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Submitted by TGF_JSmith 1072d ago | opinion piece

What Sony Needs To Do To Sell Me the Playstation 4

The Game Fanatics' Jennifer Kibble wasn't impressed by Sony this generation. What could PS4 do to pull her back in? (Culture, Industry, PS4, Tech)

onyoursistersback  +   1072d ago
trying to save peoples important time....
long story short....
"His a big Kingdom Hearts 3 fan, and what ever console has that...he will jump/buy that system"
rl_pearson  +   1072d ago
Yep. Another garbage personal blog level story.

No one gives a damn what this chick does or does not buy.
PeaSFor  +   1072d ago
now that majority of peoples have an internet connection, pretty much every morons can blog as videogame "journalists", and sadly a lot of thoses blogs are posted to N4G
thegamefanatics  +   1072d ago
Why are you on N4G if you're just going to moan and complain about what's on N4G in the first place?

"pretty much every morons can blog as videogame "journalists"" Last time I checked this was America, where Freedom of Speech exists.

We're blogging our minds and opinions for fun, not for money or your approval. Have a good day.
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jujubee88  +   1072d ago
That's what E3 is for.
So just freaking wait.
PeaSFor  +   1072d ago

if the hat fit...
jeeves86  +   1072d ago

She can write it and people can post it and other people can read it, but just because she wrote it, just because she said it, doesn't mean that everyone has to like it or keep quiet if they don't like it.

The second amendment protects your freedom of speech against the government, not private agencies or other citizens.
NextJen  +   1072d ago
Don't you mean he's a big Kingdom Hearts 3 fan? And I would be, if the game actually existed. And you can't really system jump when you end up buying all of them. Save for the WiiU.
scofios  +   1072d ago
What Sony Needs To Do To Sell Me the Playstation 4

Uhh release it thats all
j-blaze  +   1072d ago
Kingdom Hearts 3 would be a freaking system seller, we need more Japanese games!!

@ thegamefanatics and the writer of this piece, please ignore the haters, they are not worth it
Arai  +   1072d ago | Funny
Sony already got her covered.....they improved the vibration on the DS4.
wollie  +   1072d ago
PeaSFor  +   1072d ago
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1072d ago
A man sees their game library is too small. A man would say buy Ratchet, Killzone, Uncharted, LBP, Infamous, and many more including HD exclusives. A man would point out PS3 has the best exclusives this gen in a man's opinion.
NextJen  +   1072d ago
Ratchet, not my thing. Killzone was better on Ps2. LBP bored me after a while. And I own Uncharted and Infamous. Got anything else?
The_Klank  +   1072d ago
Killzone was better on Ps2? Hmm ok...
Lets see, there is these fairly recent games.
Dust 514
PS Allstars
Ni No Kuni
Sly Cooper
Twisted Metal
And many many more. Broaden your horizons and find a whole lot of stuff that might interest you.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1072d ago
A man would suggest GoW, Heavenly Sword, Valkyria Chronicles, Ninokuni, Resistance (specifically 3), PSN games (Journey, Unfinished Swan, Fat Princess, Flower, etc.), Gran Turismo, Twisted Metal, Sly Cooper, and Warhawk with GoW, LoU, Puppeteer, and Beyond coming out this year.
JetP0619  +   1071d ago
killzone better on ps2? you on crack? LBP boring? its one of the very few games on the ps3 that has consistent support and the amount of content it has is considerably alot more than ps3's other multiplat and exclusives.

got anything else?
Ni no kuni
Sly thieves in time
Gow Ascension
Valkyria Chronicles
Artonelico Qoga Knell of Ar ciel
Tales of Graces
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Atelier series
and many more that are out and incoming despite the ps4's nearing launch.
MikeMyers  +   1072d ago
What does Sony need to do?

1. Come out with a fair price. No I am not expecting a $299 console but I also don't want to pay over $500 either. Somewhere in-between.

