PlayStation Vita's Fate in the Hands of PlayStation 4

"Ubisoft officially announces Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Sony placing the Vita’s fate within the hands of the PlayStation 4, and Crytek turns heads with statement regarding the dissolve of single-player experiences."

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tmanmushroom1997d ago

I really do hope the Vita can find its way back on track

Nick2120041997d ago

I just want to see Sony actually pull it off, that'd be very impressive if they could achieve this technology with every PlayStation 4 release!

sherimae24131997d ago

i know that ubisoft is cooking something for the vita.
as far as i remember they announced ac3l for vita last e3 so we can expect the same for this coming e3
ubisoft bring 6 vita games last year
tecmo bring 3 games and will become 4 this month cuz of doa5
konami bring 3 games to vita as well last year
so tell me are developers/publishers from the west arent supporting the vita?
besides xseed will bring ys and valhalla knights 3 this year
aksyss is bringing muramasa and guilty gear also this year
yeah no support right?

Dragos751997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Doesn't look good for the vita right now. I don't see people purchasing both ps4 + vita, and then memory cards too. Sony has to either drop the price in the US or include vita in a ps4 package. Either way it's gonna be a tough sell.

Canary1997d ago

No. The Vita's fate lies solely in the hands of its library.

If Sony wants to help it in the long-term, focus on bringing over some Japanese titles; encourage AAA development AND indy development. Encourage developers to add PSP games to the PSN store--Final Fantasies, Star Oceans, etc.

If Sony wants to help it in the short term, how about timed-exclusive PS1 classics? Suikoden II would be nice.

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