State of Decay, the new DayZ?

State of decay is an open-world zombie survival game under development for Xbox 360 arcade and PC. It’s like no game seen before on Xbox, involving using real life tactics to survive in a style similar to DayZ. It has amazing features which involves building, fortifying and advancing your own base. Players must find and rescue survivors, assign them roles and provide for them to keep morale levels high. It also includes many features which add to realism which makes it definitely an interesting game to play! There is not an official release date announced yet but it’s been hinted to be released around spring 2013.

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whosgt1912d ago

We're getting closer too!

zeal0us1912d ago

Is there co-op available?

gamingxl1912d ago

Hi, Unfortunately it's only a single player game. Click "Read full story" for more information.

xPhearR3dx1911d ago

At launch no. But they do want to add it as a free update over time. Mostly to get feedback for Class 4. The same game as State of Decay but in MMO form and more features.

CheexInk1910d ago


So basically this is absolutely nothing like DayZ and you just added that for clicks.

zeal0us1910d ago

lol get disagrees for asking a question.

Guess i'll wait for the MMO version and pass on this. I just don't like playing by myself.

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whoyouwit041911d ago

I think State of Decay was in development well before Day Z byt fo some reason it is taking forever to release.

AngelicIceDiamond1911d ago

I'm looking forward to this game and the MMO sequel.

SlapHappyJesus1911d ago

Not quite.

But, everything said, the game looks pretty damn interesting. A definite download come launch day.

cleverusername1911d ago

A zombie game like no game seen before?

FrostyZipper1911d ago

There was Fort Zombie, which had a pretty similar setup to this. Unfortunately it suffered from a condition called 'suck', and it was buggy and busted as hell.

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