2. Have a decent line-up of games that are polished, not rushed out the door to meet the deadline launch. This includes various genre's and mix of exclusives and non-exclusives. I would think at least 3 strong games that appeal to me is enough.

3. Have the online support ready to go. The PS3 was terrible at launch when it came to PSN. It materialized into a great service but it took at least a year or two to get there. I don't want to wait like Nintendo seems to have done with the Wii U.

That's pretty much it, Im not asking for much and I like what I have seen so far.
TongkatAli  +   1072d ago
Release it! that is all. Sony is in its prime with its first party games.
Gamer-40  +   1072d ago
For me.
Number one: Gran Turismo for Ps4.
Exklusive MGS.
Killzone SF.
CaulkSlap  +   1072d ago
This article is bad and she should feel bad.

But yeah Sony already sold me for day 1. I get them all eventually but the WiiU is a joke and I'm waiting for Microsoft to show their hand.... and it better not be full of more Kinect trash.
SDF Repellent  +   1072d ago
Price. $400 and below is the sweetspot for me. Also, the games must be no more than $60.
gobluesamg  +   1072d ago
Jennifer Kibble can kiss my a$$!
PHiSHLoC  +   1072d ago
??? Send it to retailers??? This sh1t gets stupider and stupider.
Jsynn7  +   1072d ago
I hope Sony can impress this chick next-gen. Sounds like, if they can't, SONY IS DOOOOOOMED!/s

geddesmond  +   1072d ago
No offense to the writer but the buzz going around about the PS4 right now means Sony doesn't care if 1 person won't buy the consol over reasons like that. If you haven't seen anything so far shown that you like then chances are you never will because everything looks amazing. Also the PS3 has a setting that turns your controller off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

"Implement a better and less maze-like interface" You mean one like the PS3s XMB? Everything's fast and easy to find. As for exclusives, Sony is a company with over a dozen game studios. There will be more PS3 exclusives than Wii U/Nextbox exclusives.
NextJen  +   1072d ago
This is my opinion on the matter, just something that we all have. Why can't you guys be like the comments on a similar article: which is also an opinion piece, but towards the next Xbox. Instead I get a poorly written sexiest jokes and a bunch of "who cares what she buys". Like I care what you or anyone else buys. It is an opinion, nothing more. I shouldn't be amazed how it is like night and day between two articles that are somewhat similar, just taking about a different system and written by the different sex. Not like this comment will mean a damn anyway, just wanted to waste more of my time (like you guys did with your comments).
_LarZen_  +   1072d ago
You are girl, you like games and you got pink hair.

Bubbles for you!

EDIT: Why the disagree! It's pink! Look at it! PINK!!
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Hicken  +   1072d ago
If you're offended or even bothered to read the comments, they weren't wasted.

I think maybe there's a difference in the comments because people, in general, are jaded by Microsoft, while they're similarly tired of the CRAP spewed at Sony. I mean, there haven't really been any serious reasons to dislike it, but certainly you've noticed how many articles have been centered around some insignificant stuff. It's unfortunate, but it's likely that although you meant well, you just got caught up.
MikeMyers  +   1072d ago
No, it's called a double standard. Just like those that continue to ignore all the negativity towards the Wii U while always defending the Vita.

We have already seen many people attack the next Xbox before any real news has come out while thinking whatever Sony releases is the best thing since electricity.
dafegamer  +   1072d ago
Well this is n4g, you must get used to the negative comments. Sony can be trusted and i know that they will bring their A-Game at E3. Dont get much offended by the dumbasses on n4g and ignore them
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Cranialshot  +   1072d ago
I actually created an account to reply to this specific post of yours, Jen. I tend not to get mixed up in what I feel are mostly childish discussions between people blinded by fanaticism and others who don't have a full grasp on subject matters. And that's excluding the usual troll or two. However, since you rightly pointed out you didn't receive any valid criticisms or mature comments in any fashion, and holding into mind that not one of my co-posters pointed out my gripes with your article, I thought I'd share my two cents with you.

