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Submitted by TGS 1071d ago | news

First Killzone Mercenary Gameplay Shown On Vitas’ Screen

Now the time has come we can finally see what Kill Zone: Mercenary actually looks like on the PS VITA. SO in the video you see Dev’s or media playing the some Kill Zone on the vita taking notes, and going through all the nook in crannies that seemed to be completed so far. You also get a glimpse of how the Vita can be connected to a HDMI which comes in the Dev kit. Know to see what Kill Zone Mercenary looks like now on the Vita screen it looks absolutely astonishing. It is Due for a September 2013 (Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita)

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SplinteredGore  +   1071d ago
Kill Zone?
showtimefolks  +   1071d ago
This and soul sacrifice are 2 games I want to get a VIta for and will
BillySpandex  +   1070d ago
Same here, I'm desperate for some killzone on vita!
guitarded77  +   1070d ago
Yeah, those two + Tearaway + FFX HD and PS4 remote play is gonna be sick.
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blitz0623  +   1070d ago
I like how they still look at their Vitas instead of the big screen lol
knowyourstuff   1071d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
Hellsvacancy  +   1071d ago
The opening music for Killzone 2 is still awesome
Veneno  +   1070d ago
Huh. I was just thinking about the KZ theme watching the video and thought to myself that orchestral music is waaaaay overused in games and a big majority of the time it feels out of place, especially in shooters like killzone.

I wish that more games had unique soundtracks that fit the game like InFamous. The funky electronic music really fits the post apocolyptic vibe. Theres no other game out there with a similar soundtrack. I like that.
bunfighterii  +   1070d ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution had the best soundtrack. I suggest you check it to if you haven't already.
akaakaaka  +   1070d ago
KILLZONE 2 song <3
Apollosupreme  +   1070d ago
I love how you earn credits through kills and then use those credits to "level" your character's equipment. Most guns in shooters I don't want to use and so there tends to be a lot of time waiting around for the guns I want to unlock. I like the concept this game is using.

I typically want something I can use on maps where ranged kills give an advantage and I also want something for spraying and something for closed quarters. I never use sniper rifles and I rarely us subs and so I'm glad I won't waste levels unlocking those.
TheRealSpy  +   1070d ago
This comment confuses me. Isn't that how most shooters are?
onyoursistersback  +   1070d ago
wait....i didn't know the vita can connect to the tv like that, and be played/watch a movie that way?! :D
clearelite  +   1070d ago
It is really cool, but I'm not sure if that is the dev kit Vita or some other special version.
Apollosupreme  +   1070d ago
Yours can't. Those were Dev models. I did see a schematic of a potential future Vita that does have an HDMI port.
redrim217  +   1070d ago
At the sony conference on the 20th, they said something about Vita looking great on TV's, then went off and said they're not announcing anything til later in the year. No links, just watch the conference :P
TheRealSpy  +   1070d ago
That will be the future of gaming.

I honestly thought that the Vita was going to be Sony's next system. Sort of a side-grade from PS3, but completely portal. If they had poured more money into it, and charged a bit more, I think it would have been successful.

Within 5 years, cell phones will do this. And they'll be more powerful than 3DS and Vita.
just_looken  +   1070d ago
Am i the only one that saw at the 0:57 mark the video out cable on the vita? pause it there is 3 cable's 1 headphone/1power/1 looks like mini hdmi. Here is a screen capture:
Truet0ne  +   1070d ago
Developer Vitas mate
pain777pas  +   1070d ago
This should be the Vita that we got too. Man, I would have paid for it though they are going to try to make us pay again for it. Sad.... Game looks great and amazing for a portable title for sure.
SonyStyled  +   1070d ago
you can always tell whos never played killzone or even care for it based off the fact that they put a space between the words
Blaze929  +   1070d ago
so they made their Dev kits have video output huh -.-
BrunoM  +   1070d ago
The game look amazing .. Il be picking the game up as I have only been playing my ps+ games lately ..

