Don’t Be an Apologist, Backwards Compatibility Matters

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

When someone complains about the PS4’s lack of backwards compatibility they’re instantly met with comments like, “Keep your PS3 — it isn’t going to self-destruct. When was the last time you played a PS2 game on your PS3?” or “We don’t need another $600 console.” I’m tired of reading comments like these. So I’m going to deconstruct them and tell you why backwards compatibility matters.

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konnerbllb1999d ago

No it doesn't. Keep your old system and stop trying to hold back next gen.

If it's backwards compatible it's only going to take from the current budget and leave a less powerful system because of it.

SOD_Delta1999d ago

I disagree. Having B/C allows me to get rid of my PS3. I don't want a clutter of consoles lying around. That's why I hope Gaikai proves to be successful at bringing every PS game to their service.

I look forward to seeing more about Gaikai at E3.

A2X_1999d ago

It also means a more expensive console. Nobody wants that.

I'll gladly keep my ps3.

Information Minister1999d ago

Of course BC matters. It's far more convenient to have just one machine capable of playing your entire collection of classic Playstation games and it also means that machine will be easy to replace in case of hardware failure, ensuring you'll never find yourself unable to play some of your favorite games.

The way I see it, there's no reason why the PS4 can't be compatible with the PS1 and PS2.

Gaikai is no replacement for BC if it means you have to pay for games you already own and you can only choose from a limited selection of classics.

dedicatedtogamers1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

BC is a fairly modern feature in consoles. Sure, the GameBoy line has had BC for forever, but PS2 was the first console where BC was a main feature. Saturn didnt play SEGA CD games, nor did Dreamcast play Saturn games. The Wii was Nintendo's first BC console. NES, SNES, N64, and Gamecube were all non-BC. It goes to show that gamers who complain and demand BC are either young in age or relatively new to gaming, because the majority of platforms aren't BC.

For heavens sakes! PS1 launched almost 20 yeqrs ago. 20 YEARS!! Bawwww, I'm mad at Nintendo and I won't buy a 3DS because it wont play my old Virtual Boy carts. Waaaa! They're both 3d and they both use cartridges. What's the deal?

SOD_Delta1999d ago

People sure do like to over exaggerate. B/C is a very convenient feature to have. I understand why PS4 can't achieve B/C. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to have it.

guitarded771999d ago

I've said it before... I will gladly pay an extra $100 for OPTIONAL backward compatibility. $100 for access to all my previous games is worth the price, and I need the space and outlets in my rig.

starchild1999d ago

The problem for me is, my PS3 is broken and shows artifacts in many games. So now I have to buy a new PS3 if I want to be able to play my PS3 games, even though the PS4 is right around the corner.

I also am never going to keep more than about 2 consoles hooked up to my tv. And if the PS3 is just sitting in a closet somewhere it will almost never get used.

Backwards compatibility in the PS4 would be really nice. I hope the gaikai stuff allows for reasonable backwards compatibility.

ShinMaster1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Buy a PS4 to play PS4 games.

I guarantee that these people will b*tch about the pricing if they go through with it.

Also, in case you got rid of your PS3 or it imploded from the PS4's presence, you can find one for about $150 used at a GameStop and even cheaper in a couple years.

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Jobesy1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Dammit, why won't my BR player play VHS tapes! Why won't my stereo system play 8 track! Fix it Sony, don't force me to rebuy all my porn tapes and Diana Ross 8 tracks!

/s if you couldn't tell

@Logic below, your key word in your statement is "need". Gaming can be an expensive hobby, and if they "need" to sell their PS3 for a PS4 then they clearly cannot afford it in the first place. Personally, I always sell my old system and put the cash towards the new one, but thats because I don't care for bc and I don't move on to a new gen of games until I've played all I wanted to on the old gen.

Xyle1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

You are incredibly narrow minded. If you do recall most stereos had a variety of compatibility. CDs cassette tapes, vinyl...
Even some DVDs had VHS as well.
Backwards compatibility is important to people who still enjoy the classics. But no sony wants to resell these games that you already know on their network even though you already may own the game. Maybe some losers have no problem cluttering up their living rooms with consoles (unless you have a man cave which is ok haha)

blackmagic1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Actually, my blu-ray player plays all my DVDs, all my CDs, plays virtually any movie/music/pictures off a USB stick, plays virtually any movie/music/pictures off of PCs/laptops/tablets/phones wirelessly, plays any movies/music/pictures off any storage device attached to my wired network and streams movies and music from atleast a half dozen online services.

LOGICWINS1999d ago

Why can't people comprehend that many people need to sell their old consoles to help them fund new ones?

zebramocha1999d ago

Unlike the ps2 the ps3 is still a capable system if Sony does support it with retail games.

