The real reason GranTurismo 6 will only be on PS3: PS4 may be priced too high.

Joseph Digrado of elaborates on Sony's and Polophony digitals decition to release GT6 on the PS3.

"The fact of the matter is that Gran Turismo is Sony’s number one selling franchise of all time and one of the most critically acclaimed racing simulators developers have to offer. Now with that said, both Sony and Polyphony Digital want to make the most profit out of their decision and by doing so they came to this conclusion…"

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GribbleGrunger1848d ago

A real stretch with a forum reply sized write up. It's not worth approving, sorry.

PoSTedUP1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

it's not much of a stretch when it looks at all of the key elements a developer and publisher takes into consideration when making a decition of a huge title. tho it is an opinion, quanity does not equal a quality of thought.

edit @ below: not nearly all of the fans, the franchise grew without the support of a racing wheel initially and it was in the top 10 of highest selling franchises back in the PS1 days creeping into the PS2 era.

extermin8or1848d ago

It is a stretch, if it were too expensive then you add reasons to bother spending that extra money....not remove them..

MikeMyers1848d ago

If the system is expensive then why not have games that are system sellers on it? If the reason is because the price is too high then why would anyone make a game for the launch?

Lots of people will buy the PS4 if it had GT6 on it. I would.

Cupid_Viper_31848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

I'm struggling to find the logic in the title alone.

So here's company "A" trying to sell a product that is "supposedly" expensive. And the strategy is to take away it's most attractive features? I don't get it.

Am I missing something here guys?

It seems that if anything, they'd release it on both and show the real reason why someone should upgrade to the PS4, as GT6 would look much better, and have more content and more features on the PS4 version, no?

And Please, when a new console hit the market, getting an install base is the first and foremost to that console's manufacturer. Not selling X units of games, that comes later.

JP13691848d ago Show
Darrius Cole1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Or perhaps a PS4 will be able to play the PS3 version of the game. That would explain it as well, wouldn't it?

I am leaning, strongly, towards believing that Sony was lying when they said that the PS4 would not play PS4 games, at least the launch version of the PS4. If GT6 is, indeed, going to be PS3 only then I will take that as another piece of evidence that I am correct. It makes no sense for Sony to sell a new machine and not allow their most loyal fans, the ones who buy the new hardware at launch, to play the most popular game in the Playstation family. A game which is probably going to be a large part of why those fans bought the new system in the first place.

I don't buy it. There is no way Sony is going to screw over the most loyal fans in their fanbase by not giving them the next numbered entry in the GranTurismo series. So, either GT6 will appear on the PS4 or the PS4 will, at launch, play native PS3 games. One or the other will happen.

Outside_ofthe_Box1848d ago

PS4 won't be priced high though. Unless Sony plans on making the same mistake I highly doubt it would be priced high.

inveni01847d ago

It's a stretch because it's self contradicting. Let me explain:

Saying, "The real reason..." is like saying, "The fact is..." Then, adding, "...may be..." completely contradicts the introduction. It can't "maybe" be a fact.

SolidStoner1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

@ inveni0

maybe the real reason for it is the fact that he say'd maybe he thinks that's a fact! :)

about GT6, I think it will be released on both PS3 and PS4, like in the old days when PS3 got out, SONY still released many same games on PS2 & PS3..

Boody-Bandit1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Regardless if GT6 does launch on the PS3 you can bet your house and everything in it PD will make a version for the PS4. Sony is not going to sit back and watch Turn 10 wheel out Forza 5 and then Forza Horizon and make their audience wait 3 to 5 years for the next GT iteration. Not going to happen.

I just hope my wheels (Fanatec CSR Elite and T500) work with both the PS4 and NextBox. I almost know it will with Sony. They kept the PS3 open ended (nearly all USB / Bluetooth peripherals were compatible with it) so I am hoping they will do the same with the PS4.

I really don't want to have to purchase more wheels.

pixelsword1847d ago

Sorry, you can't use "the real reason" and "may be" on the same subject; the subject "may be the real reason", but if it's "the real reason" it "is", not "may be".

PoSTedUP1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

there could be endless reasons for their dicistion, whether one may think their opinion is right or wrong is subjective, just like this Opinion piece. this was just one outlook on one of the possible reasons regarding their decition through a business stand point.

@ brutalhonesty: though it is my opinion, they might not benifit as much if they were to release GT7 on PS4, you have to take into consideration if GT6 will sell aswell on the PS4 considering it is the same game, and the costs of porting it over and pretty much having to add new features to keep up with the high expectations of the hardware; they might as well just make GT7. unless they can work around that and have it streamed through cloud or something.

Boody-Bandit1846d ago


I refer you GT Prologue and it's sales.
If PD released a GT6 Prologue it would most likely sell 3+ million copies and I am being modest. Anything more than a million would most likely garner PD breaking even or a surplus.

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LackTrue4K1848d ago

most GT fans buy expensive steering wheels just for this game!!!
i think the price of the ps4, is not gana keep them from buying GT6?!

Cupid_Viper_31848d ago

I'm one of those fans, I spent $900 on the Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Headset, and 350 on the Logitech wheel and the stand, plus another $80 on comfy office chair...

Playing GT5 in 3D on Movie Theater Screen.....Priceless :)

Boody-Bandit1847d ago

Exactly onyoursistersback (love the name ;).
There is no way Sony wont have a version for the PS4. Even if we have to wait a year or so. There will definitely be one.

