A Valley Without Wind 2 Review – Hybrid Sidescrolling - The Koalition

The Koalition writes: "There have been plenty of games in recent years that have tried to capitalize on combining elements from a few different genres into one streamlined package and few have truly succeeded. While A Valley Without Wind 2 (Valley 2, from here on out) does not succeed in every area, it’s still a fun and incredibly ambitious project from a small team of dedicated developers. You can check out my interview with three of the team members from Arcen Games right here for some more details on the inspiration and design concepts of the game.

The general premise at hand is similar to “Metroidvania” experiences (combinations of elements from games like Metroid and Castlevania) that have come before it – it’s part side scrolling action game, platformer and RPG-lite. However, Valley 2 sets itself apart from the pack by throwing in a whole other piece to the puzzle – a micro-RTS-style game within a game that ties directly into the story and concepts at work. It’s an ambitious undertaking, but it works surprisingly well."

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