AJS: Metal Gear Rising Angry Video Review

AJS writes: Better late than never! Can this cybernetic ninja exact his JOE-Vengeance? Angry Joe reviews the Metal Gear Hack & Slash Spin-off Rising: Revengeance!

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nofallouthero2116d ago

i hope konami keeps the franchise going. that way we can have mgs and mgr and maybe even a crossover game where snake and raiden team up.

sdozzo2115d ago

Won't be enough sales. They could make another but would have to tweak the controls.

Baka-akaB2115d ago

The game is having a field day in sales so far , and both Konami and Kojima are happy about it .

sdozzo2115d ago

How many sales would constitute a "field day?" What number do they need to hit to make it fiscally successful and realistic for another?

Baka-akaB2115d ago

At nearly 400k in japan alone at launch it's already easily a success for them .

It's already beating the launch of the very successful DMC 1-4 games .

And while the numbers arent readily available yet for EU and US , every accounts seems positive

Finally it's obvious that while very well done , it's no shenmue or yakuza for the dev budget .

WarThunder2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

This guy is very funny and entertaining, He also needs to review PS3 games so he can have bigger audience.

DMC review was really funny!

CrescentFang2115d ago

I like Joe, but he's wrong about the combat in this game...

Hanso2115d ago

you cant win by spamming block he should try VR 18 lol

CrescentFang2114d ago

It took me a little bit to beat that, since you can't parry the hammerheads afaik. Plus they can actually break your block

SAE2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

You reviewers doesn't deserve this game. You want to cut everything and especially that cute cat on ps3 limitation!! this just proves how stupid this review is. I already bought 2 mg rising discs to support them so i hope they do well. Love the game..

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