Cliffy B: "It's bulls*** that EA has 'scumbag' memes and that Good Guy Valve can Do No Wrong"

Clifford Blezsinski has lashed in defense of EA's microtransaction practices while practically claiming hypocrisy over those he seems are justifying similar practices at other companies like Valve and Blizzard.

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Trenta271965d ago

He sure likes it up there on that high hill.

Agent Smith1965d ago

I guess Cliffy B took a break from making video games to make comments no one cares about. He should just join up with Pachter.

MikeMyers1965d ago

And David Jaffe, Hideo Kojima, David Cage, and Tomonobu Itagaki. All people that have had way too much press time.

wagnus1965d ago

He's trying to overthrow Peter Molyneux as the Dunce of the industry.

Reverent1965d ago

@MikeMyers, ouch, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to heavily disagree with you there.

MikeMyers1965d ago

Reverent, that's fine. I just get tired of seeing them so much in the spotlight. It takes many people to make a game and they seem to get all the attention. Peter Molyneux can be added to that list too but I would take Hideo Kojima off since he is still in his prime.

hawkeyejonjon1964d ago

@MikeMyers Why is David Cage on that list? I barely seen him have much press time. I see stuff from him like once or twice a week. Peter Molyneux should be on the list. He got beyond the limit of press time with Pachter. Peter Molyneux like Pachter is a media whore and he would do anything to get attention.

MikeMyers1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

David Cage gets lots of press. I don't like his arrogance either. I respect him trying to do different things but he always sounds like his games are better without any reference to why people enjoy games he doesn't want to make. It's called having fun, which is something he doesn't really get because he sees himself more an an artist and a visionary. I also don't like the way Hideo Kojima comes across. He too is very arrogant and speaks in third person like he's some God like figure. I guess that stems from fans treating him that way. His games are very good though so he gets a pass from me.

I didn't really like Heavy Rain. To me it wasn't really all that enjoyable. It seemed more about trying to mold a screenplay into a game and I thought some of the acting wasn't very good. I also played Fahrenheit which was also interesting but not very entertaining either. I don't need balls to the walls games all the time. I enjoyed games like Journey but to me it still felt like a game where I was in control. David Cage's games feel more like he's the puppet master and we are just there for the ride. His games are tailored to be played as he wants you to play them and are too structured with their QTE gameplay elements. With that said Beyond looks very cool and seems to be a bit of a departure of the QTE and gives the gamer more leniency.

SilentNegotiator1964d ago

Sounds like he really wants a job at EA.

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UnholyLight1964d ago

All aboooooooooard the Cliff Bleszinski hate train!!

There's a reason why so many people have been contacting Cliff to work for them, the man is one of the best in the industry.

mistertwoturbo1964d ago

There's no denying he's one of the best in the industry when it came to game directing, but that doesn't give him any right to be a pompus douche commenting about anything and everything as if he is some sort of God of knowledge on all subjects.

UnholyLight1963d ago


Unfortunately, someone has to have the balls to say it, he's just purely that guy that has the balls to say what lots of people are thinking.

And strangely it would appear a lot of people stand behind him in the industry

zeal0us1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I was almost about to jump on the Cliffy B hatewagon but I actually took the time to read the article and not just the headline. He actually make some good points throughout the article.

Personally I don't think the EA's microtransaction system is totally evil. If you look at ME3 MP the microtransaction was pretty good. It kept the map pack,character packs and weapon packs free. If the microtransaction system keeps map packs and other items for future EA titles free then I would be okay with it. If it doesn't keep those things free then I'll just not use the system or just rent the games or not buy the game all together.

I find it quite funny how some of you guys act like he(Cliff) has no right whatsoever to express his opinion.

DragonKnight1965d ago

No he doesn't. He in fact said "If everyone bought used games, there would be no more gaming industry."

It's literally and factually impossible for EVERYONE to buy used games. All used games were, at one point, new games.

I wrote a blog that's currently in the pending section taking apart his stance on this. It's laughable that he could actually believe what he's saying.

wagnus1965d ago

Cliffy B justifies micro transactions and day one dlc's by saying that it's needed to keep the game "fresh" to avoid the buying/selling of used games. Total bullshit. Minecraft is making PC sales history because of it's everlong series of free updates. We need it to replace whatever the current norm is.

Minecraft isn't the only game that's doing this with success.

zeal0us1965d ago


I was talking about within the article not past statements

I'm not sure when and where he justified microtransaction and day one dlc that way but that is something I would totally disagree with.

Imho day 1 dlc is just a promotion tool companies used for sales and to hype the game. I'm not sure how day 1 dlc would keep a game "fresh" 1 to 2months+ down the line or prevent someone from buying the game used.

Microtransaction keeping a game fresh is debatable but prevent buying/selling is bs. Heck I sold my copy of ME3 three months after getting bored with MP which had a microtransactions system in it.

Personally I would love for companies to follow Minecraft model and give us free updates/content. I do agree we need to replace the current norm(Day1dlc, Online Passes and cutting content then labeling it dlc)

DragonKnight1965d ago

But the article takes his words directly from his blog, in which he made that used game statement. He doesn't have any valid points. If you read the whole blog, you'll see that he's just putting on a show to support EA. He even takes it far enough that you question if he's getting something out of it that no one knows about. He talks about the engagement ring in Team Fortress 2 yet completely ignores the fact that that's a purely cosmetic thing, and what EA has already done goes beyond cosmetic MTs but straight to selling integral game components like weapons in Dead Space 3. He doesn't know what he's talking about and is merely spouting of a manifesto of greed.

MrBeatdown1965d ago

"It's literally and factually impossible for EVERYONE to buy used games. All used games were, at one point, new games."

Sounds like you're taking his use of the word "everyone" far more literally than he intended.

But if we are going to be that technical about it, it's not impossible. Just because all games were once in new condition does not mean that every single one of them was sold in that condition. One free copy sent to a reviewer or given away in some form would make it possible in theory.

nukeitall1965d ago


"But if we are going to be that technical about it, it's not impossible. Just because all games were once in new condition does not mean that every single one of them was sold in that condition."

Technically, we could also say if *ALL* game publishers stopped making games or selling new games, there are still plenty of existing used games out there.

However, as you said it's obvious CliffyB did not mean it to be that literal.

MrBeatdown1965d ago

"Technically, we could also say if *ALL* game publishers stopped making games or selling new games, there are still plenty of existing used games out there."

I guess we could, but I don't see how that relates to my point.

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isa_scout1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Yeah, but i just wonder if he realizes that high hill he's sitting upon is actually a giant pile of shit?

ATi_Elite1965d ago

Valve = dedicated to the Gamers no matter what!

EA = dedicated to shareholders no matter what!

When Each company makes a move you can feel who this move was meant to benefit!

Clifford just go away!!

BlmThug1964d ago

Ex 360 owner of 4+ years, never bought GeoW title so I do not care for your opinion Cliffy

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lociefer1965d ago

Aaaand the new Greenburg is born

CaptainYesterday1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

It seems like everyday there is an article about Cliffy B on N4G..

Blank1965d ago

Yeah seriously as much as I like to hear people in the industry talk cliffy is now like an annoying backseat driver I think he just has wayyy too much time on his hands now