5 Aliens Games Actually Worth Your Time

GP Editor Marcus Estrada lists five good games in the history of Aliens-based titles.

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robert1905d ago

Not forgetting the realy hard and unforgivable ALIEN RESURRECTION ps1 which i'm back on now because gear box failed to deliver.

Jason1431905d ago

atari jaguar has my all time favorite. snes comes in 2nd.

MaleManSam1905d ago

Alien vs Predator 2. Damn that game was awesome.

GamePodunk1905d ago

AvP2 was great, yeah. I remember playing the multiplayer with friends for quite a while. It was especially fun if you were playing against someone who was really good at utilizing all of the predator's skills.


Aliens vs. Predator on the Atari Jaguar was a very good game. Alien trilogy on the Playstation was average and didn't interest me much.

I didn't see Aliens vs. Predator for PC. Aliens: Colonial Marines, in my opinion, is better than most of the lineup listed for the article.