On a side note the big picture mode on the vita looks amazing on a big HDTV no ? And all they are using is the charging port hummmm I wonder lol
mistertwoturbo  +   1071d ago
Man, if Sony drop the Vita to $200, I'll buy like 3 games with it. DO IT SONY!
Gaming_Guru  +   1070d ago
lol, so basically you'll be spending ~$300.00 which is over the Vita price point.
SonyStyled  +   1070d ago
they did... on black friday. thats when i snagged mine. i got the AC3:Libs bundle for $199. amazon actually listed the bundle with 3 months of ps plus and a dl cone for PS:ASBR for $179. where where you?
Veneno  +   1070d ago
I know right? If you missed out on the Black Friday deal you were a fool. But back then th3e newer vita games werent bing shown as much as they are now so demand is growing but no one wants to pay 250. I can understand.
mistertwoturbo  +   1070d ago
I didn't have money at the time lol

This year, I'm going to get a PS4 though. And if for some reason some smooth black friday deals come up, I'm also gonna get a Vita.
cjflora  +   1070d ago
Why exactly? Do you have set price points on things that you just refuse to buy until they're at that price? I guess when something's more than I would like I just think to myself "Well, I just need to save up $xx more than I had planned/hoped."

Is that $50 really worth holding out for if you actually want one? I can see not being interested in the Vita and not buying one, but if you want one...
mistertwoturbo  +   1070d ago
It's more of a mental thing for me.

I wanted a Vita since it came out, but at the time I could not justify and still can't justify the purchase yet.

But if I was able to get a deal on it, then my brain tells me it's more justified.

It's the same with software. There were a few times I bought games off of Steam (3-4 years ago) for almost full price. Then a few months later those same titles on steam sales for 33% off or whatever.

It's about being patient, and knowing how to spend my money. While it looks like a measly $50 to some people, it's still $50.

That's why I never got into Xbox Live. Why would I pay $50 a year to do something for Free on PC and PS3. Over the course of 7 years, that would be $350, the cost of a new console.

I'm just being a smart consumer. I spent $400 on my GTX 680. 100% fully functional with zero issues compared to $499+tax when it came out. I spent $280 on my i7-2600K when it normally cost $330+tax at the time. I spent $75 on my 256GB Crucial M4 when it's still around $190 today. In total I saved $250+.

This is just my personal spending preference.
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faysal  +   1071d ago
dam that looked amazing.. cant wait to get my hands on this.
sherimae2413  +   1071d ago
my god the patience from waiting this game kills me..... #_#
memots  +   1071d ago
It made my top 3 most awaited game.

Day 1 top 3.
Killzone Mercenary
The last of us
Project Cars ( pc )
BeAGamer  +   1071d ago
Day 1 Buy!
BanBrother  +   1071d ago
So many mediocore FPS this gen, and now a handheld is beating them. Lol. Hopefully the quality of this game makes console devs lift their game next gen. Such a powerful device, the Vita is quite amazing. Who else would like to play this on a HDTV? That would be awesome.

Also, I'd like to see a limited edition Killzone Vita bundle.
jek7  +   1071d ago
HDMI OUTPUT! i want it!
miyamoto  +   1070d ago
me too
bryam1982  +   1070d ago
how they do that? i want that hdmi out cable now
badz149  +   1070d ago
I think Sony will release the HDMI out for Vita sooner or later
now that the HDMI out is already up and running on devkits it's just a matter of when! the inferior XPeria S has it by default and I was quite surprised the Vita is not natively HDMI out capable out of the box.
clearelite  +   1070d ago
An option to play my Vita games through physical(or wireless) connectivity with my PS3/PS4 would be nice too.
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Arctura  +   1071d ago
Looks pretty good, though let's hope they don't water it down for on-the-go play.
LastXeno   1071d ago | Spam
scofios  +   1071d ago
how can they water it down for on-the-go play ?

Dude thats why it its created for in the first place its Vita exclusive .
clearelite  +   1070d ago
I agree with you, but maybe he's talking about limiting the multiplayer a bit in order to allow for 3G limitations, etc.
Legendary-Status  +   1071d ago
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1071d ago
They used the KZ2 theme song that's what's up. I'm so glad they didn't use KZ3's. On a even more important note the guns actually look like they have a good amount of recoil reminiscent of KZ2, seems like EBlot not being at the helm of KILLZONE's multiplayer is the main reason why KZ3 sucked. Now I'm officially hyped for Shadow Fall because if Mercenary is anything to go by Shadow Fall's MP should be beast.
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ginsunuva  +   1071d ago
That was just to cover up the video's sound.
r21  +   1071d ago
Saw this a long time. Quite jealous of the players there though.
murdock55  +   1071d ago
the vid old like 3 weeks old this vid been out since the second trailer
Plagasx  +   1071d ago
Lol good luck releasing this on the same day as GTA V..
jon1234  +   1071d ago
i dont get why people say this? im getting both on the same day :)
tubers  +   1071d ago
Cuz there are some people who can't afford several "day one" purchases xD
Zechs34  +   1070d ago
Good luck playing either since you'll probably just be here trolling instead of playing 2 great games.
ninjagoat  +   1071d ago
That looked beast for vita ^^.
tubers  +   1071d ago
Nice compilation but it's an old vid:
sashimi  +   1071d ago
That game looks damn fine even on a hdtv.
ooquis  +   1071d ago
Selling my Vita today....looking at this vid makes me sad.but hay.
Hicken  +   1071d ago
The quality of trolls is getting worse, these days.

