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New Writer Review - Shadow of the Colossus by Drew Pontikis

Another new addition to the Z1G family, as a confirmed Xbox fan Drew steps forward and tells us about the PlayStation game that won his heart

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miyamoto1308d ago

... its really sad that brand loyalty to xbox inflicts unnecessary pain and hardships in real life... very tragic

Pathosverdes31307d ago

The writer needs to buy a PS2 and the game on ebay for a few bucks. It's simple really.

solidboss071307d ago

One reason that I bought a PS3 at launch was that I was a PS2 only console owner. Games such as this and Ico I felt would only be available with Playstation. Could enjoying titles such these be the difference between PS'ers and XBoxers?
(Come to the light, leave the dark side. Buy a PS3 and prep yourself for the big Number 4, and hopefully, Trico/The Last Guardian)

ElementX1307d ago

brand loyalty is ridiculous. " confirmed Xbox fan" lol same with Sony fans

dfgeroijf1307d ago SpamShow
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