How to Write a Blockbuster Video Game

From The Creators Project and Kill Screen: When it comes to action-based video games, the narrative probably takes second place in the player’s mind, superseded by the most important task at hand: laying waste to bad guys and aliens. But the two are intertwined, one and the same, and it’s testament to the craft of the writers behind those games when you can’t tell them apart.

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mochachino1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Not sure if using Gears as the picture is an offering of praise to the series narrative or a warning of how not to do it.

Gears' narrative is the perfect example of a great game story going ridiculously bad. The commercial elicited more emotion than any moment in the actual game, including when spoiler spoiler.

Gears 3 narrative was horrible, it was the end of human existence and they never conveyed a real sense of nigh hopeless desperation.

BanBrother1962d ago


Agreed. I was thinking the picture would mean something like "How to write a blockbuster video doing the exact opposite of the game in this picture".

Unlike a lot of people on this site, I give Gears credit where it is due. Best 3rd person game-play, very nice graphics and MP. But the story is one of the worst I have come across. Not that it was boring, just that most of the characters and their voice acting was horrendous.

Gears 3 was written by Karen Travis. It was not her fault. EPIC games dug a massive crater and asked her to dig them out of it. Too late. EPIC Games need to hire writers from the get-go for future games/franchises.

I love the Gears franchise for what it does. But, I will never consider them some of the best games of all time because they can not deliver a story. Games like Bioshock, Half-life, Uncharted 2 etc manage to do everything.

iwin861962d ago

I'm pretty suprised that those two people wrote a whole year on the script of Gears:Jugdment. Normally it's the plot a really mediocre B-movie. I hope they can bring some depth in the characters.

MasterD9191961d ago

I imagine it is quite complex to write an actual game script. But the story for a game seems easy enough with a good deal of creativity on the authors side.

Blandness comes from un-inspired, crappy writers.