GR Showdown: Is The Wii U's Future In Trouble?

"With Wii U software sales dropping and the inception of Sony's and Microsoft's next-gen console, is the future Nintendo's Wii U already in jeopardy?"

~ Game Revolution Staff

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Bumpmapping1938d ago

Too early to say but losing alot 3rd party support is not a good thing.Hopefully Nintendo can get the momentum back in there favor E3 and a price drop.

classic2001938d ago

I think it will sell but it will not be a wii in sales, once you lose third party history shows you either become a gamecube or a N64. In this case with the wiiu will be bought by the core nintendo gamers but core gamers in general are going to be turned off by lack of third party games and many of these gamers don't care about traditional nintendo exclusives. The casuals will go microsoft or even sony if sony can put up a fight in that department but casuals are not loyal and if microsoft better come with those foteleza glasses because no casual gamer is going to run out for kinect 2.0 on another xbox.

Casuals are never loyal to anything except the next Ipad or Iphone.

000011937d ago

a price drop is unlikely, i think itll have a better outing than the gamecube but definitely not as good as the wii. itll be fine once the first party games roll in.

boldstarr1937d ago

Make a mario game and you're good to go

knifefight1938d ago

Once the Wii-U software gets rolling, I think things will stabilize. Maybe. Probably.

PeaSFor1938d ago

hopefully, as soon they get a Zelda/Metroid, it will be the time to get the console.

AKR1938d ago

My goodness. The console is in it's infancy - a THREE MONTH infancy. Give it some time to mature, then worry.

It already has a goid lineup for this year. Next month brings the first three awesome titles:

Need for Speed Most Wanted U
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Give the Wii U some time. Devs are in the prime of the 360 and PS3's life , and are still trying to learn the U's hardware. Remember how 3DS did a complete 180? It CAN happen on the Wii U as well.

Only time will tell, so just sit back and wait.

MasterCornholio1937d ago

The 3DS did a 180 with sales because Nintendo severely dropped the price and they had Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D land and MonsterHunter Tri G during the holidays.

I honestly dont think that Nintendo will severely drop the price before the holidays, but they could get a good line up. But like i said the problem with all this is that the PS4 and the 720 will be 2 hot new products on the market which is why Nintendo really needs an amazing line up otherwise they wont be able to sell many Wii Us.

delboy1937d ago

A 300$-350$ WiiU vs 500$ ps4 or next box?
I think WiiU will do great.

dbjj120881938d ago

Well we know it'll at least stick around for another year or so. I think the Wii U is fine, even if it is underperforming.

Old McGroin1937d ago

It may be under performing but that is only compared to the original Wii which was a phenomenon and one of the best selling consoles ever. At the 3 month mark the PS3 and 360 were also under performing when compared to the original Wii's sales figures and I would guess both the PS4 and Nextbox will also under perform when compared to the original Wii.

I think people need to move away from comparing sales to the Wii, it's getting old.

Theyellowflash301937d ago

Wii U software sales dropping? Wheres the data to prove that? The sales of software are pretty good, and users are purchasing games off the WIi U eShop.

lilbroRx1937d ago

Another things is that there hasn't been much software related retail in the past few month.

Its a natural dropped ie. no games to buy, not a preferential drop,ie because people aren't interested.

The Wii U needs only software. Monster Hunter 3 and Lego Undercover come out this month. I guarantee that there will be a huge spike in sells at the end of the month as well.

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