Who Is The Best Hero or Villain of 2012?

Good evening out there, this week is the beginning of a huge project. During the year 2012 we saw a lot of great games with excellent heroes and villains, but have you ever wondered which was the most powerful? Could David Mason defeat Alex Mason, or could Master Chief take down General Shepard? The villains were also very dynamic among the Didact, an ancient forerunner warlord more powerful than anything, and villains such as Vaas, who were notorious and menacing while being interesting and even a little humorous.

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Rupee1669d ago

Vaas from Far Cry 3 was incredible.

LastXeno1669d ago

Hero- Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
Villain- the Prepper (ZombiU)

OmniSlashPT1669d ago

Hero: Journey's character
Villain: Vaas

Knight_Crawler1669d ago

Hero: Steve from Mine Craft

Villain: Activision

j-blaze1669d ago

great selection, for me.. Caius from FF13-2 as a Villain and Chris Redfield, although i prefer Leon but Chris was awesome in RE6

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