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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1072d ago | news

UK retail wants £300 PS4 this Christmas

MCV - Decisions on how much the machine will cost and whether it will get a global launch ‘haven’t been taken yet,’ Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan told us last week. (Industry, PS4)

OlgerO  +   1072d ago
I want to buy my PS4 for 50 bucks
OlgerO  +   1072d ago
Wait just realized this is about pounds, thought the guy was an idiot
Septic  +   1072d ago
Lol fail!

But yeah, I reckon it'll be around 300-350 which is pretty decent to be honest considering what you're getting. I'd be willing to shell about 400 on it.
decrypt  +   1072d ago
I dont see why people are making such an issue out of the price.

Everything has gone expensive over time. People need to consider inflation.

If we use Gold as a standard for inflation. Back in 2007 when PS3 released, gold was priced at 800USD per ounce. Today Gold is at around 1600usd per ounce.

Hence inflation in the last 7 years really has been crazy. By that mark if a console was to sell even for 1000usd today, it would be cheaper than the 600usd console you bought back in 2007.

Hell go ahead look at your grocery bills. Everything costs more than 2x as much as it did back in 2007.
Blacktric  +   1072d ago
"Hence inflation in the last 7 years really has been crazy."

But what about the cut down production costs for lower NM CPU and GPUs or the the fact that these are not being in-house developed proprietary chips? Shouldn't that cut the cost of the final product down a lot? Wasn't one of the reasons that PS3 being too expensive was CELL being hard to produce? I even remember Sony having problems with the development of the, then new, Blu-Ray players, which must've also costed a lot back then.
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mcstorm  +   1072d ago
Im gutted as for the 1st time I won't be getting a new console on release day since the ps1 as I have to many things to pay for before the end of the year so for me I will be getting both the ps4 and next Xbox in the 1st 3 months of 2014 but it will be interesting to see what price both Sony and Microsoft put for there new consoles.
Pandemic  +   1072d ago
All I want them to do is to release the console in UK/Europe/Australia for Christmas! Don't make us wait till 2014!
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BattleReach  +   1072d ago
why the hell do people disagree with you?
Kurisu  +   1072d ago
Alongside a £300 price tag! What a merry Christmas that would be. I hope they don't do what they did with the PS3 in the UK and release in March. Of all times to release a new console.
Th4Freak  +   1072d ago
@E3Expoo Because we want it now D:
seanpitt23  +   1072d ago
People are not so bright with the specs shown It will no way be £299 that's near wiiU price. It will cost £399 for basic model and £449 for the premium version with camera and a game. I mean my Sony experia phone cost £349 and if its less than that It would be a shame
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GiTS  +   1072d ago
Yeah but the Wii U has a very expensive controller, around £100? Which is where a large chunk of its price supposedly comes from.

And smart phone prices are completely ridiculous anyway, an unlocked S3 can be bought for just under £400 (or any other high end phone for the same price if not higher), yet between £200 and £300 I can pick up a nexus 4, which is roughly the same spec.
die_fiend  +   1072d ago
People are splitting hairs over price. A new iPhone is about £650 and it will be overtaken by another iPhone in a year. A ps4 will be half this and last 5-7 years, will play 4k movies etc. if you complain about the price difference of £300 or £400, get off the couch
Ultr  +   1072d ago
true, pal, true
SandWitch  +   1072d ago
"But not all games retailers were impressed.

ShopTo CEO Igor Cipolletta said: “I was expecting a reveal like Apple’s. It would have said: ‘This week in store’. Sony still has a lot to learn.”"

Igor is not very smart guy, is he? 'This week in store' would have killed PS4's launch completely with only a couple of games available for the system.
RememberThe357  +   1072d ago
Looks like Igor got to his position chasing coattails. He doesn't even understand the industry he's talking about. lol What an idiot.
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aiBreeze  +   1072d ago
Might not seem smart but in his defense, he runs the BEST online website for games sales in the whole of the UK.
RememberThe357  +   1072d ago
To be fair, this is the internet and we judge harshly only because we have nothing else to do. I'm sure he a smart man, but he just doesn't seem to understand the industry he's talking about. We're not talking about iPads and iPhones here, this world is completely different.

How much do you want to bet some Sony PR people will get in contact with him and explain their position? If they do it with developers, I'm damn sure they do it with retailers.
sourav93  +   1072d ago
Perhaps in your opinion ShopTo is the best. But most gamers in the UK prefer Amazon and Zavvi (there was a poll in a UK gaming forum). Amazon because its a reputable online retailer with brilliant prices and Zavvi because they give out some crazy deals on certain games. I know Zavvi had problems in the past regarding deliveries, but they no longer suffer from that. Don't get me wrong, ShopTo is a great retailer, but I feel it's not up to the mark as Amazon. Though it's possibly comparable to Zavvi.
aiBreeze  +   1072d ago
Amazon offer a slightly better customer service as they have an option to let them call you however that aside, ShopTo trumps amazon on everything. The price seems better on Amazon but you add in the fact ShopTo offers free first class delivery, the prices work out about even. Also I don't know any other website which lets you order at 5:25pm and receive the item still the next day with free postage.

