Valve's Lack of Disclosure of Digital Sales Ultimately Hurts the Industry

Valve is a company that has always intrigued me. Operating in the shadows, they rarely spring to action. But they need to in the case of reporting digital sales. For the betterment of the industry.

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mandf1912d ago

It only matters to websites who promote the fanboy war. Developers know what they sold and made that's all that matters.

Filthcardia1912d ago

I have to disagree wholeheartedly. That's a one-dimensional view. It's in the public interest to know what games have sold how many.

mandf1912d ago

For what purpose? bragging. Sales say okami was a bad game but go play it. Instant classic. Sales contribute nothing to a gamers perspective other than my game sold better than yours.

Saryk1912d ago

@ Filthcardia

You have got to explain that comment!

k2d1911d ago

Sales numbers tell you NOTHING about the quality or general perception of particular game.

I'd much rather appreciate that Steam add a rating system.

ps3_pwns1911d ago

i agree! if lets say ill use the wii u as an example. cod on wii u sells only 5000 copies i as a consumer dont want to invest in that version of cod by buying it. instead ill grab the ps3/x360 version because ill have more people to play against and dont have to spend 350 wii u price+ 60 cod price. Dont see why people have to try and be secret about sells. if your sells suck then do something to make it better dont try and hide it so you can trick people into thinking tons of people are buyign your games and such.

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ZeroX98761911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

potential investors and existing one maybe?
we`re the one buying games after they`re out, but it`s the investors that are running this industry from the shadows by injecting funds into those wonderful projects.

But I can`t deny that valve as done a great job at delivering PC games to the masses. I`m sure they`re one of the main reason why PC gamer buy more games instead of downloading it on torrents. I`m one of them, I just like the service and all the sales!

DeadlyFire1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Do we really need to know? Valve once just a small PC developer is challenging the console and PC markets by building a Linux gamestation to throw into the battle.

-Gespenst-1911d ago

Exactly. I was searching for a way to say it but I think you've nailed it.

This article just wants Valve to bend to the status quo way of doing things- to take part in the dominant part of the games industry where it's aall about money and sales over games and creative content.

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ATi_Elite1912d ago

Valve is a Private company and DOES NOT have to report sales figures!!!

It would be nice if Valve did it but you can also get the sales figures from games through shareholder reports!

NeoTribe1912d ago

What is with certain peoples infatuation with sales numbers? Worthless info for the consumer.

Hufandpuf1912d ago

That's only because you are a consumer. Big businessess want to know which games sold what so they can adjust what to invest in or predict on.

tsn1912d ago

Valve is about to sell out, they killed Counter-Strike.

meetajhu1912d ago

You are full of shit!!!

Knight_Crawler1911d ago

Maybe Activision can buy them out and release HL Ep3 and a new Half Life game every year after that....hey alot of Half Life is better than no Half Life.

paddystan1911d ago

Valve is a private company and can do whatever they won't as long as they don't break a law.

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