What Sony Needs To Do To Sell Me the Playstation 4

The Game Fanatics' Jennifer Kibble wasn't impressed by Sony this generation. What could PS4 do to pull her back in?

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LackTrue4K1909d ago

long story short....
"His a big Kingdom Hearts 3 fan, and what ever console has that...he will jump/buy that system"

rl_pearson1909d ago

Yep. Another garbage personal blog level story.

No one gives a damn what this chick does or does not buy.

PeaSFor1909d ago

now that majority of peoples have an internet connection, pretty much every morons can blog as videogame "journalists", and sadly a lot of thoses blogs are posted to N4G

thegamefanatics1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Why are you on N4G if you're just going to moan and complain about what's on N4G in the first place?

"pretty much every morons can blog as videogame "journalists"" Last time I checked this was America, where Freedom of Speech exists.

We're blogging our minds and opinions for fun, not for money or your approval. Have a good day.

PeaSFor1909d ago


if the hat fit...

jeeves861909d ago


She can write it and people can post it and other people can read it, but just because she wrote it, just because she said it, doesn't mean that everyone has to like it or keep quiet if they don't like it.

The second amendment protects your freedom of speech against the government, not private agencies or other citizens.

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NextJen1909d ago

Don't you mean he's a big Kingdom Hearts 3 fan? And I would be, if the game actually existed. And you can't really system jump when you end up buying all of them. Save for the WiiU.

scofios1909d ago

What Sony Needs To Do To Sell Me the Playstation 4

Uhh release it thats all

j-blaze1909d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 would be a freaking system seller, we need more Japanese games!!

@ thegamefanatics and the writer of this piece, please ignore the haters, they are not worth it

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Arai1909d ago

Sony already got her covered.....they improved the vibration on the DS4.

Jaqen_Hghar1909d ago

A man sees their game library is too small. A man would say buy Ratchet, Killzone, Uncharted, LBP, Infamous, and many more including HD exclusives. A man would point out PS3 has the best exclusives this gen in a man's opinion.

NextJen1909d ago

Ratchet, not my thing. Killzone was better on Ps2. LBP bored me after a while. And I own Uncharted and Infamous. Got anything else?

The_Klank1909d ago

Killzone was better on Ps2? Hmm ok...
Lets see, there is these fairly recent games.
Dust 514
PS Allstars
Ni No Kuni
Sly Cooper
Twisted Metal
And many many more. Broaden your horizons and find a whole lot of stuff that might interest you.

Jaqen_Hghar1909d ago

A man would suggest GoW, Heavenly Sword, Valkyria Chronicles, Ninokuni, Resistance (specifically 3), PSN games (Journey, Unfinished Swan, Fat Princess, Flower, etc.), Gran Turismo, Twisted Metal, Sly Cooper, and Warhawk with GoW, LoU, Puppeteer, and Beyond coming out this year.

JetP06191908d ago

killzone better on ps2? you on crack? LBP boring? its one of the very few games on the ps3 that has consistent support and the amount of content it has is considerably alot more than ps3's other multiplat and exclusives.

got anything else?
Ni no kuni
Sly thieves in time
Gow Ascension
Valkyria Chronicles
Artonelico Qoga Knell of Ar ciel
Tales of Graces
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Atelier series
and many more that are out and incoming despite the ps4's nearing launch.

MikeMyers1909d ago

What does Sony need to do?

1. Come out with a fair price. No I am not expecting a $299 console but I also don't want to pay over $500 either. Somewhere in-between.

2. Have a decent line-up of games that are polished, not rushed out the door to meet the deadline launch. This includes various genre's and mix of exclusives and non-exclusives. I would think at least 3 strong games that appeal to me is enough.

3. Have the online support ready to go. The PS3 was terrible at launch when it came to PSN. It materialized into a great service but it took at least a year or two to get there. I don't want to wait like Nintendo seems to have done with the Wii U.

That's pretty much it, Im not asking for much and I like what I have seen so far.

TongkatAli1909d ago

Release it! that is all. Sony is in its prime with its first party games.

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