Outside_ofthe_Box1999d ago

Why can't people comprehend that the PS4 and PS3 have extremely different architectures?

MrBeatdown1999d ago

A PS3 will get you around $130 max at GameStop right now, and that's with a $50 bonus deal going on right now. Never mind how much prices will drop in ten months, especially with people trading them in, and Sony likely dropping the price.

If that's really making or breaking it for someone, maybe they shouldn't be buying a new, expensive console to begin with.

wolokowoh1999d ago

By not including B/C the new console is somewhat cheaper making the money from the trade in at least partially cancelled out right there. You include it and a good bit of the money from the trade in is just going toward the inclusion of that feature. I never sell my old stuff and I am considered poor by our government. I just patiently save and get the console a year or two after release.

Dead_Cell1999d ago

Kaz says "Get a second Job".

DigitalRaptor1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

@ Mr Beatdown

Yep. Just that.

Get a job or just wait for christ's sake. Ask for cash for your birthday and christmas instead of presents, and there you go. I waited for 2.5 years after PS3 came out, and not only did it have a richer library for it, but it was cheaper. And I appreciated it more for that patience I gave myself. Self-entitled people need to think of a company that needs to release a console that is both affordable and reliable.

Native backwards compatibility was never going to make the cut.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1999d ago

I know being able to play all your games on one system is great... but honestly it's not as big a deal as everyone says. If the ps4 is better for not having Bc then by all means keep it. Not having it means having a platform that's easier to develop for, it'll be less expensive and hey guess what.... you'll still have your ps3 if the urge strikes.

MysticStrummer1999d ago

Doesn't matter to me. I keep a few games from each generation just to have them, but I never play them even when my console has BC.

There are apologists, people who genuinely don't care, and people who don't care but whine about it anyway. I'd bet the middle group is the majority.

rainslacker1999d ago

How does being able to play your old games on a new system hold back next gen?

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GalacticEmpire1999d ago

Nobody is saying it doesn't matter at all, most people just tend to exaggerate it's importance. Calling anyone who offers an alternative solution to backwards compatibility an "apologist" is clearly jumping to an offensive conclusion.

Donnieboi1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I have an idea, but will it work (?). Let me know if it's technologically sound:

Maybe Sony could create an attachment that will let you play old games. It could feature the ibm cell and emotion engine chips of the past. It is entirely possible since the ps4 will have an auxiliary port for high speed data transfer that the new ps4 eye camera will plug into (so it's possible also for an external device for backwards compatibility to be plugged into that same port for high speed data transfer so old games run smoothly (since plugging in a usb port is just not fast enough speed).

The actual game discs themselves could still be placed in your ps4's disc drive (since its confirmed that ps4 will utilize dvd's and of course blu rays (dvd is what ps2 used, blu ray for ps3 and ps4). And finally, all of your psn games from ps3 could be stores in your ps4 harddrive, but of course that device would need to be plugged in in order to utilize ps3's IBM cell technology.

I know they wanna use Gaikai too, but theres no way they can give that away for free. Renting data centers for cloud is very expensive. So, at least a device like the one I'm imagining, would be able to let owners of ps2 and ps3 game DISCS play their old disc collection without paying for cloud (so u can also save money and play old games offline). And since the ps3 tech is there, let people redownload old ps3 psn digital games yet store them dormantly on ps4's harddrive.

And since it would have no disc drive of it's own, it can stay as a relatively sleak and small external attachment (the discs of old games would be placed in ps4 as the external drive takes over to emulate a ps2 & ps3 while utilizing it's emotion engine/cell chips).

Just an idea that I hope Sony is already considering.

tubers1999d ago

I don't think it's gonna happen since it could undermine Gaikai services (online) ("play your PS1/2/3 games").

The same train of thought why they had when Sony decided not to release a UMD clip on accessory for the VITA (to push with digital sales and services as they've hinted with the PSP Go).

jjb19811999d ago

It matters only to those that complain about it...

e-p-ayeaH1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

touche you pretty much said everything for better or worse playing the older games on a newer system always had its importance.

Minato-Namikaze1999d ago

Havent touched a ps2 game (Not counting HD versions) since 2006. BC is really only good for the 1st 12-18 months of the system. After that there are gonna be plenty of ps4 games to keep people busy. Until i finish all my ps3 games (30 game backlog right now) i'll keep it, even when i buy a ps4

majiebeast1999d ago

It matters but if it increases the price of the ps4 its not worth it.

tubers1999d ago

I think a good option is to offer a PS4 model that has a PS3 chip in it but is just a bit wee more expensive than the standard PS4 model.

I don't really see it happening though as it would undermine Gaikai services.

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