.

How people rush to judgment, good or bad, based on so little evidence is beyond me.

Gamer-401879d ago

Ok, sorry.
I like the W series, but part at winter all in the game not soo good options.
That's my huge problem, nothing more.


AKS1879d ago

Has CD Projekt actually said that it takes place entirely in winter or a snowy climate? I've seen pictures of snowy mountains. There are plenty of places that are moderate in climate and very green, but if you climb nearby mountains, they are always covered with snow and ice.

Here's a picture of a secret, magical place known as Colorado that is simultaneously snowy in the mountainous areas but quite green in lower elevations:

Gamer-401879d ago

Yes, understand, but one problem AKS, all screenshots and artwork for TW3 snow and winter look so than Skyrim.

TW2 most colorful environments, the TW3 not too.

SP3333D-O1879d ago

This game keeps sounding better and better. They seem to be trying to do everything with this title. I hope they are not overly ambitious.

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