Why Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 Makes Perfect Sense

A huge install base on PS3 combined with another studio's realistic racing game on PS4 means that GT6 on PS3 makes a great deal of sense. Right?

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mistertwoturbo1816d ago

Well, that and it took them what, 5 years to make GT5's engine which is probably better suited to the Cell Processor.

EbeneezerGoode1816d ago

If they want to shift PS4s, releasing a MASSIVE title like GT6 on their previous console just as they release the new console is a bit of an ass-backwards move no matter how you look at it.

They should be looking at the future, early adopters, getting market share - not worrying about a bit of extra cash coming in from the millions of PS3 users.

Releasing on both systems with a MUCH upgraded PS4 version is the ONLY sensible option imo.

Otherwise someone when faced with 'buy PS4 or stick with PS3 + GT6' may do the latter and spend months with the game rather than going out to buy a PS4.

Bad move if true. Game sales and install base is no excuse to fuck up your own market share when everything is in place to dominate the next gen even before it starts!

If GT6 was going to be PS3 all along then they should have released it in 2012 BEFORE the PS4 announcement. Stupid timing.

mistertwoturbo1816d ago

Well I agree. I'm on the side of "They should release it on PS4."

Not only will it make the PS4 investment more worthwhile, it would also just be awesome to see GT6 without hardware limitations.

MYSTERIO3601816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

I totally agree with you EbeneezerGoode, Sony are already expecting quite large sells from the games expected this year. Im sure Sony will get large sells from GOW ascension, The last of us and Beyond two souls, they don't need to release GT6. GT6 is such as huge game for Sony they should DEFINITELY has this as a launch (or a much upgraded version if it end up going on PS3)for PS4. As much as GT fans want the game now i think they will be a bit disappointed given the limitations of current gen hardware.I want GT but not this gen still playing GT5.

Ares84HU1816d ago

If GT6 will be on PS3 I will not be getting it if it comes out after PS4 release. I'll be playing PS4 games by than.

Spoon_1815d ago

Ps3 is so limited compared to these capabilities PD could do with ps4! Standard cars with ps2 graphics pshhhhhh you can have that sh!t I will be supporting the future of what gaming has to offer holiday 2013

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Felonycarclub81816d ago

And also Sony still supports their older systems so it would make like you said GT 5 engine was made for the ps3 not ps4 in mind and polyphony and Sony need to make money and they would make more money on ps3 than ps4. Which will benefit gran turismo 7 for ps4, plus they could do what they did with GT 5 to help with the waiting. Which is release a GT 7 prologue :-)

level 3601816d ago

GT6 on PS3 is a load of nonsense.

It will be on PS4.

Definitely a *Top *Gem Sony production and title and honestly believe Sony would only befit this game into the best console.

riverstars861816d ago

The game is made for PS3, even if it was ported to PS4, Drive Club's graphics would look a lot better.

jimbobwahey1816d ago

I'm not sure that it would matter. If GT6 was released for both PS3 & PS4, the PS4 version could just be a quick port that runs at a rock solid 60fps/1080p, has the blocky shadows/smoke effects fixed and makes use of the PS4 OS functions like crossgame chat and the recording of gameplay footage via the share button etc.

It would take the absolute bare minimum of effort to do a quick port, but would then offer PS4 owners the chance to play a slightly better version if they want to. It's a win/win for both Sony and their customers.

MYSTERIO3601816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

@jimbobwahey Im sure GT6 would look great for PS3 and PS4 (with an upscaled HD version) but Sony could easily do that with GT5. i don't want polyphony studios to be held back by hardware limitations but by creative limitations with the PS4. The GT series is such as huge system sell what best way to show case the new systems power while increasing the systems installbase. PS3 already has exclusive games coming out this year that look great.

2pacalypsenow1816d ago

GOW 2 came out on ps2 because they wanted those 100's of millions of people to play it not just those lucky enough to have a ps3 at the time, I see the same happening with the Ps3 and Ps4

riverstars861816d ago

That is the main reason it won't be on PS4. Also, if it came to PS4, it wouldn't look much better since the game is developed for PS3 hardware.

crazyturkey1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

I would prefer it if they were to release it simultaneously on both the PS3 and PS4..........However, I do understand that it could be bad for Drive club's sales(if its a launch title), if GT6 released as competition. If Drive club is not a launch title, then not releasing GT6 on PS4 could cause Sony to obtain a smaller consumer base than they could, if GT6 was available at launch. Now more importantly when the next Gran Turismo hits the PS4, I'm hoping that old PS3 Wheels are compatible with the PS4.

EbeneezerGoode1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

NOBODY cares about Drive clubs sales, Sony cares about PS4 sales - it's the lifeblood at the start of a new gen and they should be pulling out all the stops to make it a success. Drive club is a poor substitute for a fresh new Gran Turismo on a new system (even if it ends up being a great game itself)

Who here didn't imagine a GT6 on PS4 when we first heard PS4 rumours of being THIS year?

It's simply stupid timing to release GT6 now on PS3. It won't even sell that well and by not being on PS4 will also be unable to push PS4 sales.

Why won't it sell that well? I'm a massive GT fan but already I saw in GT5 that the tech wasn't quite there yet to do it justice... I have NO desire to buy basically a minorly upgraded (tech wise) GT for a system I'm about to abandon for PS4!

It could have rocked on PS4 anyone with a brain knows this, and unless they also have a GT7 ready for PS4 in the first year, this is one of the worst moves they could make.

There is simply no 'need' for a GT6 on PS3 when GT5 isn't even 'finished' or fully formed yet. Add on packs, car upgrades etc would have been fine. We need a whole new engine, massive graphics/physics upgrades that can only come from the new PS4 and it's enhanced spec!

Re7lex1816d ago


This is easily the best post on this topic.

The_KELRaTH1816d ago

It'll keep the media happy with the endless graphics compare shots and video's :)

ErazorDJ1816d ago

PSX = Gran Turismo & Gran Turismo 2
PS2 = Gran Turismo 3 & Gran Turismo 4
PS3 = Gran Turismo 5 & Gran Turismo 6


EbeneezerGoode1816d ago

Except when they released GT4 they hadn't already announced the next playstation coming in the *SAME YEAR*


phinch1816d ago

ok hears logical, why sell your biggest weapon with a console that has no install base, when you could release one on a console that has sold 75 million+ who says they arent working on gt7 alreadyw tih the new engine? whats the harm in making a few extra million to fund gt7 on the ps4

SDF Repellent1816d ago

If you looked at the development of GT5, it took them years and the budget must be astronomical. Why wouldn't it make sense for Sony to get another GT game on the PS3 when they already have the game engine, car models, and etc already established and have a 70 million base to sell it to. It is going to be a few years before you will see GT on the PS4 because they they need to build it from the ground up.

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