First PS3 pre-orders sell out in minutes

GameStop and EB Games began accepting a limited number of pre-orders for Sony Corp's forthcoming PlayStation 3 console in stores accross the United States on Tuesday morning, however most stores had sold-out within minutes

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Boink4000d ago

however when most stores have about 5 and are pre-ordering 10, it's not quite as impressive.

although the ps3 will sellout for the first few months anway, just like the 360.

TheMART3999d ago

With little to sell, it's sold out fast yeah.

That's rather a weakness from Sony production then a strenght from PS3 in sales.

calderra3999d ago

...not to mention this story was posted between 1 and 2 days ago. I had the first heads-up, and there were a few articles yesterday.

richie007bond3999d ago

Hardly surprising givin the measly amount of consoles for launch

Darth Gamer3999d ago

No Kidding, we're only getting 400k. This isn't even news. If they didn't sell out in minutes, Now that would be news.

FKN Unbelievable3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

EB and Gamestop will Cash in on the Interest this sh1 will make.

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