Digital Foundry Face-Off: Crysis 3

Crytek's Crysis 3 is one of the most technically accomplished games of this generation, a visually spectacular piece of software that pushes graphical boundaries on all platforms. And with all its graphical settings pushed to the max, Crysis 3 on PC effectively offers a "next-gen now" experience - a preview of the level of technical prowess we should expect in the years to come from the new wave of consoles, but an experience that can be appreciated now by those willing to invest in top-end PC components.

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Thrillhouse1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

After playing this game maxed out on PC, I've become extremely excited for next-gen.

I have never seen such extreme fidelity in a video game. I believe Crytek were correct in saying it'll fit in with early next-gen only titles.

The above looks like concept art, yet it is fully in-game.

RememberThe3571938d ago

Screenshots? It's even prettier is motion... I've heard :(

My rig is too old and crappy to even hope of rendering this game on low settings... But those Youtube videos are insane!

Not bad looking at all on console either.

FragMnTagM1938d ago

The videos on youtube do not do it justice.

I can nearly max the game out, and it still looks better than the maxed out videos on youtube.

The game itself on the other hand is around a 7 for me.

I am running everything on High and I run anywhere from 30-60+ frames a second depending on what is going on.

mistertwoturbo1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

^While I agree Crysis 3 is one of the best looking games created TO DATE. Those are still up-sampled images though. Not taking anything away from Crysis 3 . Just sayin'

yewles11938d ago

Excited for next-gen? Don't be...

"Our Core i5 and Radeon 7870 combo barely managed a sustained 20FPS when running in 1080p with maximum settings enabled - and 720p fared little better."

PS4's GPU is between a 7850 and 7870, and the CPU is 8 mobile Jaguar cores. Doing the math will turn that smile upside down in no time.

PersonMan1938d ago

It's all about optimization. Crytek didn't optimize this game enough.

Asuka1938d ago

honestly that quote makes no sense to me. core i5 paired with a 7870 should be able to play most games just fine @high settings @1080p/60+fps, maybe even ultra settings. Now if you are going to play at higher resolutions, then maybe.

Arai1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Crytek is all talk if anything, yet for a company that license/created a powerful engine they can't even program for the PS3 well.
Looking at these pictures I'm inclined to say PC>X360>PS3.

With all the *impressive* stuff they do as a company one would think they would at least be capable to do a better or closer job.

No offense to anyone, just I find Crytek full of bs all around.

SDF Repellent1938d ago

dude, why are you getting disagrees? Everything you just said is true.

greenpowerz1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

PS3 is inferior just like all Sony consoles. They know how to program for PS3 LMAO. PS3 exclusives are linear, static, QTE style games with tacked on social design if any at all with less features.

Sony making such simple games that are less resource hungry allows them to put a nice coat of paint on almost all of their games.

Bigger more complex games with heavy feature sets/game modes/social modes open and or not completely linear with good to stellar graphics suffer on PS3.

Can't wait for 720 and the Crytek exclusives on it. Crytek no doubt has pushed MSFT on the design of the 720 while they have been working with MSFT for the last few years. Powerful 8 core CPU

Haters don't like Crytek because they released Crysis 2 on consoles which showed the BS claims that PS3 games were the best looking. When a Multi platform game looked the best on consoles they had a meltdown and it got worse as people started to learn the 360 version was superior.

DoesUs1938d ago

They must of been working with Sony aswell given both processors are the same. Elsewhere things are very different which will come to mainstream attention when MS finally announce. Exciting times ahead for the industry.

BlueTemplar1938d ago

To sum up just about every single one of your posts ever:

- Sony bad LOL!
- Microsoft (sorry, MSFT) great!

Might want to save yourself some time in future and just copy and paste that.

BlueTemplar1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

"Sony making such simple games that are less resource hungry allows them to put a nice coat of paint on almost all of their games."

This comment alone shows how much of a complete and utter deluded troll you are.

How are the likes of Uncharted, or God of War, Killzone, Heavy Rain, etc any "simpler" than the games that get released on the xbox.

Go on please educate me. Oh wait, you cant because youve only got one bubble. Because you're a troll.

NeoTribe1938d ago

Another generic shooter.

airshiraz1938d ago

this game is not that good and i think crysis 2 has better graphics i played them both on pc and i think crysis 3 is worse but its main problem is its crappy antialiasing why crytech cant make a game with perfect antialiasing????

FragMnTagM1938d ago

What are you talking about?

I didn't see any jaggies when running on High settings in 1080p.

airshiraz1938d ago

im agree with u but it has really bad transparrency antialiasing like crysis 1 and u know whats transparrency aa?

Plagasx1938d ago

I think he's talking about some of bad grass AA...

But I still think it has the best grass around lol.

FragMnTagM1938d ago

I thought you were talking about the AA in general. I do agree that the grass and some tree and bush textures are a little blurry, but it is not that bad.

All ya gotta do is wait for a mod and problem fixed.

Anyway, it wasn't a big deal to me.

They did add, however, really nice effects when walking through grass and bushes though. When Psycho was walking in front of me, the bushes were parting around him and that was pretty nice.

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