Black Ops 2 Camos: How to Get Each One Fast

There are a total of 16 different weapon camos you can obtain in Black Ops 2 to customize your weapons with. Learn how to earn each one as quickly as possible so that you can unlock the elusive gold and diamond camouflages for any weapon you desire in BO2.

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jjb19811968d ago

I'm working on the assault rifle category because that's all I play with and I'm halfway done...

Alduin1968d ago

It takes a little while. I usually go hard with whatever perks/attachments I want then once I get Krypek I immediately take everything off and play through till I get the 150 kills without perks/attachments to power through the camos.

jjb19811967d ago

I play free for all and kill confirmed to rack up those kills