Let me begin by saying that I do agree with you along the major lines of your article. Yes, KH3 is long overdue for example. And I like the sound of a more streamlined, sleaker and accessible UI in one of the last paragraphs.

You did express some criticisms which I feel are not completely justifiable. The first one I'd like to point out is your wish of the FF series becoming exclusive to Sony once more. You're essentially saying: 'Hey, I don't really want a PS4, but I want them to give me no other option if I or indeed any other person with a preference for another system want to play FF.' Why you would take away the freedom of choice from yourself and millions of people is beyond me.
The second thing I want to highlight is actually quite strange. You devoted a hefty portion of the article to an auto-off function on a controller. It's not that it's a bad idea, but probably negligible when it comes to system sales. No one will run to the stores to wait in a que behind several hundreds of hypothetical other people who only just found out about this lauded new function. Also, the background story you provided baffles me. Yes, the cord is short. A brand new one, twice the lengte, will cost you 10 bucks. Problem 1 appears to be solved. It's number 2 that made me giggle. Yes, your controller will run empty when you leave it turned on. That is, even with the best of intentions, hardly to blame on any of the hardware. Honestly, when I do something silly I tend to do it only once. Not repeating the error until someone else makes the object me-proof...

Lastly, a short remark on PS Home. You simply cannot judge a book on its cover like that. I can absolutely respect the fact you haven't tried it because the concept itself doesn't appeal to you. What does upset me however, is when people are spewing opinions on things they blatantly admit never to have tried. It is reminiscent of the child who refuses to eat his broccoli, claiming 'it's icky' without even so much as a nibble. I don't know anything about you, Jen, but I can safely say these type of comments are beneath you.

I'm hoping my reply came across as mature and sincere, and that you take the criticism as constructive.

ps: My fiancee is also rocking the pink do!
geddesmond  +   1072d ago
Aye I meant no offense. What I meant was Sony's raveling in glory right now over the great response of the PS4 reveal that they've done enough to secure sales next gen. Then don't care if I want an exclusive FF game or I won't be getting the consol and I wasn't saying you should be amazed with what was revealed. I said if you've seen nothing that amazed you yet then chances are your not gonna see anything in the future. Also you need to remember that this is the internet, everyone shares opinions that conflict with other peoples opinions.
StinKyNuGz  +   1072d ago
All good girl I love to have a girl that games lol......
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1072d ago
just releasing it now would be a buy
just-joe  +   1072d ago
What it needs? Games I want to play. I doubt Final Fantasy will go back to being Sony exclusive and if Kingdom Hearts 3 ever get announced it might end up going multiplat. Square may even release an HD collection to coincide with it.

All in all, I agree with this... more or less.
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urwifeminder   1072d ago | Spam
Sci0n  +   1072d ago
Not trying to sound mean but everytime I see articles like this I am like who the hell are you!? Sony's motivation and console dominance won't stop if you decide not to get a PS4, it would end up being your loss. This blog and article was most likely posted for attention so the user can get more hits.
jeeves86  +   1072d ago
There is already a sleep timer for the controller on the PS3. Also, some of the things you're suggesting are impossible. Square Enix makes both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. I doubt they would just ditch Microsoft in favour of a Sony-exclusive games. Maybe for Kingdom Hearts, but definitely not for Final Fantasy.
level 360  +   1072d ago
Honestly believe XBox was the better console ( in terms of games ) compared to XBox360.

The variety of *really good playable games available on the original XBox was simply far better.

XBox360 left me wanting ( a lot ) compared to XBox and definitely it's main competitor - PS3.

I think PS4 will blow away XBox720 if games would be the subject.
In terms of non-gaming features that is were all the talk/debate will focus.
cedaridge  +   1072d ago
On Feb 20th Sony show the future by announcing the ps4. From that point on I been sold.
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