Xbox 360's greatest videogame stories

OXM - Traditional narrative structures and gameplay don't always get along swimmingly, for much the same reason that household pets don't always get along with food blenders. Writing in a straight line from A to B is difficult when there's a player involved, poking inquisitively off the beaten path - either your storyline loses thrust and coherence to accommodate experimentation, or you lock the player to the rails and thus, all but exterminate what makes this medium distinctive.

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N311V1993d ago

Not a bad read and I agree with most of the games however they're not really Xbox 360 games. It should just be titled "Greatest Videogame Stories".

xPhearR3dx1993d ago

They are Xbox 360 games because they're on the 360. Just because a game is on multiple platforms doesn't mean it's not a 360 or PS3 game. Every article doesn't need to only use exclusives to feed fanboys needs. Plus, this is Official Xbox Magazine. It's a site dedicated to the 360, so of course they're going to say Xbox games.

Just like when MS shows off COD at E3 and there's only an Xbox logo at the end on the games title. Doesn't mean it's exclusive by any means.

N311V1993d ago

Well that's simply not what I inferred from the title. I don't have a 360 so when I read the title it piqued my interest, it implied to me that it was referring to exclusives. I was curious to know which of "Xbox's" games have great stories so I was a little disappointed after I read the article. It had nothing to do with being a fanboy. And multi-platform means precisely that it's not an Xbox OR PS3 game, it means it is an Xbox AND PS3 game, notice the distinction there.

xPhearR3dx1993d ago

There's a reason why the word "Exclusive" exist. If they were only 360 games, the title would have said "Xbox 360 exclusives with the greatest videogame stories". Or something alone those lines. Soon as you clicked on the article, you could have seen the source and known it was a 360 only website. Not that hard to figure out before you click it. Not to mention the first word in the summary is OXM. You can see that without even needing to click the article. If you don't have a 360, N4G also offers tabs to cycle out news that doesn't apply to you. Don't blame the author because of you're being lazy.

N311V1993d ago

Calm down dear, no reason to get your nickers in a not.

I was only voicing my disappointment in finding that my interpretation of an obviously ambiguous title was incorrect. Don't be presumptuous, I didn't know what OXM was nor did I pay attention to the website. And just because I don't own a 360 doesn't mean I have to filter out 360 news. Oh no, I have chosen my allegiance and now must show no interest in other gaming platforms. Talk about sounding like a fanboy.

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