The problems with Stargate SG1 Unleashed

With the release of the first gameplay trailer for Arkalis Interactive’s, interactive adventure game, Stargate SG1 Unleashed, I have decided to see if the game throws up any issues with the established Stargate lore.

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ryandebraal1880d ago

Impressive amount of detail based on lore!

I wouldn't have caught half these details, but the unidirectional gates are the most damning.

supremeaaron1880d ago

Thank you. I'm really into my Stargate lore, so I'm quick to spot Stargate games making lore mistakes.

porkChop1880d ago

That's one thing I cannot stand. If you're going to make a licensed game at least stick to the lore. I mean if you care about the brand enough to make a game out of it, then why would you piss all over the story? I just don't get it.

supremeaaron1880d ago

I completely agree porkChop.

Dasteru1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Probably because Stargate is an established franchise with a large fanbase and is therfore a very good source of cash.

They don't care about the lore or accuracy, they just want to make a game as quickly and easily as they can then slap an established branding on it and rake in the green.

They most likely only watched the first season or two, read the script (most of it anyways) then started making a game without ever having actually been fans of it.

...Or it could just be an alternate timeline with a half broken stargate that somehow allows bi-directional travel.

Th3 Chr0nic1880d ago

when will someone make a proper SG game on a real gaming system. ugh for iphone and android what a waste of time

supremeaaron1880d ago

There was Stargate Resistance, a third person online shooter kind of like Team Fortress 2, but unfortunately the game went under because they didn't sell that many.

There was also the Stargate mmo, Stargate Worlds which never made it to release.

ZeroChaos1880d ago

Don't forget Stargate SG-1: The Alliance form 2005. They had a trailer and everything for it shame it was canned :(

Th3 Chr0nic1879d ago

Iknow of all these and thats what i mean they always look promising but end up not getting released.

I was very excited for SG worlds and even spoke to some of the design team. they were great and very commited but the budget was just not going to allow them to continue

1880d ago
ZeroChaos1880d ago

LOL those are some good lore points XD half I wouldn't have noticed, bald Teal’c would have been the first sign of lore problems.

Also about the unidirectional gates, I know its stated many times in the series about one way travel, but there have been instances where people hold the gate open by passing a part of the their body through it (in essence being in two places at once), surely and easy way for them to explain it, is that part of O'Neil didn't pass through the gate and so him going backwards is ok since he didn't fully pass through. (I know from the picture he is fully out of the "gate" so my suggestion wouldn't hold.)