And your 110% right about GT fans purchasing wheels and possibly rigs just for that series. I have 2 rigs and GT is the reason I got into purchases wheels. I have owned several over the years and now I have a Fanatec CSR Elite and Thrustmaster T500. There is nothing like playing racing games on a good rig. I just hope the new racing titles support triple panels (eyefinity).

Can't wait for next gen!

RememberThe3571848d ago

And yet look what happened? God damn it N4G, stop approving crap articles! I really don't want to spend my time reporting all this trash, it should be know that this stuff shouldn't be approved. Theres already too much trash on this site as is, can we please at least make an effort to clean it up?

-Falaut-1848d ago

But Gribble, there is a Z in the website name, that screams quality and professionalism. ^__^

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JRivera921848d ago

Good read, and I totally agree. Besides, they already have Drive Club releasing for Ps4 so putting GT6 on Ps3 would be pretty awesome.

Knight_Crawler1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

I just dont see the logic of spending millions of dollars on a game engine to only make one game this gen.

Sony spent too much money on the GT5 engine and the amount of time it took PD to release GT5 was long.

If GT 6 was to release on the PS4 AT LAUNCH PD would have to upgrade there engine or start from scratch which I dont see Sony doing because MS will make sure that Forza has a new engine for the 720.

GT 7 will be released on the PS4 3 years after the PS4 launch mark my words.

SDF Repellent1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Agreed, the PS4 is unproven and could be the next Betamax for all we know. After Spending all that time and money to make GT5, it is a no brainer for Sony to use the tools, engines and car models that are already in place to sell it to 70m customers and make lots of $$$. It is simple economic, people.

Cyrax41848d ago

The PS3 essentially is Betamax. The only time people use it is when they have to dust it off because a 1st party exclusive like Uncharted is released. The 360 is the king of multiplatform games.

You try telling people it's economics and yet you are completely oblivious to it. What's more important: Making a bit more cash in the short term or making a lot of cash in the long term?

Online ecosystems matter. People will buy the console that they have already built up their achievement/trophy profiles and their friends list. Sony already lost that battle to existing gamers, but they have a chance to win the next group of gamers who will be buying their first console.

Not having a system seller like Gran Turismo on the PS4 for another 3-5 years is a major blunder.

mistertwoturbo1848d ago

^360 King of Multiplatform? Wrong, it's the King of COD.

MysticStrummer1848d ago

lol @ Cyrax4 - Your whole post sounds like you just stepped out of a time machine. This is 2013. Sorry to break it to you but the PS3 didn't fail.

CoryHG1847d ago


With that thought process, it's no wonder M$ makes millions off of fans forcing them to play online.

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jay21848d ago

No, the reason is PS3 still have a 2-3 yr life span thats all. Why are people making such a big thing out of this, PS3 is not going to go the way of 360 when Kinect came out, PROPER games will be released for many years, games that will sell well, most will be cross-gen, some exclusive.

smashcrashbash1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

That is the most roundabout thing I have ever heard. Here is a thought.Maybe like several games GT6 is coming to both systems. The PS3 version is probably coming first and the PS4 version is coming later because they have to familiarize themselves with the new console.It didn't bother them making GT5 for a console that most people thought was too expensive but suddenly they turn around and make GT6 only for the because the PS4 is too expensive? There is no way that the console could even be as expensive as the PS3 was so how could it be priced 'too high'? Compared to what?

And why would they prefer to adhere to the limitations of the PS3 rather then take advantage of the power of the PS4? No third party is backing down because of price and they have no allegiance to Sony. So why should Sony's partner Polophony out all people back down especially when it is the opportunity to make a potential system seller to wow the GT fanbase? Look stop the guessing okay.When it happens we will know what it is about. Trying to use GT6 to try and prove the PS4 might be expensive is nonsense.Polophony could make twice the money just by catering to both consoles. It's not like they are making games for anyone else.Why can't it be that they are making GT6 for the PS3 and it will come to the PS4 once they have it's inner workings all figured out? But somehow you weave this into a high price for the PS4. With a new console they have to figure out the ins and outs of it and will probably make a GT6 once they get it all sorted out.But why not release on the PS3 first which they are familiar with and get the profit while they are working on the PS4 version?

Bigpappy1848d ago

You make the most sense, so I responded to you post. I also think GT6 will be on PS4 unless it is optimized under a different name.

Darrius Cole1848d ago

Games that are released later on a different platform never sell well. The only exception that I can think of is Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 which sold better on PS3 than on Xbox (original). However, those two systems were a generation apart. And hack n' slash games on Playstation always outperform the Xbox version.

smashcrashbash1848d ago

That is two different systems you are talking about.The PS4 is still Sony's own. The people who keep their PS3's will have GT6 now and the people who shifted to PS4's will get it later. I am sure the people who buy PS4's will still want GT6 when it comes out.Besides despite my theory this is all just speculation.So far no word from either Sony or Polophony has confirmed anything. For all we know there are two games GT6 for the PS3 and a different GT in works for the PS4.Let's wait and hear what they have to say about it.

Sarobi1848d ago

Was it ever 100% confirmed that this would be a current gen title?

JRivera921848d ago

Not yet seeing as how it was just recently announced.

KwietStorm1848d ago

Well apparently a Sony VP said so, but nothing beyond that. I don't usually take those as confirmation when the game hasn't even been announced.

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