Battlefield 3 End Game gets new weapon, medals and assignments – release date revealed

Pixelenemy - Here we are again with some info on Battlefield 3′s End Game expansion — the fifth and final piece of DLC fans can expect before Battlefield 4 drops.

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Tonester9251964d ago

The game mode that I've been waiting for!

Mutant-Spud1964d ago

Which,CTF or Air Superiority?
CTF will be good, shotguns at two paces LOL.
I don't think I've ever flown a jet so air superiority is of no interest to me.

execution171964d ago

can't wait but wish they added more then 1 gun

NegativeCreepWA1964d ago

Thank you, timed dlc! Kind of annoying when I play it on 360 and PC. Its only a week at least.

InTheZoneAC1959d ago

If I was a hard core pc gamer, I'd have no interest in owning a 360....kind of a waste of money buying two of the same game...

NegativeCreepWA1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Bought the 360 version first to play my friends, picked up the PC version later for when I'm lone wolfing it, and I wanted to see how much better it was.

WeskerChildReborned1964d ago

Hoping we get more weapons but excited for the DLC.