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Crysis has always been seen as the benchmarking tool of the PC gaming universe. You don’t play Crysis, you test it. The lack of a decent storyline and the hard to relate to protagonist has always been the weakest point of the series despite it’s graphical superiority.

Until now…

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thirtyandnerdy1844d ago

Nice review.

I can respect that a lot of people dig this game. For me however, it was very "meh". Very very meh. I loved 1 and 2 though.

trancefreak1843d ago

On my second run threw instead of blazing threw the game; I have started the secondary objectives and taken in different tactics. Seems to be a lot funner the second go.

SlavisH21843d ago

I love the game and series. I hope to god they release a next gen trilogy version!

esemce1843d ago

I'd give it a 7 it's not as good as Crysis1/warhead or the 2nd.