Microsoft's War of Independence

It's not looking good for the Xbox Live Indie Games channel. First Microsoft ceases development of XNA, the codebase that drives the self-publishing service that allows eager devs to sell their wares on the Xbox 360. Then Nat Brown, creator of the original Xbox, criticises Microsoft for what he sees as the "primary problem" with the Xbox 360, namely the lack of "a functional and growing platform ecosystem for small developers".

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GalacticEmpire1997d ago

Hopefully all of these devs can continue to make their games on other platforms so we don't miss out on the niche titles they tend to deliver.

Sony's self publishing system is looking very tempting right now.

TongkatAli1997d ago

Indies have a home, its called PSN and Eshop.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

lol indie devs having harder time with MS meanwhile jonathan blow is part of ps4 reveal.
When you reveal a console witg non AAA devs you know they respect indie devs.

Most indie games are on steam still.

I rather see steam sbox than xbox.

nukeitall1996d ago


Oh, I didn't know you could publish a PSN game for $100?

Oh, that's right, you can't!!! You have to shell out thousands of dollars for a Playstation dev kit, if you have the credentials to get one.

Despite the complaints, the Xbox 360 is the only console garage indie devs can really publish a game for $100. On other platforms, there is nothing to complain about, cause you don't even get a chance!

So I suggest people start treating XNA as a positive thing, because if I was MS, I would drop support for that thing, because from a business perspective there is little gain and a lot of hate generated. I don't see good business in that....

majiebeast1997d ago

Sony is gonna try and court alot of indie devs at GDC and has been reaching out on twitter to these people.

CommonSenseGamer1997d ago

How exactly is this a war on independent game developers. Is MS trying to abolish inde developers?

Over dramatic headline again to flame fanboyism.

Jek_Porkins1997d ago

We don't know what the future holds for indie games, but since so many big named studios are going under, it's a safe bet that Microsoft will want to lure as many talented indie developers to their platform as possible.

Maybe the next Xbox will bring back the indie game, used to love the indie section before the update made it impossible to find.

Eldyraen1997d ago

I wouldn't be too surprised if they dropped Indies but then MS loves to be super secretive, and not always in a good way, so scrapping XNA could simply be them getting ready to announce a new and improved tool for next gen instead.

I actually enjoyed a few Indie games as well and hope they keep them alive and strong even if it does mean wading through those I don't care about.

With MS its always been "wait and see" while hoping for the best but never holding your breathe in the meantime. The company is any many ways a mixed bag but there is also a reason never to count them out as they ebb and flow with everything they do.

If only they could keep the quality and support consistent...

SignifiedSix911997d ago

What you mean its impossible to find? Its right in the games tab...

forcefullpower1997d ago

They are getting rid of XNA because the new xbox is going to be like windows 8 but also play games. So they will be expecting Devs to code of Windows 8 apps which will go cross platform from the Surface, PC and new Xbox.

I personally don't know what type of programming it is i assume its similar to iPad and Android type.

TheSauce1997d ago

I'm pretty sure MS knows what they are doing with the indies. They can't just ignore the giant paycheck from Minecraft in their pockets.

Also, with them throwing away XNA (the main tool for indies on Live) and the rumors of a "new Xbox Live", I think they have something cooking.

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HyperBear1997d ago

Just thought I'd throw this question out here to get some feedback:

What do you guys think about OUYA? and Will it be the go-to platform for Indie Devs?

darx1997d ago

I think the go to platform for Indie Dev's is the PC. Not the Ouya, PS or Xbox.

from the beach1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Microsoft tolerated, as Eurogamer put it, XBLIG long enough, and when indie developers keep churning out useless games in nonsense genres such as "satirical shooter" it's hard to feel much sympathy for them. Guess they shot themselves in the Fouts.

It's basically the opposite of the big budget, triple-A style development Cliff Bleszinski is talking about in his blog - I know what I'd rather support..

Knight_Crawler1996d ago

Have to agree...the amount of garbage in XBLIG is unbelievable.

You might find 1 or 2 gems worth playing but majority of the stuff on there is people trying to make a quick buck.

I always wanted MS to have some sort of approval process where only game worth playsing get published.

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