I've never used Zavvi so can't comment on them but tbh in terms of service, ShopTo and Amazon are both fairly equal.
sourav93  +   1072d ago
"Igor is not very smart guy, is he?" . What did you expect from a guy named Igor? XD j/k
Adolph Fitler  +   1072d ago
I just want it in Australia for Xmas....Sony, release in Japan, Europe, Australia & NZ first & leave America until after you've accommodated your biggest audience.

Europe's population trashes America's, & even more importantly, PS products sell better in Europe than than the States.

Sony just keep screwing Europe/Aus/NZ in some vein hope & attempt to get American's on side & buying there product, when it just ain't gonna happen.
Many American's will stick with MS's consoles, because MS is an American company.....simple as that, simple patriotics. And MS know how to cater to the U.S. customer base, especially the younger generation that have grown up on big dumb shooters.

Many of Sony's exclusives are not so straight forward in genre definition, & such, & do not cater exclusively to the blood loving, shooter psyche that many American gamers are known for....Now, I'm not saying ALL American gamers are like this, as many probably miss platformers like Crash, Donkey Kong Country (SNES), Banjo, Medievil, Sonic (MD/Genesis), etc, etc, & many other examples of great games & genres that are now all but dead, thanks to the meteoric rise of war & sci fi based shooters.......but, as a collective hole, it is safe to say that America has a big market, & a big casual demographic that just love easily accessible, big, over the top, dumb, shooters lead by overly steroided, gravily voiced protagonists.

So, Sony should get it to us Aussies, Euro-trash & kiwi's before even bothering with the American's.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1072d ago
Or how about it comes out everywhere at the same time idiot :)
abzdine  +   1072d ago
i think that price sounds realistic. Sony are working on the price cause for sure they learnt from PS3 very much.
A very sexy line up isn't enough if the console is prices too high because the PS3 still has some very serious titles coming out and for an affordable price.
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babis1974  +   1072d ago
i don't know for the 300 i believe that the price will be 350-400£ or 450-500euros. i wish to be wrong about the price!
angelsx  +   1072d ago
I'm ready to give 300-400£
ANIALATOR136  +   1072d ago
I'd happily pay 400 for it
seanpitt23  +   1072d ago
Iam not bothered how much it cost I would like it to be £400 plus so I know the specs are not cheap i just want a global launch so uk isn't waiting an extra 4 to 6 months
EbeneezerGoode  +   1072d ago
I think it will be £349 and out in March 2014 in UK.

I would prefer it in time for Xmas myself and I'd pay upto £400 for it IF the initial games are looking good.
digger18  +   1072d ago
A £300 PS4, hahaha not a chance.

More like £429 and £529, like it has been confirmed
JasonBloodbourne  +   1072d ago
That was in $ u loon!
MasterCornholio  +   1072d ago
The prices were 429$ and 529$ which translates to 280£ and 352£.

The Wii U is the only next gen system in the market and it currents costs 299$ for the basic model and 349$ for the premium one which is why those prices are believable.

But lets say that what you say is true then the PS4 in dollars would be 622$ for the basic one and 794$ for the premium model.

Now if theres one thing that Sony has confirmed is that they wont make the 599$ pricing mistake again. Which is why the PS4 will cost around 400$ for the basic model and around 500$ for the premium one.
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Lucreto  +   1072d ago
It will most likely be £400 and launch next March in the UK.

I hope not but I will not be surprised if it happens.
SDF Repellent  +   1072d ago
Agree, it will not be cheaper than £400 and probably won't be available until March due to the Sony wanting to launch in the US first. 8GB of GDDR5 is scarce at this point and expensive. If the Wii U was £250 and £300 at launch with specs that are so inferior, how in the world can anyone expect the PS4 to be £300 in in the UK?
THC CELL  +   1072d ago
Got 2 on pre order also getting my second vita that day too
JasonBloodbourne  +   1072d ago
Any more than £400 and I'll wait till the price drops
USEYOURFIST  +   1072d ago
I'm also gonna say £399 minimum, with a premium bundle at just under £500, either way anything under £500 is fine by me, the main thing is I want before xmas though no doubt UK will be last to get it as usual
djthechamp24  +   1072d ago
People would rush out and 900$ ipads and pay 40$ and rush out and buy $400-500 cell phone and pay bout 75-100 a month just to keep the phone on but cant go out and buy a 500-600 console and keep it for 6 to 7 years, what the fuck is goin on man
bub16  +   1072d ago
£300 is a great price. to good to be true tho! or maybe sony learnt their lesson this time? who knows!!!
N311V  +   1072d ago
EBgames in Australia currently has a placeholder price of $899AU. This is likely a gross overestimate. If it is $400US or £300 I'm hoping it'll cost about $650AU. Even at that price point I'd seriously have to consider importing it given that the AU$ is on parity with the US$, any higher and I'll definitely be importing.
SpinalRemains138  +   1071d ago
I agree that the price point is hypocritical accross the board.

Gasoline here in NY is well over 4 bucks, apple and orange juice are astronomical, and anything 'i' related or mobile device related are marked up a ludicrous degree, and we still continue to shell out the money. We as consumers whine about prices while simultaneously setting the benchmarks when we pay the astronomical prices. It's madness to me. If an ipad is 650 bucks or more, then why would a 500 dollar PS4 be a bad move? One will last 6 years minimum while the former will be outdated in a matter of months!

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