Ubisoft pays undisclosed amount of cash to acquire Watch Dogs dot-com domain

Watch Dogs has been generating a lot of buzz in the video game community since it was first announced at E3 2012. Last June, on the very same day Ubisoft kicked off its E3 press conference and unveiled Watch Dogs, the company registered a bunch of new domains like,, and However, one name was missing from the list: That’s because the name had a different owner. Now, according to WHOIS records, Ubisoft owns the domain name as of this week and has begun redirecting the web address to its main Watch Dogs website. The exact sales amount is unknown since the sale wasn’t publicly reported, but given is a pretty strong name on its own, the price was likely in the five-figure range.

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GalacticEmpire1939d ago

Ubi really have confidence in this franchise and, judging by what we've seen so far, so they should.

gta28001939d ago

When Saints Row came out I saw it as a generic GTA rip off and it still is to me...Watch Dogs however, is the only game that has the potential to give GTA a run for it's money. Can't wait to pick up both!

CaptainSheep1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Really can't wait for this. I'll be getting this for the PS4.

gamernova1939d ago

This game looks pretty amazing. You get to make your own story? Pretty damn revolutionary. Getting it for PC although this game will be great on practically anything.

Kran1939d ago

QUICK! Someone register Call of Duty 11-15

cause no doubt activision will want them lol

FarCryLover1821939d ago

I doubt it. They haven't even came out with "Call of Duty 5".

They might want MW4-12 though ;)

JetsFool35001939d ago

Doesnt Matter Itll Just Be The Past COD's With A New Tittle