Can't wait for this, and its home console counterpart... of sorts. If Shadow Fall is a launch title, then I will have a PS4 at launch.

Guess we'll find out at E3.

Edit: @J_Cob If he had given ANY reasons at all, I would agree with you. If he had said, "Too bad I have to sell it today..." I would have agreed. Lord knows I've had to sell virtually all my consoles at one point or another for various reasons. But if I was commenting here, I'd have made my reason clear.

@Y_5150 I kinda hate you now, lol. Because now I have to get a PS4, and I know I won't be done with my PS3 backlog by then. On the other hand, this marks the official return of Come Get YOU Some!
#19.1 (Edited 1070d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
J_Cob  +   1070d ago
Doesn't look like he's trolling. Maybe he has to sell it for financial reasons. Since he said seeing the video makes him sad maybe because he won't get to play the game when it releases. That's just my non-biased take on his comment.
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Y_5150  +   1070d ago
Your in luck, KZSF is a launch title for PS4!
Kingthrash360  +   1071d ago
Balls retracted. ......awsome.
ISNeko  +   1071d ago
I hope the multiplayer is more like KZ2 than 3.
Y_5150  +   1070d ago
To me, I was better at Killzone 3, but I sucked at KZ2 multiplayer. But the thing is I really never had so much fun sucking at a game before, I would like to thank Killzone 2 multiplayer for that!
DivineAssault  +   1070d ago
Sony will be getting A LOT of my money this year
SAE  +   1070d ago
The graphics is like killzone 2 multiplayer. That's a good thing :D
HappyWithOneBubble  +   1070d ago
Sony keeps rapping us with Kill Zone goodness and I like it.
josephayal  +   1070d ago
Killzone Mercenary It's probably the best looking game out there, Everything is so believable and realistic looking TBH I have always feel that KZ2 and KZ3 are the best looking FPS right now
vividi  +   1070d ago
2 killzone, 2 system, 1 year, 1 pocket= first day
TGS  +   1070d ago
Yay I know
ninjahunter  +   1070d ago
Wow, that looks top notch. Haha, looks like im gonna be dipping into my lunch money when i grab a vita :P Ninja gaiden and this, and my lineup of PSP games, and im a happy camper.
TGS  +   1070d ago
glad to here that
profgerbik  +   1070d ago
Man I Hope the Vita seriously has HDMI out with that port, I get sick of seeing those Dev Kit Vita's.

Wish I had one.

I wouldn't say first, this video has been out for months now. There are other new videos also.
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Cyrax4  +   1070d ago
IGN's PlayStation editor got a chance to play it in January:

"I feel like the character is way too heavy he's moving way too slow...I thought Killzone 2 felt really good"

Ouch. Controls don't feel good and people can't use the excuse that its like KZ2 because Miller says he enjoyed KZ2 and doesn't feel like that but it still sucks.

Touch controls are forced. You have to swipe to melee kill.

Releases on the same day as GTA5.

Flop confirmed. The Vita continues to die a horrible death.
vividi  +   1070d ago
Everybody scream LOL, people really like drama
antiriad  +   1070d ago
Well-as a nintendo fanboy you can"t know that games usually don"t run smooth and fluid 9 month before release.
Let me explain you:This is not a Mario 2d version with low lewel graphics and the same engine that is used since 1982-3d games has to be optimized.
KZ2 was few weeks before too heavy and too slow and they improved this.
But one thing even you should know:it is usually no problem to copy the way an avatar moves from a previous part as Mario is doing this for decades.

The Guy(greg miller) in your linked youtube video says:"it is killzone,it played like killzone,it looks great"
And please don"t put comments out of contest.
Are you so hurt by the low Wii U sales to post wrong infos.
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GABRIEL1030  +   1070d ago
The game looks amazing in VITA's screen, Killzone: Mercenary is great.... Killzone: Shadow Fall, GOW, The last of US, Beyound, Destinity, Infamous 3, Gran Turismo 6, Soul Sacrifice...hey Sony you are pressing hard ¡ .... Nice Job.
TGS  +   1070d ago
I know
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