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Nihilistic Was Working On A God Of War PS Home Space, Underwater Shooter

Nihilistic the developer behind the canceled Starcraft: Ghost and a bunch of PlayStation Vita shooters were also working on a God of War space for PlayStation Home. (Nihilistic Software, PS3)

AnotherProGamer  +   599d ago
well its Nihilistic, it would have be terrible
Ultr  +   599d ago
also they changed their name haha, bad reputation
and they are only Mobile now. no loss :)
Mounce  +   599d ago
Worst developers of the decade, Nihilistic and the 'people' behind WarZ...

The only sad thing being that Nihilistic were actually given the 'honors' and potential to make great games and failed fucking hard.

A chance with COD and a chance with Resistance, even a chance at GOW just seems pathetic why they're given such abilities.
Ultr  +   598d ago
true haha... sheesh how can you fail that hard.....
riverstars86  +   599d ago
Nihilistic..... May as well have let the late night crew at McDonalds develop the God of War space for PlayStation Home.
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Kietz  +   599d ago
Yeah, well, I work late night shift at McDonald's.
Thanks for that.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   599d ago
You have to do what you have to do, man.

Times are rough at the moment.
At least, from what I've heard, the place is fair with its pay raises.
Don't worry about what other people say though. Really.
yeahokchief  +   599d ago
save your money, invest it, use it towards college. don't go blowing it on garbage. you'll regret it.

pretty much use it to get yourself out of your current situation. the biggest thing you're wasting is your time which could otherwise be spent learning something that will advance your life.
riverstars86  +   599d ago

Sorry bro, I worked 5 years at Starbucks to get through college. I know how rough the service industry can be.
Kietz  +   599d ago
Yeah. It sucks.

It is because of school though, going back to what yeahokchief brought up. Where I go to school, I can relatively easily walk, so I don't waste added expenses on driving. With that, I also need to work somewhere where I can easily walk to. McDonald's is that place.


They really are, surprisingly. Not going to lie and pretend like I am making real money there, but, having been working there for about two months now, they have raised my pay almost a buck, so I can't complain. Anyway, no hard feelings.
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MasterCornholio  +   599d ago
Dont let Nihilistic software taint the God of War franchise in any way.

Nihilistic are such bad developers that Sony should prohibit them from developing games on their system.

Do i need to remind anyone of this game again?

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Seraphim  +   599d ago
Poor Starcraft Ghost.... come on Blizz, Platinum would knock that out of the park. time to revisit Ghost.....
SolidDuck  +   599d ago
If that doesn't scream epic masterpiece, I don't know what does.
sherimae2413  +   599d ago
a bunch of of vita shooters? but its just two right? resistance & bod
ndl1531  +   599d ago
noooooooo dont let this crap dev touch gow nooooooooo sony needs to get rid of this garbage dev asap
Ultr  +   598d ago
they already changed their name and are now mobile only ^^
Truet0ne  +   599d ago
thank fuck it never saw the light of day....cunts

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