Kojima: 'Numbered Metal Gear games will always be made by me, or at least at Kojima Productions'

In an interview with IGN, Kojima once again stated that a Metal Gear Rising sequel is certainly a possibility, if people want it. This doesn't mean that the future of the series is one of solely outsourced games though.

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RememberThe3571998d ago

Was I the only one completely disappointed in MGR? The level design was from the PS2 era. I'm a fan of Platinum Games so I was extra pissed off.

I can't wait for Ground Zeros though, that shit looks EPIC!

I don't think this series will be even close to the same when he decides to call it quits. It might still be amazing but it wont be the same. He has a certain... "flair."

Nyxus1998d ago

I wasn't disappointed with Rising, of course it didn't have as big an impact on me like a regular entry in the series, but it's a very enjoyable spin off. I'm all for more Rising games if it means Kojima has more freedom with the numbered titles, as he said earlier in another interview. And I don't think he's going to quit the series anytime soon.

Knight_Crawler1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

What other platinum games are you basing the level design on?

To me they did a great job on mixing a hack n slash game with the MGS universe...remember that Hack n slash games are fast while MGS games are slow.

If they tried to make the level design like one of there other games people would be pissed that it does not have a MGS vibe.

You say you are a fan of Platinum but then bring up ground zero, seems to me that you are one of those people that were pissed that this was not another stealth.

SAE1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

You guys want good graphics with that kind of gameplay by PG on ps3 limitation. You guys are spoiled. You can't even see what's good and what's bad in this game :(

Graphics made like this because of PG. If wasn't of them the gameplay would be slow and boring if it ever came out which kojima mentioned that he would have canceled the game if wasn't of them. You were disappointed just because of the graphics? That's a shame. You ignore what make this game special and look at the graphics. Wait for the sequel and you will get your good looking graphics..

roshi19871997d ago

I agree fully, but my god, learn to write.

Blank1997d ago

I respect your input about rising but in defense of MG:R but keep in mind the console limitations there were alot of moments I wished they saved this game for next gen I mean you can slice and dice things as much as you want now imagine how taxing that is on current gen specs? plus saying it is a game from the ps2 era isnt exactly an insult or negative thing IMO I appreciate that it even released so we wont have any "what ifs?" next gen should they release a sequel it will be what you expect and more keep in mind they had an open world game concept but im sure due to console limitations it wasnt possible

josephayal1997d ago

I'm kinda disappointed in this game so far, I’ll try to rent it this weekend, but my plans to buy it disappeared.

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talocaca1998d ago

I played the demo...I'm intrigued...just not 60usd intrigued...40 sounds about right.

MrWonderful1998d ago

Im wait on price drop intrigued

SAE1997d ago

The gameplay is much better then the demo to me. You have many things and you would enjoy it a lot since you will watch the story with the gameplay and it's one of the hardest hack and slash games. It will make more sense. Advice you guys support this game. If you guys like good story and gameplay but doesn't care about graphics then buy it right now.

Karlnag31997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Metal Gear Rising is most certainly not "one of the hardest hack and slash games". The block mechanic is broken and easy to exploit. Just flick the left stick repeatedly in the direction of the enemy and mash square and you'll block everything they throw at you... unless they do an unblockable attack.

Not hating on the game as I still enjoyed it a great deal, it's just not hard at all if you realise how broken the block mechanic is.

vazurahan1998d ago

Which means Phantom Pain is not being made by MobyDick Studios but by KojiPro. The way I see it is this. Ground Zeroes for PS3 and 360 then Phantom Pain for PS4 and 720

Nyxus1998d ago

I still think GZ and PP are one and the same thing. But anything can be the case I guess.

wishingW3L1998d ago

didn't you see GZ trailer? That's no PS3 or Xbox. That's obviously next-gen consoles or PC but they'll probably make versions for everything like Ubisoft is gonna do with Watch Dogs.

Nyxus1997d ago

Kojima said it was running on a PC with 360/PS3 specs, and that the game will look like that on those consoles. But yes, I do think the chances of a PS4/720 release in addition to current gen consoles are pretty high.

DeadlyFire1997d ago

I still personally believe GZ is for PC, PS3, X360, WiiU, PS4, X720 while Phantom Pain is for PSVita.

wishingW3L1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

MGR is like playing a DBZ game. That kind of over the top (minus the part of destroying planets) and it really wasn't for me.

What I love about Metal Gear series is how incredibly believable and realistic the sci-fi elements are presented but MGR was like a badly written shonen anime. On top of it Raiden's new personality is really annoying! But overall the story was so bad is sad. They tried to do something with it but ultimately failed miserably. =/

oriononer1997d ago

Oh man, I loved MGR. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Just a game that gets back to pure fun and wackiness. Great design too in my opinion. Seems to be selling well and it got mostly positive review coverage with many 9/10 and even 10/10 reviews, for the numbers people who care about such things. Bad reviews too of course as with almost every game. Maybe it's a love or hate kind of thing. I love it. But it's definitely commercially successful so far it seems.

Hanso1997d ago

yeah cut the crap
Raiden didnt stop the f****** Titanic in MGS4 huh?
didnt breakdance with 3 geckos tied to his legs huh ?

Nyxus1997d ago

Metal Gear Rising is definitely more over the top than previous games. Not that that has to be a bad thing though. But it clearly is more over the top.

oriononer1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Hanso's point is that it is more over the top because it follows Raiden around instead of Snake. If MGS 4 was following Raiden around the whole time instead of Snake, MGS 4 would be MGR. It was less over the top because Snake is less over the top. Espionage (Snake) versus front line ownage (Raiden). It makes perfect sense really.

baldulf1998d ago

Too much for "MGS4 is my last Metal Gear" eh?

Nyxus1997d ago

He said that before, and usually ends up making another one. He also made Peace Walker after MGS4.

Skips1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

And not to mention this. lol

SAE1997d ago

And he may make mgs5 too because he mentioned that GZ is a prequel or something like that. Im ok with that because his games are amazing and it's not milked game . He release the games every 3 years or more and they are always better then before with big leap compared to the older games..

MysticStrummer1997d ago

He's been saying that since at least MGS2, if not before.

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