Revolution in Online Entertainment

Amazing crowdfunding campaign, why?

Become a millionaire while playing revolutionary and most astonishing MMORPG game with one mutual world for Phones, Tablets, PCs, Gaming Consoles and even TVs!

This is a next-gen hybrid of web-browser and pure application game.
Something like that was never created before.
More info at Indiegogo's Campaign Page

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Soulluos1997d ago

Hello, It would be great if more people could check if it is good for publication :)

JamesWorgan1995d ago

I fall in love! Pls give that now!

jarqwek1994d ago

How many elements i must collect to get Compendium of Trezzurang?

Amyy1994d ago

How big is Trezzurang?? How fast i get bored? ;))