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Crash & Spyro In PS All-Stars

Junkie Monkeys: Not getting iconic PlayStation characters like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon in a PlayStation game created solely for the fans seems like a giant slap in the face. We may soon get our childhood creatures back in due time. (Crash Bandicoot, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS3, Spyro the Dragon)

Relientk77  +   881d ago
Thats the most misleading title in the world :-(

Definitely want Sypro and Crash in All-Stars it NEEDS to happen
Snookies12  +   881d ago
Would love some Sora and Cloud as well...
koehler83  +   881d ago
Cloud always seemed like a no-brainer to me. In fact, any character from FF7-10 would be a welcomed addition. Hell, I'd even take Serge from Chrono Cross.

I wonder if Square-Enix declined because of Dissidia.
Root  +   881d ago
If they were going to be in it can't be that Crash, with the crappy tattoos and stuff.
Relientk77  +   881d ago
Not to mention the purple dragon on crack Activision made for Skylanders
SuperSandLegend  +   881d ago
I think SSM will take good care of him. They give Ratchet his classic look and not the taller version so I think they'll at least give Crash a classic costume.
-Alpha  +   881d ago
I'd take them over nothing, I am that desperate. Just blur my vision and pretend the purple and orange plops of greatness are the originals.
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Blastoise  +   881d ago
Just got off from an awesome play session of all stars.

I'd like Crash, Spyro, & Cloud ect as much as the next guy but to be honest I'm over it now. It's just not gonna happen so I'm just gonna carry on enjoying the game without them.
Thirty3Three  +   881d ago
Keep tweeting them guys! We're on day-2 of tweetspam!
Treezy504  +   881d ago
I just tweeted them and SSM! This must happen!
smashcrashbash  +   881d ago
Just make sure and tell Activision it is a slap in the face.They are the ones that don't seem to give a damn.They are not even using Crash but refuse to give him up. That is the ultimate selfishness.
arbitor365  +   881d ago
if its that crash bandicoot (crash of the titans version), then dont bother. the same goes for the "legend of spyro" and skylanders models of spyro.

ps1 versions or it's a waste of time
WillGuitarGuy  +   881d ago
They gave Spike, Ratchet, and Jak classic costumes. I wouldn't see how they couldn't do the same for Crash and Spyro.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   880d ago
Dante was whored out to his new version for free advertising. That was a slap in the face and made no sense since all the PS exclusive DMCs had old Dante.
ANIALATOR136  +   880d ago
i wasnt happy with the daniel fortesque character model in ps allstars. looked like the dopey more kid friendly resurrection version. The original ps1 medievil look was scariest and best
fsfsxii  +   881d ago
Can't we get the polygon Crash??
The one who was awesome in Crash bandicoot 3 wrath of cortex
aPerson  +   880d ago
Wrath of Cortex was Crash 4.

Cash 1
Crash 2: Cortex Strikes Back
Crash 3: Warped
Crash 4: Wrath of Cortex
fsfsxii  +   880d ago
I meant the warped one.
Thanks for the info!
LKHGFDSA  +   881d ago
So there goes the "it's Activision's fault!" defense.

Still, I can't see them adding the guys into the game.
We'll only get characters that coincide new releases.

I expect in a year or two when we have PS4s, and the next Smash Bros is hyped or released, that there will be a sequel to PS AllStars. and it'll have the actual iconic characters we expect aswell as all the little things that made Smash Bros good, such as minigames and heaps of weapons/items from different games.
dudeOplenty  +   880d ago
pft. you really think they haven't tried getting Crash in the game and just simply forgot to ask?

it's either already being worked on or they are having an issue with activision.
Clover904  +   881d ago
I wouldn't have wasted my time clicking on this article if this guy didnt misleadingly titled it "Crash & Spyro in PS All-Stars."

Is there any way we can ban WillGuitarGuy from submitting anymore articles?
WillGuitarGuy  +   881d ago
The article I wrote is in the article section and not the news section of N4G. Nowhere did I say that they were confirmed.

I do appreciate how you want to get me banned for a story about gathering fans to get Crash and Spyro in Allstars though. It shows how much you care for a dedicated community.
Clover904  +   881d ago
If getting Crash and Spyro into Allstars was as easy as getting fans together, we'd already have it. Fans have been screaming for their inclusion since the game was announced. And I don't mind the constant reminder to Superbot and Activision about the fans' desire to be able to play them in our favorite ps mascot fighter. My problem is your title.

You know your title is misleading and I'm not the only one to say so. Thanks for wasting not only my time, but the Allstars community's time as well.
Jamiex66  +   880d ago
You did lead people in with your title, that can't be denied. It is a smart move for clicks, but a low blow for those coming here expecting more. Either way, I respect the balls to put it as the title.
BlaqMagiq24  +   881d ago
Dammit got my hopes up lol
drsnoopyseussdog  +   881d ago
This guy is a complete biatch for putting that as the title of this article because i thought this was news saying that spyro and crash were actually coming to Playstation Allstars Battle Royale.
hushM0UTH12  +   880d ago
Keep the tweets coming guys, we need more actual PS Allstars in the game, and Crash and Spyro are those definite Allstars. I'd do it but I don't have a Twitter account.haha
soraalam1  +   880d ago
It's free :) If you want to help, make one!
ajax17  +   880d ago
My God, that new Crash Bandicoot looks lame. PS1 Crash always looks the coolest.

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