Wii U "Want I want as a Gamer"

The technology that the Wii U posses — not necessarily the hardware — could change and define gaming as we know it. What I mean by this is the way game developers choose to use the new controllers can change how a game is played and exactly what games excel on the console itself. As a gamer myself, I am very excited to see which games excel on the Wii U and to see which developer uses these controllers for advantage and don’t just port it from different consoles ....

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AKR1994d ago

That's what differs the Wii U from the 720 and PS4. While those two are fisting it out in the "power" ring, Wii U will be enjoying the spotlight of Innovation and Creativity.

The Gamepad excels even beyond the revolution of the Wiimote. It opens up some serious doors, and can really change up the playing field.

Once again, Nintendo held back from trying to make a powerhouse - for it is not necessary. They once again took the creative route, and that's what I like. Power is a good thing, but not the main thing. At least the gap is much smaller in the graphics division now, between the three.

I REALLY hope 3rd party devs take the time out to make proper use of the Gamepad, instead of getting all wishy-washy, like what they did with the Wiimote. That wasn't even a gimmick - it was the laziness of devs that made it seem that way.

shivvy241994d ago

Devs are beginning to shift from this gen to next , I dont see alot of major 3rd parties focusing on wii u , but there will be games im sure


Not that many devs are shifting. Most companies don't have muti millions to spend on a single game and that my friend is a scientific fact.

SOD_Delta1994d ago

What Wii-U "needs" is games. The only interesting looking game to me, as a gamer is Monoliths Project X.

360ICE1993d ago

Lego City Undercover.
If that turns out right I'm seriousy buying a Wii U. For serious.

Benjaminkno1993d ago

No, Nintendo tells me what I want out of WiiU... not the other way around.

Why are "analysts and critics" trying to influence what we want out of Nintendo. If they had their way Nintendo would've stopped making hardware after N64.

Just keep bringing the games, and I'll keep showering you with money.

Donnieboi1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Wow u current-day nintendo fans would pretty much accept anything huh? Nintendo's next console could be Yoshi printed toilet paper and you'd all be loving it huh? And then defend how it's next gen just because it's their next "console".

Nintendo tells you what you should want? Well, my intuition as a gamer tells ME what I wan't, and it sure as hell isn't the little effort that Nintendo puts in. It's like they have no plans for the Wii U. And also, people who dislike Wii U, or Iwata =/= hate for nintendo as a whole. After all, I bet 90% of n4g folks had a nintendo console at some point. But the way iwata is running things is contrary to the strong 3rd party cooperation, new IP making, Core gamer focus, and top notch hardware of the NES, snes, and n64. Then Iwata came along as prez, and all we got was a MILLION rehashes and very few new IP's. And a casual focus. Remember last month when Iwata said he'd combine the portable department with the console? I KNEW that all along the departments were run almost completely dependantly. Because the DS and 3DS had GREAT direction and focus. But not the last 3 consoles. Just relying on gimmicks and expecting blind fans to buy it simply based on nintedo's namesake. It's not hate, it's former Nintendo fans taking off their rose color tinted fanboy glasses and yearning for the Nintendo of the past.

khowat1993d ago

You know when you say rehashes you're kind of wrong, releasing the game in the same franchise doesn't mean a rehash. Look and NSMBU and super mario galaxy and tell me they're the same game. Take a look Wind waker, Twilight Princess and tell me it's a rehash. Nintendo always has plans, I mean what company wouldn't, it seems like their plans were a little forced by the wii's end-of-gen failure. And for real though, does a console have to be next-gen for me to want it. Does it have to be graphically superior or on par with other consoles for me to like the games on it. And the reason why it seems like all the people on n4g have SUPER MARIO NINTENDO HATE is because they keep up bringing on the same reasons. The wii u controller is gimmicky, the wii u has no games, the wii u is under-powered compared to the ps4, they keep on rehashing mario and zelda and no new ips. And they have a casual focus. The console has been out for 3 months, they have a bad launch lineup, they apologize, announce a few new games, and everyone still complains that the wii u has no games, well it will have games in the near future. When we talk about something that will be out for several years talking in the present tense about its future doesn't make any sense. People say that the wii u is doomed because it has no games, well that will change. It's hard to distinguish you from any other nintendo hater (believe me they exist) when you bring up the same arguments. yes 90% of this website may have owned one nintendo console in the past and yes 90% of people may have watched spongebob in the past and don't do watch it now, that doesn't mean they were lied to, they just don't like the material any more. And everyone picks on the most child-friendly brands of Nintendo like yoshi and kirby and mario, yet no one says metroid is so lame and childish, nor sin and punishment, nor fire emblem, nor F-zero.

THEMIGHTYDOOVDE1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Yeah, we will accept ANYTHING from Nintendo and continue to enjoy it like we've always have done :-)

Benjaminkno1992d ago

HA!! You better be scared!!

Just like Michael Jordan had us all brainwashed that he was a good basketball player!!


BlmThug1993d ago

You Ninty fans have seriously been brainwashed, to the point where logic and rational thoughts are out the window and in it's place is blind loyalty

danitanzo1992d ago

Not every fan is the same you know...

truechainz1992d ago

Not the same interest as you equals brainwash?

madjedi1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

"No, Nintendo tells me what I want out of WiiU... not the other way around." Lmao talk about a good little nintendo sheepie. No dumbass you are the gamer you tell the company what you want out of the console, not the other way around.

"Just keep bringing the games, and I'll keep showering you with money." If the 13 agrees are for the 1st quote and not the second that is fucking sad.

You must keep plenty of petroleum jelly around after making a statement like that.

Use fucking paragraphs if your going to post, otherwise, tl dr.

Benjaminkno1991d ago

You mad bro?

Call me what you will, Nintendo already knows what we want which is why they dont disappoint. Maybe you prefer the same games, same controllers, same boring gameplay eyecandy... There will always be a shepherd for you there.

It'll be ok. I'm sure they'll have another 6 Assassins creed and cod games for you. Since that's what "real" gamers want.

Venox20081993d ago

I love Wii U and had really fun times with friends with it, I'm waiting when new games will start rolling as lego city and others.. gfx is enough for me, controls are awesome plus cool gameplay and I really love gamepad itself..

Donnieboi1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Well it's no wonder your content: Is that a Metroid in your avatar, btw? :/

Venox20081992d ago

yes, it is :) I started with Metroid Prime on GC, after that I became a fan of metroid games.. all of them are awesome :) cant wait for new ones on 3DS and Wii U..

LastXeno1993d ago

MistWalker's new "The Last" game

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