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Nerdluster: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has an engaging story that rivals the complexity and drama of any past Metal Gear titles while introducing an entirely new play style to the well-established franchise. In some ways it is easier to follow Raiden's tale than those of his cohort Solid Snake but it is still very heady. If you're a fan of Metal Gear this is a title you can't pass up as you finally get to take control of the most mysterious character in its mythology. Only you can guide Raiden down the proper path. What helps this story along is the fast-paced gameplay that trades in stealth for "lighting-quick action". Platinum Games managed to reinvent Metal Gear by creating a title that focuses on swordplay instead sneaking around, bravo.

Rising's biggest problem is that players will have trouble controlling the camera during fights causing them to lose track of enemies and possibly lose fights. The average player will also have trouble following the deep social, political and economic issues the PMCs bring to the world of Metal Gear. Who can concentrate on all these minor defects though when this is a game that lets you chop grenades in half mid-flight?

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