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Crysis 3 Review | TheGamersPad

Crysis has always been seen as the benchmarking tool of the PC gaming universe. You don’t play Crysis, you test it. The lack of a decent storyline and the hard to relate to protagonist has always been the weakest point of the series despite it’s graphical superiority.

Until now… (Crysis 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 9.5/10

thirtyandnerdy  +   508d ago
Nice review.

I can respect that a lot of people dig this game. For me however, it was very "meh". Very very meh. I loved 1 and 2 though.
trancefreak  +   507d ago
On my second run threw instead of blazing threw the game; I have started the secondary objectives and taken in different tactics. Seems to be a lot funner the second go.
SlavisH2  +   507d ago
I love the game and series. I hope to god they release a next gen trilogy version!
esemce  +   507d ago
I'd give it a 7 it's not as good as Crysis1/warhead or the 2nd.

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