Will the PS4 Win This Generation?

Cheat Code Central's Robert VerBruggen writes: "In the last week or so we've seen a ton of new information about the PlayStation 4. Without a better grasp of what Microsoft is up to—to say nothing of alternative consoles like Ouya and the Steam Box—we can’t say much about how the PS4 will measure up to the competition. But here are seven good reasons to think that Sony will win this generation."

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Walker1847d ago

Yeah, PS4 will win next generation with the high difference just like PS1 and specially PS2 !

Cupid_Viper_31847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )


I don't think so. Because of what Nintendo did with the Wii, the term "winning" have to be redefined. If can't just be about selling the most hardware. The PS1, PS2, didn't just win on numbers, they simply had the best line of software to back up the sales.

For this Generation, In my opinion, the PS3 is First with the Best software line up, and 2nd in sales. The xbox 360 is second with the Second best software line up, and 3rd in sales. And the Wii came in last, with the most sales, but worst software line up out of the 3.

So I would assume that as gamers, winning means you have something that the others don't, and that's more quality games, no? And sales and popularity would take a back sit to that.

blitz06231847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Yeah sure, cause we ALL know what the next Xbox is going to offer!

Seriously, even when MS reveals Durango it's STILL too early to even predict.

At least wait for E3.

joab7771847d ago

U mean wii was first with worst games. Anyway, i agree. There can be more than 1 winner and sony may be tryinh to get their mojo back but behind closed doors, its an internal competition more than external. They can be successful without selling the most consoles. They can help pull other divisions out of the sewers. They can set themselves up for constant, continious revenue.

I do think Sony will ultimately be the hardcore console, battling with pc and steambox in its various forms (though steambox is another story altogether). Yes, microsoft will hit hard but i dont believe they will even try to go toe to toe for hardcore base. They will give enough and expect moat hardcore gamers will eventually buy a new xbox, but i think they r gonna try and crush nintendo. We will see and microsoft may surprise us all and come out swinging...we will see.

Spinal1847d ago

The PS4 has made all the changes i wanted for the next console. It will be my only console for next gen - Day one.

UI change
L2/R2 trigger changes
Focus on devs/games
Complete win in my book.

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Boody-Bandit1847d ago

It all depends on Microsoft and which approach they will take with their next gen offering. IMO, and I think that of a lot of 360 gamers, MS has went to casual the past few years with Kinect and relying heavily on only a few exclusives franchise titles (Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable) and exclusive timed DLC.

I honestly have a hard time not seeing Sony being favored going into the next generation considering they keep churning out new IPs yearly and giving their audience a wide variety to choose from.

But you never know. MS started this generation strong and they might have an ace up their sleeve and drops some serious bombs with new exclusive IP's and innovative expansions to XBL. I haven't heard of MS purchasing or building any new dev/publishers.

I am very excited with what Sony showed during the PS4 presentation but I think it's too soon to know until we see more from Sony and MS shows their hand. Either way I'm getting both as I always do. I just wish they were being released tomorrow. I'm ready now!

Cupid_Viper_31847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

@ Biggest Nintendo Fan.

The Wii line up may have been the best they've ever been for Nintendo, but they weren't nearly as many as the other 2 consoles.

Third Party games made up the majority of most people's library this gen, and that severely hurt the Wii in that regards. So first games alone can't do it against Sony or Microsoft.

If you look at software line up for all 3 of them (including multiplatform games) The Wii comes out with the short-handed.

CaulkSlap1847d ago

Nintendo certainly redefined winning a console war. Most units sold and yet fizzled out in 4 years. Cash grab from casuals based on a gimmick and cheap last-gen hardware. They're quickly seeing the longevity of that strategy with the Wii U. And Microsoft is doing nothing but following Nintendo over the cliff by throwing everything behind Kinect. Unless Microsoft has got something big up their sleeve, Sony has the edge this time around.

Outside_ofthe_Box1847d ago

***"the term "winning" have to be redefined."***

That right there proves how juvenile this whole "wining" thing is. Considering that we have to "redefine" the term, how about not having a winner at all, unless of course there's a clear cut dominance like the PS2 which I doubt will ever happen again.

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miyamoto1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

I can assure you one thing PS4 will win the war against game piracy like the PS3... and unlike Nintendo and M$ who are still struggling in that front.

That is fer sure what hooks all the 3rd party developers to "jump in."

SlapHappyJesus1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Seems likely at the moment.

Just waiting to see what Microsoft has to offer. Unless they do a 180 in how they handle their gaming division, I don't see the next xbox being the force that it was for most of this generation.

Can't rule out Nintendo though. While the tech, obviously, won't match what is seen in the other two, if they can get the games, the tech doesn't matter. It's just about finding developers willing to dedicate their time to the system.

Gamer-401847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Agree, this absolute logical.

Jaqen_Hghar1847d ago

A man believes so. A company made every mistake in the book and will still end up with around 100 million consoles sold by the time a console dies off. A company will not make those mistakes again. A company will release at a competitive price most likely, has shown it has at least 2 established franchise sequels at or near launch (Killzone confirmed launch and what greater way to sell a new system than a pretty shooter that all the headsets can be used for online), will release not too long after it's rival if later at all, and will not have difficult architecture. Marketing may be fixed as well which a company hasn't had since a Bandicoot's commercials. A man is confident.

unchartedxplorer1847d ago

There isn't really such thing as "winning" when you look at a consoles performance. That will just start a fanboy flame war. But I believe it will sell lots of units, if it is as good as I think it will be.

zebramocha1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Yes,both playstation platforms sold better and had more third party games than its competitors,only this gen is everything odd,Sony went from the top to the bottom,the weird thing with the ps3 is,they came out later than the xbox,had a higher price,a online in its infancy,and not as much third part support but the overall sales are similar to Ms.

garos821847d ago

no, but gamers will win

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