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What Gives You The Next-Gen Tingles?

"So with hardware perks set aside, what do the new consoles offer me? So, my thoughts turned to games…" - Jake Woolf (Gaming Like A Sir Columnist) (Cyberpunk 2077, PC, PS3, Tomb Raider 2013, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360)

Xof  +   785d ago
Nothing has really given me that next-gen tingle moment yet.

There were some parts of Assassin's Creed 3 that came close, but, really, the games that have really captured my interest lately haven't exactly been "next-gen..." quite the opposite, actually. Ghost Trick, Etrian Odyssey, Legend of Grimrock, Sleeping Dogs, Ys Origin, FTL Faster Than Light, Project Diva F, etc.

As someone who's been gaming since, forever, it's hard to get excited about the "next generation" when we're defining the term by hardware, not gameplay. The actual games we're playing have evolved very little. To me, the generations are better defined in terms of effect on gameplay. Like the transition from 2D to 3D. I still remember that. That revolutionized how we played games.

But now?

Games all play the same.

Hell, we've even lost variety. Just look at all the dead genres littering our past.

TheBrownBandito  +   785d ago

To me, It's not all about realistic fire and water effects etc, but the world around you. I would settle for Killzone 3 graphics next gen if the environment continues to improve in depth. For example, the explosion in the Shadow Fall demo. All of the debris blowing in the wind etc. I want that depth and lighting more than I want photorealistic graphics. I also hope that PC BF3 type destructible environments come with next gen.

Running up Omaha beach, I wouldn't expect a picture postcard view of the sand dunes, if you catch my drift.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   785d ago
So far to me, the only thing I see an improvement on is the visuals. I have a 600hz 3D tv and that took my PS3 to a whole new level. Battlefield 3 even runs close to 60fps thanks to the tv.
papashango  +   785d ago
Occulus Rift and Watch Dogs may be the first step in feeling like you're in a living world.
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BlmThug  +   785d ago
Driveclub and Watchdogs!
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Si-Fly  +   785d ago
My GTX680 gives me next gen tingles
0ut1awed  +   785d ago
Funny. my 680, 3930k, and 120hz 3d monitor does the same :D
-Falaut-  +   785d ago
2 perfect examples...
medman  +   785d ago
PS4 and Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs gives me the hope that it will actually feel like a living, breathing city. And hopefully developers (for example, Bioware's brilliant Mass Effect series) will finally be able to achieve a real sense of scale in games. I'd like to feel the power and awe when fighting a 7 foot 500 lb krogan. Instead we get a krogan who is the identical height of my commander Sheperd. Tali is the same height, as is Liara, as is everyone else in the game. This has to change next time around.
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sandman224  +   785d ago
Killzone shadow fall I am extremely excited to see how the multiplayer portion of the game turns out. Will it look as good as the single player? Who knows, but what I do know is it will be the first game I buy for my ps4. I still play killzone 3 and I still enjoy the heck out of it. I've never been more excited about gaming. 2013 is going to be the best thing that happened to the gaming industry thanks the Sony and Microsoft.
lovegames718  +   785d ago
The alive world in watch dogs. The beautiful scale, draw distance and scope of things in killzone sf and what capcoms deep down can be all scream next gen to me and get me excited.
joab777  +   785d ago
Honestly, waiting to c what Irrational will do. I know, i know, Bioshock Infinite is not out yet. I believe that Bioshock and GTA 5 will usher in the next gen. They r immersive but also push the envelope with gameplay and storytelling. Its too bad, it will be awhile before we see another Bioshock on next gen.
Erudito87  +   785d ago
first party games in glorious 1080p
cursed_deity  +   785d ago
can anyone tell me how i can block opinion uploads ?
DanielForth  +   785d ago
Im still Feelin far too Tickled with excitement Regarding "Beyond: two Souls" and "Bioshock infinite" to worry about the next gen.
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level 360  +   784d ago
The new Tomb Raider game gives me a lot of tingles!!!

A great start for this year!! An absolute awe-inspiring game!

Congratulation to the guys and gals at Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix!
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