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DmC: Devil May Cry Review - VGFury

Excerpt from the review:

"It’s becoming common for Japanese publishers to outsource work on their somewhat stagnant intellectual property to Western Studios. DMC: Devil May Cry is Capcom and Ninja Theory’s latest effort in rebooting a beloved series. It’s difficult not to feel sorry for Ninja Theory, the original Devil May Cry was one of the most well received titles available on the Playstaton 2, and absolutely groundbreaking for its time, so they’re left with some absolutely huge shoes to fill in Capcom’s wake. It’s something of a lose lose scenario really, irrespective of what they achieve with DMC, trivial aesthetic and stylistic details are going to dishearten fans of the original series. It’s safe to say DMC is the hack and slash tour-de-force it once was, or near enough, but ultimately given Ninja Theory’s burden, is that even enough?" (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360) 82/100

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