How Will Beyond: Two Souls' Release Date Affect PlayStation 4?

IGN - With Quantic Dream's next PS3 exclusive coming out in October, will it make any trouble for the PS4... or vice-versa?

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black9111813d ago

This is why we need BC.

MariaHelFutura1813d ago

My PS3 isn't going anywhere and Sony will probably release it through the cloud network on PS4. Either way I'll be playing this game.

Knight_Crawler1813d ago

So say your PS3 breaks because believe or not PS3 do die from YLOD and bad Blu Rays, what then do you buy another PS3 or do you repurchase the game on the PS4 cloud network that I already own.

Shadow Flare1813d ago

@knight crawler

It's pretty amazing how you've seen the official Sony documents that state you have to re-purchase every ps3 game you own to play them again on ps4. Where did you hear that, in the executives boardroom meeting?

DigitalRaptor1813d ago

@ Shadow Flare


Firstly, if you did have to pay a fee to stream games in general, that would just be how it is, because streaming bandwidth-intensive video costs money however you put it. But, it only takes an algorithm on Sony/Gaikai's part to work out if you've bought a game on your PSN account and then allow access to stream that for free.

Instead of jumping to hateful conclusions, try waiting to hear the truth.

This is just guesswork, but I think that all games you've purchased digitally from a PSN account will be available to play free via cloud PS4. However, just like Free Game Trials on PS+, I think games can be streamed for a limited time using Gaikai and then you get given an option to buy a game with the option to Download or Stream. So every digital purchase on PS4 will give you that option. I hope they do that.

BitbyDeath1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

@Knight_Crawler, why don't you send your broken PS3 into Sony to get it fixed? Or even buy a second hand system if it's only to complete one game, they're going pretty cheap these days.

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dont know why you got disagrees, the ps2 had bc, the ps3 had bc, not having it on the ps4 is a mistake that will impact launch sales if there is some good ps3 games out at the time as people will wait to finish them first...or there just get a ps4 and skip the ps3 games. Fanboys are crazy, i mean given the choice you cant say you wouldbt prefer to have BC then not have it!!!

Sizzon1813d ago

Sony needs to advertise!

j-blaze1813d ago

yeah and with the help of the actors the game will perform great in sales

zerocrossing1813d ago

Not very much I imagine, people who are planning on buying it will do so regardless.

MikeMyers1813d ago

It might be very close to the PS4 launch and some might put all their money on that instead.

1. Will the PS4 play PS3 games? That is an interesting question because the PS3 did until a few years after it came out. So that progression from last gen to the new one wasn't that abrupt.

2. This game might be better off in September, giving it a bit more breathing room. Problem there is GTA V is coming out then.

3. They better not delay it to 2014. We've seen enough delays on the PS3.

4. GT6 could also come out on the PS3 this year. So they will have to worry about when to release it as well. It's a big enough game to not have as many worries but you don't want that game to impact Beyond sales either.

R_aVe_N1813d ago

Won't really affect anything. They still need to make PS3 games for people who will not jump at launch.

ziggurcat1813d ago

no because i'll get this game as well as a PS4.

just because a new system hits the market doesn't mean you have to stop buying games for the previous one,

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