Nvidia shows off Burn Zombie Burn! playing on Project Shield

Nvidia has posted another video showing off another game being played on their handheld Android gaming system Project Shield. This time it is actually an upcoming Tegra 4 game called Burn Zombie Burn! by Tick Tock Games that Nvidia is showing off on Project Shield and was recently announced for Tegra 4 devices in general.

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Asuka1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

is this actually being "played" on or being "streamed" onto project shield???? im not trying to troll here, i actually want to know lol

Ju1849d ago

It has been ported. Watch the video he explains it.

a08andan1849d ago

I am sorry Nvidia, but I think this will be a total flop. To me it feels like one of the most unnecessary gadgets I've ever seen.

ATi_Elite1849d ago

I agree seeing how you have to have a Kepler GPU to get the thing to work!!

Rainstorm811849d ago

I hope this thing is like 100 bucks because if not I don't see how it can compete with the Vita and 3DS

Ju1849d ago

It could run the Android PS cloud client for remote play :)